Colored a couple of my recent SV inspired artworks

C'est magnifique

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  1. i swear the first time i saw this post it said is it possible to a junimo...

  2. i just got farming level one so i can make one now :)))

  3. i can't believe almost no one have said showbiz! i think it fits the otherworldly feel of the album perfectly

  4. how about just play the game it is supposed to be played. If you ain't cheating/exploding, this won't happen.

  5. how about you play the game how you want to play the game and i play the game how i want to play the game! :D

  6. ok so i can't do anything about it... i can't buy a chair from robin cause it's thursday and the last day for berries. i have decided to just go through the entire day and then at midnight jump over to the secret woods, get all the berries, and then pass out there. thanks for trying to help :)))

  7. Yep. Same here. This is why I use awareness instead of RCs.

  8. this is cool! though i can recall at least on one occasion i have done this in a dream and (wrongly) came to the conclusion that it was real. maybe i just need to do it more often when i'm awake or i need to think about it more deeply. thank you!

  9. looks like a goblin shark wearing a chef hat

  10. that's a lot of oak resin!

  11. That makes it sound like some kind of gladiator fight lol

  12. a gladiator fight between various matt clones... that sounds like it could be a muse song

  13. idk but he should grow his hair like that again

  14. hey at least you got a cool hat out of it...

  15. whoa these are awesome!!! i love the art style!

  16. If it is that episode its season 10 episode 2 - strange enough ive not watched supernatural in months and just restarted today on that episode as its were i left off - weird shit like this keeps happening

  17. there is no such thing as a coincidence...

  18. stuff like slow-mo while aiming and enhanced dodge, as well as combat audio cues for incoming melee attacks which was very helpful for me

  19. I just finally made it today, thanks again! No accessibility features.

  20. first one cause it looks like a cute fox :D

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