Depp/Heard Trial Jury Verdict Watch, Wednesday June 1

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Depp/Amber Trial Day 22 megathread

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  1. Be greedy. Don’t stop at 170. You absolutely have the potential to get a 180.

  2. this is right. retook a 172 twice and got my 180, entirely worth it

  3. vicious for sure. her description of the song on spotify even says the lyrics are targeted. because i liked a boy is about the drama, and i suspect already over and/or how many things but not sure on those.

  4. I have one class left that I’ve purposely been putting off for this reason

  5. you’re very, very smart for that. i may be out of my depth talking strategy here, but i’ll tell you what i know. i do know that if you can even raise it to a 3.7 that will look a lot better. do you have a community college nearby or any professors that give A+ grades? even if colleges don’t calculate them differently than an A, LSAC counts it as a 4.33 which boosts your gpa even higher. it is sounding to me like taking more undergrad classes and actually boosting 1/2 Big Numbers law schools will be looking at would be a much better choice if you do want to continue schooling. you could pursue something you see as more lucrative than applied science too. i would use 7sage’s LSAC GPA calculator (you can find it

  6. I could have a 3.7 in October and all of my A’s are actually A+ on my transcripts if that helps. I’ll check out the calculator and get back to you!

  7. wow!!! I think you will see a big boost from the A+’s. good luck!

  8. they just updated, check OP’s profile!

  9. Wow, can I ask what type of prep courses you used? For example, did you use Princeton, or power score? I’m just about to start studying and this honeslty gave me goose bumps. Congratulations!!!

  10. neither - I made a post about my strategy, you can find it by clicking my profile and going to the most recent one

  11. It's also pretty cool what this test has left you with even in addition to that 180 score. 2 years of sharpening your thinking and learning logic will be something that'll effectively change your life.

  12. The last time I bought a laptop was also specifically to play Nancy drew games LMAO

  13. yes, they count as a 4.33 rather than a 4.0 when LSAC calculates gpa. this is why some applicants apply with a 4.xx

  14. i think the doctor died when eleven blew everything up so him plus jason makes 5?

  15. just saw someone in here skip to the end or read a review that saw the end and drop it in a spoiler bar. i’m noping out be safe y’all

  16. DONT tell me lmfao i scrolled past so fast when i realized… i’m avoiding the whole of social media now i didn’t think someone could be that evil😭😭😭

  17. Science fiction and fantasy are a different world (ha) when it comes to that. Horror usually abides that rule

  18. stranger things is horror AND science fiction… gulp

  19. no school averages in the US, they take the highest. you got an above 50th percentile score, keep it - the score preview is honestly a money grab. it will still show on your record as a Cancel and law schools will know you got a score you were ashamed of. better to stand proud with a 157 and some growth later on than a Cancel that could be in 130s-140s for all they know

  20. Strongly disagree. I've heard that law schools usually disregard a cancelled score because there's no way for them know whether that unfavorable score was due to poor preparation or some external factor. I've taken the LSAT three times myself, and I've seen explicit language from the T14s that imply a single cancelled score will not impact their decision, but they may average or consider your multiple scores at their discretion. I think the only concern is if you cancel more than once, so just make sure you won't want to cancel any other time.

  21. i can understand this point, but i’ve seen a few posts just this week from students getting screwed over because the score they already cancelled with score preview was higher than what they got this June and they don’t know what to do. that’s what i mean when i say it could be in the 130s or 140s for all they know - but really OP would be hiding an impressive 156. i’ve worked in test prep and spoken to someone who literally intended to cancel their 175 because they thought they could top it, but wanted to apply to tutor before they did (we did not hire them for that poor decision-making). many don’t know the cancel goes on their record and still counts toward your overall LSAT takes, plus there’s never a guarantee your score will be higher. i think the score preview has led to a lot of misinformation and misled a lot of people.

