1. Throwing my wizard's hat in

  2. You got me. The mew odds are one in 8192

  3. No way. Nooooo way. I can't complete the pokedex because you can't get a mew in gen 3. You're telling me I'd have to beat the elite 4 with a metapod, breed it with a female mewto, then maybe with the slimmest of odds I could get a mew?

  4. Checked again with this kid at my school and he provided a link where

  5. Thin but its not like it isnt there. Horse riding culture for example is a rather big similiarity. From the sorbs in germany, to hungary to crimean tatars.

  6. Know nothing about horse riding. Thought there were only two ways to sit on a horse

  7. Only a few cities would have the demand for such garages and those cities are typically in the North. Cycling in Amsterdam in the winter isn’t so bad, but I wouldn’t wish my worst enemy to have to cycle through Chicago or NYC in winter.

  8. Honestly that sounds cool! This thread did make me realise I barely know anything about Belgium apart from well.. us being not so nice to you and the world wars. Trains to Brussels aren't even expensive, although I do hear a lot of people dislike Brussels. I'm putting Belgium on top of my vacation destination list!

  9. Oh yeah, I get it. Most likely not meant that way, it just looks really bad from our perspective

  10. Have you tried turning your perspective upside down?

  11. Hey, Siri. Alert usernamessmh2523 3 days from now

  12. Yeah like a country putting "in god we trust" on their money and president saying "God bless our country" that would be ridiculous

  13. Fromwhat I hear that was introduced to counter the Godless communists

  14. I used to smoke, and moved from the UK to Canada. Asked someone if I could "bum a fag" off them and that did not go down well.

  15. No rubber can erase that mistake

  16. Cool ... the boy on the frame in front of the father ... that is how my father brought me to school in the 1970's.

  17. I've gone for a front seat as well and heartily recommend it.

  18. Please use modmail and/or the report button

  19. How do you know that he stopped being Marxist 30 ago? He simply read the room and stopped publicly praising it. Nobody actually knows if it is because he decided Marxism is crap or because he knew that that public support for it would damage his carrier. So we know he was a Marxist in 1993, but we don’t know if he stopped being one.

  20. Pan-Europeanism has existed in many different forms way before him. But pan-europeanism itself is not the invention of what is now the EU.

  21. Probably not enough sugar for USA

  22. And Flibustier in french, but it comes from the dutch through english. Flibustier sounds so french tough, learned a new thing today.

  23. TIL the Chinese whispers version of the word vielebustr

  24. He writes stuff like this on every post about Estonia. Just ignore.

  25. He may have driven a car there. It's not for everyone

  26. Lovely city - though I have never ventured properly out of the old town.

  27. It's a far cry from what you're probably used to in the Netherlands.

  28. I've seen them for real in Munster. They work. A recent official report stated that a higher than usual number is getting modernized though and the remaining ones are used more. Maintenance is under pressure due to a lack of parts.

  29. Isn't Munster the only city that kept some of its historical pre-WW2 architecture & buildings?

  30. Munster without the ü. It's a huge training ground south of Hamburg with a small town in the middle.

  31. Lots of suffering among the Pomerians?

  32. I wish this would also apply to "farm animals". Like chickens who lay more eggs or gain weight faster than their bodies can bear.

  33. Feel like we should extend regulations to any animals suffering or causing other animals to suffer

  34. His name is Yuri Shevchuk. He also said other inflammatory things besides, like "young people from Ukraine and Russia who are dying because of the Napoleonic plans of our Caesar". I checked and in the end he wasn't sentenced to prison, he only got a fine. His concert was also cancelled, I don't know if he'll be allowed to perform in the future.

  35. If I was a Baltic state, I'd be fortifying the hell out of the Russian border right now

  36. If I was the most northern of Baltic states I'd demand Saatse Boot after the war.

  37. No I didn’t say that, I said getting a cringy uneducated kid as a spokesperson for a cause is not going to change the mind of people that ignored scientists. There are other solutions than getting a kid.

  38. Well it’s not my job to find a solution. This is like your favorite sports team fielding someone who is terrible. You criticize their choices but it’s not up to me to fix it

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