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  1. lol you fell for the propoganda my dude. you gotta stop drinking that coolaid and unbrainwash your shit

  2. I'm cruising with the 3 hearts a day with 10 buddies situation. I have another 70ish days to go. I'm fine with it. It'll happen when it happens.

  3. start and leave three battle with the team mystic leader and you’ll get three extra hearts

  4. Get min of 3 hearts on your buddies every day (berry, play, photo). Swap buddies up to 20 per day. It's a slow grind, but they add up.

  5. if you also start and quit 3 team (mystic) leader practice battles, you can halve the number of days by getting an extra 3 hearts.

  6. it doesn't sound like you love them, it sounds like you're using them for sex and are projecting your own self-loathing onto your partner

  7. pretty sure they are just closeted and misogynists and homophobes doing “alpha male” things to proove how straight they are

  8. I’ve never understood this. I work in politics (not an elected) and being a senator is like, the most stressful job and you are never, ever off the clock. It blows my mind that this guy can literally do whatever he wants every day for the rest of his life and that is what he might choose to do with it. What a waste. If I had his money I would throw my phone in the ocean and forget that social media ever existed tbh.

  9. its probably only stressful if you care about people

  10. Over at r-conservatives it’s just a big conspiracy and “the Dems have overplayed their hand”.

  11. i think they actually revel in “their side” getting away with corruption. to them its like their team got an interception in a football game.

  12. Most books are still sold by trad publishers. In some genres, it's like 90%. Self-pub is a market, but it's one that has limited reach.

  13. yeah, only 1.25 billion in self pubbed books sold each year. but tell me, what do you think will happen when agents start getting 10x the number of submissions?

  14. did it suck? was there a 900% increase in garbage queries as well?

  15. my wife and i call it phone zoning, as in zoning out. then occasionally we’ll say something like, you can’t phone zone during this, okay?

  16. It really doesn't though, and her profile picture, 100% not a dude my dude, my ex spun me in her web with this exact approach, worked a treat cause I ain't soft like OP.

  17. so you think a photo of a girl is proof it’s not a dude pretending to be a girl?

  18. They just…lie to each other, CONSTANTLY, about everything from their emotions to what they’re doing that day. I don’t get it. I know so many people who would rather die than tell someone else that they are upset with them.

  19. these are actually just crappy people. not to do with NT

  20. Technology has destroyed casual chatting and hitting it up with strangers is a big part of it. I even noticed it with closer friends. Screen zombies episode as I call it. I try to put the screen down as much as i can unless im sitting on the throne.

  21. my wife and I call it phone zoning—as in zoning out. like, “dude, you can’t phone zone this show. it’s gonna be good.”

  22. clarksworld has slush readers that work hard to sort through a slushpile of hundreds of stories each month, and this month they were getting 5x the usual amount, and it was all garbage AI stories. garbage because the quality is garbage. they dont have the man power to sort through that much. it’s all garbage spam. so they had to shut down. this isn’t about “elitism”. its about get rich quick schemers trying to game a system they dont understand and destroying that system in the process.

  23. I'm really hoping software is developed to identify AI works, but I feel like it's going to be a technological arms race.

  24. not yet, because the stories it produces now are garbage.

  25. Ex muslim in singapore here. I had to legally renounce my religion here. My western friends were so confused why lawyers had to be involved when religion is just in our heads (because personal beliefs).

  26. there is a difference between the state and their laws, and the religion itself. no one is going to call you islamaphobic for criticizing apostasy laws, or any laws based on religion. only if you criticize the religion as a whole, because obviously not all muslims behave that way or support those ideas, so to group those people in with those criticisms can harm people who are innocent.

  27. I've actually been called islamophobic my guy. And i know that not all muslims are bad, it's the bad seed who would use religion to benefit them which is still valid for criticism. There will always be a group of people in various communities who cause trouble and give said communities a bad name.

