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  1. I start in solo cups. Use two cups and cut the bottom off the inner one and a slit down the slide. Then poke holes on the outside one to allow for drainage. Usually ready for transplant about Day 10 or so and just slide it out of the inner cup gently into coco with same nutrient strength as last feeding in the solo cup. Hand water for another two weeks or so then turn on reservoir

  2. This exact method I read on here somewhere in the past and it drastically helped me in moving from solo cups to a larger 3-5gal. It was crazy how terrible I was at up-potting something. And it seems the results and vigor I get from starting them in a smaller container and then moving up was drastically noticeable and helpful for my plants. When moving up to a larger pot I would sprinkle a bit of myco granules in the new pot in the center and wow would they take off after a few days but the myco is just a user preference and the easy and super gentle up-potting was a game changer for me. If your the user, I read it from the first time I thank you but even if not, it’s super helpful info I think and helped me for sure. I deff recommend it.

  3. Very nice! The mutant genetics seem pretty solid from what I seen. Those look comparable to many autos I have seen so far. I have I think 4 diff Mutant gen. strains, (freebies from seed addiction lol), and been thinking about trying them out next, the sapphyre in particular. I think they are supposed to be changing there name to Speed run genetics at some point btw.

  4. Top and training? Curious to see better closer up pics of that granite runtz. I got 3-4 mutant genetics im thinking about trying out soon. Ohh and I feel like Atlas is slept on. I was blow away by a TopGun from them that finished in 60ish days perfectly. They all look great OP, nice work!

  5. I’d spread it thin and help to seal a joint extra well. Then probly sprinkle it with kief too cause why not..?lol

  6. Sadly everything I been looking at im waiting to restock except one. Guess I’ll head over and order anyways lol. Bean addiction is real!

  7. I’d look at the SE series. Bar style instead of board which I feel is a bit better for heat. What size is the spot/tent tho?

  8. I’d deff say that’s from hard water or well water. I noticed a lot of places, including my current house of a old farm with real hard water, never has the outside hose running through the water softener system. The hose comes right off the main in the basement where the well water comes in. No filtering at all really. Get a good in-line filter for the water from the hose to run through prior to getting to your foam cannon and it will fix your issue I’d bet. Example, we killed one of those small little $150 electric pressure washers from Lowe’s in a matter of months before we fixed the hose water filtering issue.

  9. I’d recommend testing out some Atlas seeds. Multiverse always has them as freebies and I tried a TopGun that was the fastest largest and most vigorous plant I’ve ever attempted. Full 24hr light for me and went from a 1 gal to a 5gal in coco and still amazed to think about. There FogDog did great for me too. Deff some really nice genetics. Nightowl, Mosca, darkowl, twenty20 all are solid choices imo.

  10. Just buy a cash car with the 5k, fix your credit and drive it for a year then try to get a car. Even if they approve you for a 14k car you will end up paying more in interest then the car is Worth.

  11. This is the best option and if your parents don’t see this then they are obviously somewhat responsible for that credit score you have. Tell them following their advice is why your in this situation. Ohh and I’m sure your insurance will be increasing too so I’d factor that into a decision also. A 2018 or newer will likely be more to insure that a well taken care of vehicle that’s a 2012-2014 for example. If what you posted is all true, I’m willing to bet if you bought a car for 4-5k and maintained it well instead of a payment every month you would end up in a way better spot then if you do what they are telling/making you do. It just is not logical at all for your situation that I can tell. Strap yourself with a payment for a car that will still need money for regular services to maintain and will almost certainly be worth less than what you owe on it at any given moment you check the payoff. Any vehicle will still cost money consistently to drive it daily. Adding a payment on top seems pretty unnecessary in your position. Payment plus regular maintenance cost vs no payment and regular maintenance cost =…..? Or save money and drive $5k car and maintain that for a few years well building your credit to get out from under your parents terrible advice. Get a card or use the one you “don’t use” for your oil changes, tires, brakes and stuff like that on a car you own. That will help your credit also and it’s money you would need to spend anyways.Use card and pay them off in a few months. Then in 2-4 years you can find one that you really want and make it happen yourself. Hopefully you can talk some sense into them or a few others on her could help you prepare enough to explain it to them. Good luck.

  12. Kief or seeds. That’s what’s in my micro size jars lol

  13. 4 legs, 3 DUIs, 2 passports and all on channel 1.

  14. I understand. Unfortunately where I live the only water available is well water that is absolutely horrible and I wouldn’t even drink it myself. So I have to buy water from the store. I do add calmag and some epsom salt as a side dressing or foliage spray.

