1. 👌 i really like her pink hair era. So that photocard is extra nice to me

  2. Yes!! I remember freaking out over how beautiful she was with her pink hair during More & More era. I just wish she had it that vibrant during promotions since it was kinda washed out :/ but she still looked good!

  3. Her smile is just contagious, it’s always such a joy to watch her perform

  4. Her paladin skin where she wears her hanbok has always been my favorite. I also love Academy, B.Va, Cruiser, and Shin Ryeong.

  5. Classic. I really try to look past the rose tinted glasses and see the art styles for what they are, and none of them ever click in my mind as “Sailor Moon.” Like to me personally, they’re just repackaged versions of Sailor Moon, they don’t really feel like Sailor Moon.

  6. I’ve never liked her, she was also so up front about bullying kids right in front of them also. There’s nothing redeemable imo

  7. Okay all the hot art aside, I really liked it. I recommend you all to read it in its entirety!

  8. She’s been my bias since the very beginning. She was always beautiful and cute, it’s nice to see her blossom into a more mature type of beauty.

  9. Idk maybe I’m in the minority, but I really did not like Nico and Shmiddt scenes, I just, idk it just very forced and I cringed a lot throughout their scenes.

  10. thanks! she’s a very cute nendoroid, and in my opinion, I think she was done really well. very true to her appearance in game~

  11. I mentioned it once before but her death was very sad and it affected me the first time I watched but, after multiple times rewatching the whole series again, hearing Christina say she had to fight off the wolves to protect Lexi’s deceased body really made things go dark

  12. Moonlight Sunrise is still trending at #4 on Music! After 5 days now! :D

  13. I’ve been looping since it came out. I’m obsessed with the song. <3 I haven’t liked a Twice song like this in so long

  14. It’s kinda gæ of you to list them all in a rainbow 🌈😳😳👌🤭💕Very fruity of you sis 🫣🤭🤭🤭🥴🥴🤡🫶👍

  15. So I’m not sure if other people get like this but when I listen to certain songs, that feature “you’re my ___” i can’t help but feel like artists are speaking to me. I understand that’s the point but sometimes it feels like… too real that it makes me flustered???

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