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  1. Imx has nfts for their games, gamestop is a broader market. The wallet is for insurance, and is basically the samething as a usb wallet

  2. They arent the problem, they just arent part of the solution

  3. It's going to be hard to DRS every share at a rate of 500k per quarter. Buy, DRS, HODL may still be the answer, but at the current rate, not even the float will be locked within our lifetimes, so something needs to happen.

  4. How are those generational shares of Confederated Slave Holdings doing (Simpsons reference)?

  5. Lets see since we starting drs last year and have 59% of the free float, id say its pretty god idk abt you though

  6. I mean these arent the only ones, which you seem to be implying, looks and seems like a pump

  7. Man everyone on here is preparing to flip boxes in the year 2303 lol

  8. Do u have a lawyer? I spent 4k on one id recommend it

  9. Yes i have a lawyer spent 3500 and i did admit to smoking i might have some trouble though bc i submitted a blood test and was a frequent smoker. Only took like two hits before pulled

  10. I had possession and dui, and got out of the dui because i traded the possession charge for it

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