  15. Can you get jugs of spring water at the same place as the jugs of distilled? When I started I tried distilled also since I have well water too and I don’t want to use that. Changed to spring water and it helped a ton. We’ll I start with spring water before I add the nutrients. End up having to drop the PH in a bit before I use it but it has done well for me. Maybe a option to try out starting with spring water for you and see if it helps overall. Just my opinion and I’m only a year into this venture so ignoring me could be a good idea too, I’m not positive lol.

  16. This is why I keep a flood tray in my tent. Best $30 I’ve spent.

  17. Great idea. What size tent and tray do you have? I’m setting up a system and I have a 5x5 and best I could find is a 4x4 drip tray. I feel like it’s easy insurance incase there is a issue ever.

  18. Don’t have have the stress from running out and having to rely on someone else and saves tons of money overall after a short time. I love learning how to get a winning formula figured out and having the ultimate reward at the end to enjoy and show for the effort and everything that went into it, that is a major plus also, lol.

  19. Same here. Jason said on the podcast that 20% of the orders were going to the PO Tuesday (yesterday) but there might've been a delay with that. Pretty sure we'll get it this weekend, hang in there.

  20. Where is everyone getting the new podcast. I use apple podcast and the newest one is from nov 23

  21. Wow 1899. That sucks. That was from the creators of Dark (loved that show even with the dub over) I think, and I really liked the main male and female actor. That’s a bummer.

  22. Looks awesome OP! Super frosty for sure and looks tasty lol. MVB freebies has me in love with Atlas seeds. I had 2 diff FogDog phenos that were great and just finished a TopGun that was huge and finished in like 62-66 days. Super quick and heavy yielders for sure.

  23. Legion of skanks , mssp, stuff island , are you garbage are 10x more entertaining than ymh at this point

  24. The Philly comedians are putting out the best content hands down. I’m listening to mssp and there Patreon shows again cause they are super funny and NOT loaded with ads out the ass every 14 minutes. Plus the Patreon is $1 a month. It’s sad to say but I stopped AYG 6 months ago. They got insane with ads over a 60-90 day period that changed how I listened to them fully. Starts with a ad, at 12 min in, another ad followed by another at minute 24. And they end on ads. Gets tedious skipping ads over and over and ending up with 28-34 min of actual content (since everyone is worried about going over a hour for some fucking reason). Ruined the show for me quickly and made me not interested anymore at all. Bummer for sure but I haven’t missed it one bit in 4-6 months. Just how it goes now I guess. Too much better stuff out there. Good content gets listeners, that gets them all the ads they want which in turn ruins the content by making them focus on making those ads and the people paying them happy instead of the people listening and doing what got the listeners there to begin with. Sad cause AYG could of went a long time and not lost the flavor. I was listening to a car guy podcast last night and they got out the brand new “Are You Garbage™️” card game and was asking questions around the guest table. I laughed but not for a good reason. Come on man. At least try to act like your not just in it for the cash grab. Owell back to listening to the Shaman and the Young Bull!

  25. Looks great! What is it growing in? 5gal?

  26. Did atlas do the cross themselves then? What’s the other plant it’s crossed with?

  27. I’m watching the first 4 seasons over with the wife this time and damn I feel ridiculous. Every thing they say is quotable from a inspirational poster and it’s just the most outlandish stuff over and over. I can’t even find season 5 to watch on paramount plus app or peacock or wherever it’s at. Cause for some reason putting it right after season 4 wouldt make sense.

  28. I don't know what happened cuz I stopped watching a little while ago. The show just git... bad. I'll usually just watch certain highlights on Instagram. And the Louis CK episode was cool.

  29. I got board when they started spending crazy money on one upping each others birthday gifts. Getting together all the race car stuff with Matt farah was the last time a listened and it just was not funny to me so quit following the show. Hoped it would get back eventually to the overanalyzing of ridiculous FedSmoker or “machines within” kinda content they found but still no dice. One day it could happen still, one day… back to laughing at that idiot Brandon shwabs downfall till then.

  30. Best looking setup for a regular cab short bed imo! Love it! Looks awesome!

  31. I have almost 20 years in the dealership world. Some sales but most service, parts, and inventory management so I get asked by the family my opinions when time to buy cars comes around. Most the time they ignore it and this is the result of that.

  32. Did anyone at least try to convince her to just paint the jeep purple lol

  33. Idk about painting but I did recommend to her that she could take it and have the jeep wrapped. It’s a short wheel base 2 door so it likely not even be THAT crazy of a price or initial cost, plus it would help protect the paint for the future so it could of been seen as a investment possibly. Plus it could of been purple, rainbow, puke brown or any color she could of imagined haha. Still bothers me thinking about her making that deal lol.

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