1. I told you God created woman for man and man for woman. Marriage is a holy and sacred to God and it represents our marriage to Christ. You ever read in the Bible and man in a man getting married???? There is NO Excuse.

  2. If you never read the bible or no one ever told you being gay is wrong, would you still believe it's wrong?

  3. Why she even work in Hindi movies when can't communicate with general public in Hindi?


  5. In Brampton, there is a huge amount of immigration. I'm from there, and was 1 of 3 Caucasian kids in my class of 30. I can say that inter-racism is systemic from a very early age, and you have a lot of small religious based gangs there... The kids I went to school with seemed pretty fed up, as a lot of the parenting style in these homes are so strict, I remember not even being able to come over to do projects because the colour of my skin. Brampton used to be a good place, now it's a dump

  6. Maybe you are right, its not communist yet, but it is tyrannical. And its only going to get worse. How long until canada is subjugated to a social credit score like what his idol is doing in China.

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