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  1. Very interesting, I enjoyed reading Thank you

  2. I got say while I love it, saphir a would never be caught with mud on her body. She needs a wash asap /J

  3. AI GPT is great at paraphrasing, but you shouldn't believe the actual information. Instead use it a MS a tool or have some fun with it Still great trick to know we can get it to write in a certain way or another

  4. I had the same thought about prosthetics and heart transplants. Theorittically fae can't use magic without hands or a heart and can't heal these parts.

  5. I think what they meant from "mirror" world is just that the physics laws are the same. Because I don't think the geography is the same, the species are certainly not.

  6. Has he got a smartphone with a google account? Or apple account? If yes, the police (or maybe you if you are convincing enough) could get access to the account (the company can give access in emergency cases) and it would show the last time and place he used his phone

  7. I would agree with most, I took the meta analyses one which was really useful to help me understand other people studies. But in my everyday job, I do a bit of spatial analysis, which I had to learn on the job.

  8. I agree one of the best moment. I often ré-read that chapter when I am a bit down.

  9. I think the “Turn the scorned. Free the enslaved” could be about the nymphs or the “Fear the bonded men”. Also what if everyone who’s died from the shadows hasn’t actually passed over but they’re just in the shadow realm. Could that be the meaning to shadow realm portion?

  10. That'd be very interesting has that mean they could come back in a way. And in the Dark Boys série we know that Fae's souls still lives in the stars. So why not in the shadows

  11. WAIT, what if the “Many will fall for one to ascend” is referring to Tory after the end of the 7th book. Right now she’s the only one still standing basically so what if this part of the prophecy is referring to here working to get everyone back? She’s ascending into leadership as everyone will be looking to her to lead because everyone else is unwell to say the least. What do people think?

  12. That's possible, I just hope that. It doesn't mean that Darcy is lost forever.

  13. Thank you! Hopefully when the full deck is done, we can make something happen 🙂

  14. Count me in too, happy to pay the full price for such beautys

  15. In the awakening told by the boys, in lance's chapter in the bar with Francesca : “Let me find the memory.” She reached out to touch my temple but I caught hold of her wrist, not wanting her to feast on my memories tonight. It was how Cyclopses recharged their power, and usually I gave her access to my old school memories, especially the ones where I won Pitball games, liking reliving those while she recharged her magic

  16. Like everyone has said they would need a meteor and no way is Lionel just leaving them laying around

  17. I get the meteor things, but didn't Lionel summoned one each time he tried to capture the fifth element? So i assumed they could have done that too, but maybe it would be too obvious and Lionel would find them...

  18. I think that’s some dark magic biz which is why he always needed Stella and his other culty buddies and it only pulls down the type of meteor that creates the stardust used to send Clara and the twins to (gah I haven’t read it in a few months so I don’t remember all the terms so sorry lol) the shadowlands

  19. Could definitely well be some dark magic spell which the rebels can't do

  20. If you want I can send you the direct link by MP

  21. Spoiler free! There are Easter eggs but no outright spoilers

  22. Don’t be! I read RB after reading to book 6 of ZA. I “thought” I knew what was going to happen as I already knew the twins, Orion and Gabriel. However, I was completely thrown multiple times!! These sisters are great at writing in such a way that if you’ve read the other series, you see the Easter eggs, BUT never spoil the other series!!

  23. Thank you, I am off to buy the série then

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