Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating

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  1. What is happening in El Salvador will come to light eventually. Awful abuses in the guise of crime control from a naked authoritarian

  2. Based on the description, I can’t watch the video. Can someone tell me if there were more cops involved than the ones that got fired?

  3. Absolutely. The difference is important to note. However, there's a perception of police that this will drive for many, and it is not positive.

  4. Randomly murdering people for nothing…on camera… tends to do that

  5. Is that what the protests are about? Being "punk rock"?

  6. Of course not. But I think the idea that the biggest headache someone could give the Police is by just not doing anything is pretty stupid

  7. Here I was, thinking breaking windows and shit because a department did exactly what you've been asking them to do in a situation like this would be pretty stupid.

  8. I think there is a huge gulf between “do nothing” and “break windows”

  9. Tear it down. Stop. Do not convert it, a park still has all the neighborhood barriers/street design as before.

  10. There is almost 0 evidence or collaboration on any of these deaths. Contrast tht with the fact that the USSR was forthcoming regarding all four acknowledged deaths, it seems highly unlikely.

  11. I think it’s actually racist to pin the collective achievements of an entire group of people on a middling movie

  12. I had to throw away my water sorry you can’t bring a fake bazooka on a plane

  13. It wasn't carry-on though. The mistake was he didn't declare it. Otherwise, perfectly legal.

  14. Not declaring it is like the only legal requirement

  15. They took it more often for sure, but the test is worded in such a way that the grader gets to decide who’s right and wrong subjectively. They’d give a passing grade to white folks and fail the black folks, then say it was due to being “illiterate”.

  16. You didn’t have to take the test if your grandfather could vote (Ie if he was white) that’s where ‘Grandfather Clause’ came from

  17. what you don't understand that carrying a rifle around in the US is normal; it's gun culture land.

  18. Well you said it was normal - I’m just saying it’s not normal.

  19. Okay, I guess fuck anyone who doesn’t have time to go fishing for food all day or live next to the ocean then.

  20. I mean for people who live in Wyoming maybe it’s a bit unrealistic to be ordering and getting catfish - let alone feel good about it

  21. Sorry alligator gar sandwich - you get my point

  22. All these youngins on Reddit really be thinkin pure open borders is a good idea.

  23. People used to move back and forth between Mexico and Texas all day.

  24. They still do. Many people live in Mexico and work across the border, that has not stopped. The main difference is they go back across the border to live and they are not trying to emigrate into the country.

  25. I know it’s just a way bigger pain in the ass now

  26. Nobody cares. Everyone either got a shot or didn’t and now the weirdos have nothing to feel like “Wolves protecting the sheep” about. Move on. Talk about like the economy collapsing or something covid is so played out and boring

  27. Nothing says confidence and conviction like having to call someone a child mid conversation

  28. Yeah we already have self checkout stands here in McDonalds. It's honestly not that bad. I like it. 8 checkout stations is faster than 2 people taking orders when someone holds up the line thinking.

  29. Yeah because you’re all doing the labor McDonald’s paid someone to do before

  30. Cool! Hardworking people at the beck and whim of a rich person to stay warm on a job they’ve been hired to do! Awesome! Thanks Hollywood PR Firm!

  31. My question is why the hell did Johnny have to buy the coats and not the production company who requires the crew to be in that environment? Hollywood is so flush with cash that they don't seem to mind spending millions upon millions on something that will obviously crash and burn but not provide for your workers? I feel like alot of these pr articles don't realize how bad it makes the other side actually look. Optics not observed I guess.

  32. They’re so disconnected this seems like a genuine good will gesture. Like the serfs should be elated to receive clothes so they don’t freeze to death doing the job they’re SUPPOSED to do anyway

  33. Said this in the Houston sub when the people from Denton came down to stir trouble and left wide eyed with their tail between their legs(this looks much less intense thank goodness), but please do not fuck with these queer Texas bars, most of the dudes in them been in Texas through Reagan and AIDS and if you think they won’t shoot you dead for coming at them with a gun you’d be wrong as all hell

  34. The accent is fake because she’s fucking up the vowels.

  35. The property owner is going to do whatever makes them the most money.

  36. Yes, all commercial property holding groups make only rational and profitable decisions. That’s why businesses never fail.

  37. This is actually what should happen, teach the child how to apologize. Not force him to apologize, but teach him how and why. This kid probably doesn’t realize how badly this makes the other person feel, or the ripple effect it will have on the other boy.

  38. They’re not like 6, they’re high schoolers, these kids know what they’re doing

  39. Just pave the whole state, add a couple mattresses firms and be done with it

  40. Fascists are not the same as conservatives are not the same as liberals these distinctions are real and useful

  41. The politics of these people running America is we and them getting richer by whatever means they can get away with.

  42. I’m not saying the democrats aren’t cynical, but the bourgeoisie in this country is clearly divided in many respects.

  43. I'm thinking eventually if this goes to trial her testimony will be important and she'll have to answer this very question.

  44. Why would she need to answer this she’s not named as a suspect and no charges have been brought against her.

  45. "freezing San Francisco winter" this is really good humor 🤣🤣, thanks for the laugh I needed it. (I'm from Michigan)

  46. This made you laugh? Like regardless of how you feel about either one of these people none of this is funny

  47. Oh no, I definitely believe people put their lives on the line - just a week ago I heard a woman screaming bloody murder across the street and was laying on her dog, trying to prevent this other dog from eating hers. Definitely ready to sacrifice herself to protect it.

  48. The sentiment I understand, but comments that devolve into describing the details of imaginary violence always weird me out

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