1. I really want to know how and when they busted people.

  2. Maybe this video doesn't necessarily count, but I like the resurgence of 80s music. Especially with a few artists, Kate Bush being in that list. I'll bet she hasn't seen this level of notoriety in at least 30 years. However long, it's good to see this music back!

  3. I miss when they sold actual bombs. It feels like not that long ago I could get single cigarettes and fireworks from the ice cream man.

  4. Lucky, my local ice cream truck didn't sell fireworks, fireworks being illegal here and all. All they sold were ice cream, soda, snacks, and pirated movies.

  5. We had the "safe and sane" fireworks only where I grew up, so it was only the illegal types the ice cream guy sold. Stuff like firecrackers, rockets, Roman candles etc. that you couldn't get at the 4th of July stands. One guy sold 40oz beers with almost no markup by the sports field in the summer when it was just us kids and no sanctioned events. Pirated movies were available at virtually every liquor store and quikie-mart type place. Then again I never inquired about movies to the ice cream guy so he could have had them for all I know. There were rumors of some of them selling drugs but I never dabbled so I couldn't say for sure.

  6. Love is strong word. I don’t mind nintendo 😂

  7. I managed to save up nearly every complete season on dvr over the last couple years. It's finally time to watch it again.

  8. I started back from the beginning. Been watching an episode before bed every night.

  9. There's a big mustard seed shortage right now. First Sri Racha, now Dijon 🤯

  10. It's only my second attempt at cooking fruit... Which is weird because I love cooking and love stewed fruit. Winging it without recipes is fun.

  11. Mild taste, decent bite. If i had to rate out of what I haven't tried, 8/10 solid.

  12. Could be from a torn down building. I've taken souvenirs left behind at jobsites before.

  13. Or even obtained after it was replaced by new signage.

  14. It's not like you will listen to anybody. I mean, curiosity killed a cat, afterall, so, I will say that rice is your friend. You won't be able to appreciate jasmine rice with the burn, so basmati it is. Unless you got your hands on black rice. Black rice with coconut milk is underappreciated. Or anything with cheese.

  15. Avoid stinging nettles with hot peppers. New one for the list.

  16. Yeah. Painful night surprise for me as well...

  17. I watch a lot of videos like this, so I was expecting him to be dry as hell. Yet he got a chuckle out of me with his first sentence. Great recommendation!

  18. This particular video is a couple years old. He's sharpened up his appearance and pander quite a bit. He makes a lot of informative and fun content.

  19. Hell yea right on. Give the guy a sub if you're so inclined

  20. Basic pie with sliced tomatoes and a shit load of crushed garlic under and over the cheese. Can't beat it.

  21. Start at the beginning and go from there. It's in one of the top slots for best crime drama series of all time. If that's your sort of genre you'll probably enjoy it.

  22. Oh man, in an open cockpit, that must have felt awesome, like a bird. Cool!!

  23. Yes it was rad. Definitely in the top 3 best experiences of my life.

  24. Believe it or not mother's feel those same doubts and guilts and worries that dad's do. My boy lost his father at 3 Mos. old. He never really knew him, but I tell him his father really loved him. My son is 51 this year and I'm very proud of him. He didn't succeed in one kind of career, but he's turned out to be an intelligent, loving and truthful man. For me that is success. We live very far apart, but are able to talk often. He taught himself a lot of carpentry skills , art and calligraphy, some electrical, and lots of other things. So for those of you who don't have dad's, teach yourself and become that dad you always wanted.

  25. That's inspirational! Making your own path and teaching yourself things is a good set of tools to have in life.

  26. Key part is to get the neighbors to actually follow suit. I can’t even get my neighbor who has no lawn to stop spraying weed killer. Mosquito dunks are great, you know they make Mosquito bits too right? I put a bunch of them in all my pots to keep fungus gnats under control.

  27. Yea I use bits, it's easier to say dunks since that's what most people are familiar with is all. It wasn't really about getting anyone to fall in line, people sort of just took care of it on their own. One major culprit was a vacant house with a derelict pond. After the new owners filled it in most of the issue went away.

  28. If you want mosquito control, What you want is a population of dragonflies. I have lots of them in the garden too. They are like little helicopters buzzing around. They sit on the top of the green garden stakes to rest.

  29. All of my soil and anything that would collect water has crushed mosquito dunks. We've done pretty good staying on top of it. All of the neighbors followed suit so our general area is fairly mosquito free. Not 100%, but WAY better than last season. It really doesn't take much to prep your yard for mosquito season.

  30. Probably just the pheno. Your foliage looks healthy and doesn't show signs of deficiency. You're good!

  31. Last time I was walking in SF, about 10 years ago, I was punched in the chest on Market Street for no reason. It was mid-morning. Guy had a couple of friends with him.

  32. Reminds me of a dude in SF years ago who was riding past women and punching them in the face at random. I don't know if they ever caught him.

  33. I'll never get over the advent of people filming themselves committing crimes regularly.

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