  22. Keep it. A cancel goes on your record anyway and they’re far more likely to suspect it’s hiding something in the 130’s/140’s, aka a score that is not a better score than most test-takers. It’s a good score (and the score preview option is just a money grab but that’s neither here nor there)

  23. their calculations should be the same, both use LSAC’s guide as far as i’m aware

  24. you make a very strong case and it really makes me regret replying to her so soon. $16/hr PER child and up to $10 more per additional child sounds a lot more worth my time. i’m starting to get really anxious about tomorrow bc she suggested a meet and greet, and that if i feel comfortable i can let her know. but what if i don’t end up wanting to continue this?

  25. i can understand being a people-pleaser but you’ve got to look out for yourself first and foremost. this situation seems way too stressful for $10/hour. i would just tell her you’ve thought it over and don’t think it will work out, honestly.

  26. The score preview option counts as a cancellation on the record? I was told it would treat it like you hadn’t taken the test at all.

  27. the FAQ states that “It would be reflected as a Candidate Cancel, in the same way that a regular canceled score would be reflected.” it also counts toward your test-take limits. it is really just a money grab, as a tutor i always try to clarify those kinds of misinterpretations and recommend my students not waste their time or money.

  28. Ah I see. It still seems like it would be worth it if first time test anxiety got to you and tanked your score. A good chance for a reset

  29. perhaps! my mindset is a cancel could be hiding anything from a 120-180 which might raise brows, and there’s an interesting growth narrative to come out of seeing a score jump. for that reason i don’t think it’s worth the $75, but i’m sure adcoms differ in how they evaluate it

  30. I was using the LawHub site and got a raw score from taking a prep test. My raw score was 41/100 and I used a conversion chart from here: "

  31. the particular chart you used would be assuming that 25 questions don’t count. a 41/75 is a 151; you got a 41/100 or 139

  32. Can anyone please confirm only Amber asked for damages?

  33. both ask for compensatory and punitive damages on the jury instruction forms

  34. i’ve got to shout out this sub for opening my eyes to what’s really going on here… a few weeks ago i was laughing at the tiktok memes with the rest of them. i hadn’t followed along with the trial, read records, seen the pictures. until i saw these posts/comments and realized that i was an idiot who made assumptions based on clipped together ‘funny’ vids and strategically leaked audios… how some people know everything and can still defend depp is beyond me

  35. What about her doctoring photos and entering them as evidence?

  36. OP please advocate for yourself to the ER if they attempt to send you home or do not give prompt enough attention. the head pain and blood pressure is really concerning. i hope you are ok soon and can continue to enjoy the new sense of smell!

  37. What the hell is this caption?!? The realest G in town? Someone come get this girl. I can’t fathom posting this. The cringe is off the charts.

  38. I work 22 days during a 28 day schedule. Then I rotate to a different shift. Those 6 days off are combined into 3 day weekends every other weekend. I leave the house at 6am - 5pm, 2pm - 1am or 10pm - 9am respectively. So, 11 hrs i am gone. When I get home, I shower, wind down and eat. Regardless of shift. I have started taking shift differential meds to give me more energy to help more when I'm home. I do sleep or try to sleep for at least 8 hours. I feel more focused at work, and focus = safety..whatever. so I guess math, 8 plus 11, 19..I have 5 hours to communicate, be a parent (the kids may not even be there) and assist with house duties before I'm off to work again. I'm also in management, if that matters. My stress at work has simplified from where it was, and even my time there has decreased from sometimes 12.5 - 13 hrs. I DO things to help out. Homework, fixing breakfast, changing diapers, playing, etc...I have 5 hours!! I have sacrificed sleep, to stay at home with our little one and middle one while our oldest has a game. To run an errand, or watch the kids while the wife handles a phone meeting, girl scouts, baseball, cheer, dance, etc. It takes both. She is tough, wint ever ask for help. I see she's overwhelmed and I mention getting help. She took it like I thought she was failing. We didn't discuss it further. I guess to answer your question, you're right. If my goal was to not be a part of my kids life, sure, I'd just pay child support and alimony. I never said I didnt care about my kids. I was upset I was getting dumped on for falling behind on my duty..when I have hard days too.

  39. let your wife get 8 hours for a change..

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