President Zelenskyy with an application for accession to NATO

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  1. You are not the only one. Got banned a long time ago because I hinted at using an alternate account to a rural player. Just keep in mind that a ban from one reddit sub can influence the possibility of posting in others.

  2. It was more than a year ago. That's why my Reddit age is roughly 11 months. Quit completely for a few weeks at first but then realized that it's probably wiser to make a new profile and ignore that sub.

  3. Welp, can't go and kick out rule-breaking mods if you have no leads.

  4. Did you ever hear the tagedy of Darth Viktor the Orbán? I thought not. It's not a story the EU would tell you...

  5. He was strong at projecting force but in the end he could not force force

  6. We have a monarch as head of state and a president who does what a prime minister does in other countries

  7. What's the PM do? Same a vice-president does?

  8. It's been a while since I've last played it, but as far as I remember, all you have to do is:

  9. Thank you. Wonder if this can be exploited to mod in sanctuaries with more banners

  10. Actually, my playstyle is more about raiding than being worried about production, since they're always in excess. :) I tend to always raid a lot starting from year 1 on the first episode, and so I've always built Ares and Hephaestus whenever possible.

  11. Wait, for real? Is there any correlation to the KKK's weird ideology, with them having mage titles?

  12. Just cowboy and indian games afaik. Being in a secret society and making up impressive titles

  13. And Romanians are sending vampire super soldiers in the international legion to help Ukraine, there is rumors that Vlad the Impaler himself is ordering the legion in the south counter offensive.

  14. Sucks that Russian blood tastes like anti-freeze.

  15. NATO: Gaze upon the field in which I grow mine fucks, and ye shall see that it be barren

  16. It was not a non-issue. But Russia is and was no where near as big of a threat to Sweden as it is to Ukraine, the baltic states and Finland. We share no border with Russia, we don't have ethnicity based connections in the same way where Russia can claim to protect Russians in Sweden by invading, we are not a buffer zone between Russia and NATO/EU etc. Basically every single reason Russia went fucking with Ukraine is not applicable to Sweden.

  17. Sweden's technology will be very helpful for Turkey. Sweden has really good communication devices and electronic industry.

  18. Yeah, but who knows how to communicate in Swedish?

  19. In Twitch Plays Pokemon, they only managed to pass this part after switching to Democracy. How appropriate.

  20. Mr Giovanni's Never-Ending Ride!

  21. This particular user was never reported. He made one post and the post was removed. The moderation is working as evident by the numerous posts being removed.

  22. Reach out to the mods via modmail. Don't start witch hunts in public.

  23. 16 per resource? That’s crazy talk. What are you doing with 500 skins of fleece? Lol. That’s like 50 years of surplus for a large city. I’d suggest scaling that right back.

  24. Love how this used to happen back then

  25. Right? And they named the file the Greek word for surprise (=Ekplixi)

  26. To create a whole open source mod for Zeus you would have to start with reading the assembly code for the executable file to reverse engineer the game into a more readable language, like C. That is what Julius is, which is the base for Augustus. Restructuring Julius into working with the Zeus files is easier said than done, but it should be possible if you know what you’re doing.

  27. Do you know where people are working on this mod? Wouldn't mind learning how to mod myself

  28. Believe it or not roads have existed for a very, very long time. But it really just looks like you're trolling at this point.

  29. Har-har, you may be able to study the impact of weather on roads 200 years ago but you won't get any data on the impact of cars on our roads from that time

  30. Long tunnels do suffer from weather. Especially undersea tunnels. Weathering doesn't mean just whether it's raining or cloudy. Tunnel ice in the winter can be a massive problem for safety and maintenance.

  31. That’s the issue, I don’t think they could’ve known that this game would still be the best selling city builder on the market all these years later. It’s easy money for them to just keep milking until someone gives them competition.

  32. Yeah, they'd presumably have to count some trips as 1/4 walking and 3/4 transit or whatever.

  33. They would have to simulate a couple of things

  34. In the folder \Model you'll find a Monster Behavior txt file.

  35. And the monsters are going to walk instead of attacking the walls? Amazing if so.

  36. Some have other priorities set in their behavior model.

  37. I was never able to get into it. I played Caesar 3 a lot as it was the first of these I played, went through Pharaoh once (good but a bit too much puzzle like sometimes), and still occasionally play a few missions of Emperor when the mood strikes me (probably the best game overall due to evolution of mechanics). Going to give Augustus a shot next.

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