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  1. The first one isnt very long at all, even if you play an hour a day you could probably get through it in about 2 weeks

  2. An hour a day😅. I play snood and bust a move on my phone when I get the chance and have to put it down after 5 minutes.

  3. Snood is pretty rad. I really want the sound scheme of the different snood voices to use as notifications.

  4. 75 and still chasing tail?! More and more, what my English teacher told me in high school rings true: "There are no such thing as adults, just bigger teenagers with better jobs"

  5. So he said no one is capable of growing up? I think he's jaded.

  6. Is that spray foam coming out of her pants? A growth of some kind? A type of mushroom? What is that??

  7. There's no fricken lasers involved unless there are sharks!

  8. i seen your explanation and i agree; the same can also be said vice versa, that as you get older you stop being so noseblind to the stench around you

  9. Hefty Karen ahead of them looked like she wanted to call the cops.

  10. Louisiana has a wider variety of food. Nobody thinks about Arkansas and their culinary culture.

  11. Definitely aint zonked? That’s just word someone that’s never tried anything hard uses to try and act like they’re down . this is more like blown out of his mind

  12. I use that word interchangeably. I don't really keep up on the drug lingo. Fucked up on something🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. Tactics ogre, maybe? Could that be considered RTS?

  14. In all honesty, there's so much sugar added to those off the shelf jarred sauces you really could consider it almost ketchup.

  15. It's funny because everyone is saying Topuria is clout chasing when really all he did is check paddy for all the dumb shit he said about Georgians. People just throwing around phrases they heard once and don't even know the full story.

  16. All of this went over my head, I never caught what happened. What did paddy say about Georgians?

  17. cue Karen citing this as proof that video games cause violence - "he's holding a gun and wearing body armor"

  18. I'll take a large salami, mushroom and onion with chopped garlic please, well done. For carry out. Please include red pepper flakes and parmesan, napkins and paper plates as well.

  19. They're going to figure out a loophole. They will exploit the shit out of every weakness.

  20. I’ve been that girl, the only thing that happened was halo and junk food, it’s pretty great.

  21. Let me see if my dad will drive me to take my TV with me real quick, BRB.

  22. Check out the comedy central channel on Pluto. It's free and better IMO.

  23. I never really messed with Pluto, I'll check it out.

  24. It's awesome, especially if you want that old school cable feel.

  25. Yeah I have yet to fully test it. But it powered on in the store and I figured it was cheap enough to buy it and play with it

  26. What are the colored switches for? I've never used Betamax before. It looks like a cool thing to play around with.

  27. They are for programing times and channels to record from. Since there's no analog television signals anymore they are all but useless now.

  28. I'm amazed I haven't seen anyone else point this out over the years.

  29. I've seen this movie probably 100 times and never even noticed. I guess I might have that mr.nice guy shit😅

  30. Game actually had Alot of love put into it.... Kinda surprisingly. They really went in on animating it. They were Originally wanting to make a good franchise out of him, while not terrible sales, not enough they were hoping for and they cancelled the sequel that they hoping to do after the first.

  31. Oh hell yea. This game has no business being as good as it is.

  32. It had no business matching Aladin animation fluidity (and the Sega version at that which had Disney studios helping them)

  33. Tight controls too. It's definitely a platformer for the ages. I want to play the unlicensed sequel, I've never even seen gameplay for it. I've been told it's not as good as the OG.

  34. Porn is designed for straight men. The guys are rarely even remotely attractive. Because they're not the point.

  35. Yep. If this dude can keep a hard on for hours at a time to complete video/photo shoots no one is looking at his face.

  36. If the injury is really bad (holy shit, I hope not), and he knows he's about to be out 12+ months, it isn't the craziest thing that's ever happened. He undoubtedly has a title fight awaiting him the minute he returns.

  37. Honestly, it's kind of an honorable thing to do. I'd rather have that than endless "interem" call outs. Let the division keep truckin. 💪

  38. The whole thing has big ancient aliens history channel vibes. There is very little to substantiate his claims. It would be really cool if we were given concrete evidence, but it isn't there. The guy talks in circles when asked direct questions in interviews and the whole "mysterious" vibe is annoying. If he has something to share I'd love to hear more than just his loosely based theories.

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