  28. so you say you criticize the religion as a whole, rather than specific laws or practices supposedly based on the religion? like i explained above, that will get you called islamaphobic.

  29. I mean you can play bipartisan game all you want but the reality is that politicians and lobbyists are largely the problem regardless of party affiliation.

  30. both sides arguments are falacious, and help only republicans. you either aren’t paying attention to actual vote records and policy positions, or you are actively trying to muddy the water here on purpose to help republicans continue to mess up people’s lives.

  31. Wtf is up with redditors and witch hunting republicans? I'm not even a conservative and I feel disgusted by this hivemind mentality. Get a fucking clue. The elites in the world want the people divided. They're scared by the power we would wield with unity and all you fucking sheep are buying right into it.

  32. witch hunt? dude if you don’t see every inch of criticism leveled at republicans as 100% deserved then you are clueless as to what actually happens in our government. “the elites” is just another way to say “both sides are the same”, is reductive as hell, and again, just a way to muddy the waters as to who is actually responsible for the shit that happens. republicans blow every fucking useful thing about the government up and then somehow get people to blame democrats for not fixing it all fast enough when things go wrong, while having been sitting there the whole time blocking them from actually fixing anything. that’s you. you are doing that. right now.

  33. Well, 15 years or so ago I remember a bunch of those same people looking at places like Iraq and saying shit like "we wouldn't stand for that over here, we're good people."

  34. i mean its hard to defend because i never heard it, but there are two different worlds in the US (urban/rural to oversimplify), and we are each silod, never see the people from the other group—until trump anyways. now we are well aware of how stupid we are as a whole.

  35. Ahahah, imagine thinking it'll get better.

  36. just as my generation thought the conservatives would eventually die out when we were young. i’m now in my forties. they just keep making new and crazier conservatives.

  37. Turns out that railroad company shot down multiple laws that would enforce electric braking, label carcinogens and toxins, modernize the railroad, and add safety features.

  38. appreciate this comment, but ya gotta learn the diff between to and too my dude

  39. i like how republicans cause a problem, then we blame democrats for not fixing the thousands of problems they cause fast enough. incredibly helpful.

  40. Both sides have blood on their hands here. We literally saw the government step in to stop a potential strike that likely would address these issues because the railroad workers… tried to strike at a time where it would be effective? The right started it, but the left made sure to finish it.

  41. this is an oversimplification regarding what happened with the strike, and these ill conceived bite sized “both sides” arguments help only republicans.

  42. He behaved like a lonely man, not a predator. If he had behaved like a predator, we'd be watching a very different video.

  43. so in your mind, lonely men single out drunk women who are alone and don’t listen when they tell them they aren’t interested and follow them home? and that this woman was “asking for” it by consuming alchohol?

  44. Literally the only reason I clicked on this thread was to see how long it would take to be mentioned for

  45. look women have been using cucumbers for years. it’s totally fine.

  46. It's hilarious that anti-capitalist rhetoric is the new trend capitalists are cashing in on to make money, via capitalism.

  47. but he means breaking capitalism by hyper accellerating its worst qualities. basically putting everyone out of their jobs and letting businesses operate without labor costs.

  48. What about an imminent conversation that you already know about? Like ordering food at a restaurant, or going to your boss's office for a casual catch-up on a project, or meeting a friend or a date at a planned time? Surely people without social anxiety must plan for some conversations, right?

  49. when i was young i did. had social anxiety. and those “planned” coversations all sucked and i know i probably came off weird as hell. now i’m 40 and i don’t worry about what people think about me and the words come naturally with almost no thought at all. my stories all lead to relevent points. i pop out with off the cuff jokes. i never worry about saying the wrong thing. i don’t plan any of those conversations and they come out right anyways. its crazy the difference.

  50. Well, yeah. Terminator taught us that. Worst case is always human extinction. That's not what's going to happen, but it could. We aren't going to have a R***'s Basilisk situation.

  51. i would think the lights out scenario is more along the lines of, no one has a job anymore and the economy dies.

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