1. I started on 50 in April, went up to 100 in July. Pretty rough purge start of August, then felt a little worse than pre-spiro until November, and I JUST went through my first PMS/period without any pimples (in like years). It’s been about 3 weeks of (almost?) totally clear skin. My redness is way decreased too, and I started to notice that last month. I have had moderate hormonal acne for probably 15 years and I think that this is one of the best solutions for me. I know the months of patience is tough but I have read that 5-6 months until clearness is normal. And.. obligate reminder that acne doesn’t make you any less beautiful, even though it sucks ass internally. 💕

  2. Oh my gosh lmao. Those fluffs are always full of surprises! So damn cute… hope some of that husky comes through for lots of good adventures :)

  3. I get waves of psychosis when I’m deep in stress/overwhelm too. You’ll be okay, but you should get some help. Finding a therapist anywhere anytime is like one of the hardest battles known to man lmao. Start with a psychiatrist - much more accessible, covered by insurance,and even if you don’t want meds they can help you with diagnosis / often are happy to support with basic therapy techniques. I saw a psychiatrist weekly last time I was going through it and she basically served as my therapist. Also, in all seriousness.. take a walk, preferably in nature. You’re gonna be ok op.

  4. Lmaooo I’m a chronic camper and this would delight me

  5. That is precious! When my pup was younger she loved cold water bottles so if there was one she could reach she would snuggle up and nap just like this!

  6. Yep! My girl’s base is 8, mid-hike it’s usually closer to 11, mid chase something like 25, and she made me hit 50 once when she reallllly wanted to play with that coyote. After we go up high usually she’ll respond to lower levels again for a while, then she’ll test me a month later when something super exciting is happening, repeat.

  7. I am too! Very fun and what a beautiful dog :)

  8. My top 3 guess was pittie/GSD/rot. But in retrospect (always 20/20 haha) she does totally look similar to my cousin’s coonhound !

  9. Still expensive but GoodRX has some coupons that take it down to about $65 depending on which pharmacies you’re near

  10. In portugal we use to say 'pinar e andar de barco' which translates to 'get laid and ride a boat'

  11. Iconic review.. sounds about like most of my year so far. Thanks for the beautiful photos and congrats on a hike well done!

  12. A little hard for me to tell this young but cute as hell. I also don’t know border collies that well so I’m just making shit up haha but I could see some Great Pyr in that face

  13. That describes my father. Unfortunately he suffers from he’s never done anything wrong in his life syndrome.

  14. Lmaooo I just call this dad syndrome. I think ours would get along

  15. hmm maybe, he’s like… REALLY quiet all the time though

  16. Looks a lot like my husky/GSD mix who is also very very quiet

  17. Idk if you have the time to squeeze this in but I wake up an extra hour early and hike. I’m lucky enough to live close to beautiful trails, but even if I’m elsewhere, 30 minutes around the neighborhood does wonders. Just let my brain breathe and work out a little of that pissy trapped steam.

  18. He’s drawing the murders though. Isn’t that a little more serious that just thoughts?

  19. You’d have to ask a psychiatrist, but OCD by definition has compulsive behaviors that are connected to the obsessive thoughts. If he’s enjoying the drawing and the thoughts then it’s probably not OCD, but he describes it as venting - doesn’t sound like pleasure to me. It could also be any number of things besides OCD even if he engages in these optionally/for pleasure. The only thing it’s definitely not is actual murder.

  20. Seems like he’s describing what a serial killer would obsess about before they ever went through with their first kill. He fantasizes about it, meaning he likes* thinking about it. Someone with OCD would not like having those intrusive thoughts.

  21. People with OCD can refer to their intrusive thoughts as fantasies, and murder is one of the most common themes. Neither you nor I can diagnosis here.

  22. I totally understand and yes I’ve felt pieces of this before. I recently broke up with my dog’s other mom and she’s too mad to share custody or care. My baby girl is an angel and my whole world AND sometimes I just want to relax and not have somebody to take care of. It’s especially hard when you’re also dealing with grief from the breakup and adjusting to being 100% responsible for your pup.

  23. Okay first of all this is the worlds most iconic typo.

  24. I apologize ahead of time for my response being a real longboi.

  25. You only need to tell your host what impacts them.. same as with a physical disability or food restriction or something. If you’re going to need certain kinds of communication, certain amounts of alone time, certain hours off for doctors visits, etc - let them know that. The why is your business.

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