My neighbor took their confederate flag down!

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Kid shows up to black peoples house with whip

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  1. Mine popped in middle school on the last play of the last game of the year. We made the lil “playoffs” or whatever it was, and lost.


  3. Where do I sign? I used to go to this one out near my work in Columbus OH when I lived in the area. Life’s never been the same since. I’ve lost weight, eat healthy and all that shit. I’d do anything to shove those delicious street tacos down my gullet, fully inhaling each one as I try to eat as many $1 taco Tuesday tacos I can.

  4. That's the part that blows my mind about the Chiefs struggles against two high. YOU GUYS HAD THE 3RD BEST RUN BLOCKING LINE. Any other coach in the world would hammer the shit out of any defense daring to sit two high against that kind of line but Reid continues to abandon the run with regularity

  5. As half of a multi racial couple I’d ask him to leave it up so we don’t forget who he is as a person. I prefer when they are upfront and open about their racism. It’s the ones that hide and pretend to be nice good people that are scarier.

  6. “I like my nazis in uniform.” or whatever Brad Pitt said in inglorious bastards

  7. When you have a partner that constantly accuses you or is jealous you begin to give up indulging their thought process on how you could be cheating. It gets exhausting. If he’s not cheating then he’s definitely super unhappy with her as he should be.

  8. That shade of blue is pretty fucking dope to be fair.

  9. Thank you. Quick story if I may. Years ago I went to work for a sheet metal manufacturer in the midwest. Started out as a crane operator and was trained by what I thought was one of the best trainers I had ever known. Later in my career I moved up to the Safety Coordinators position for this company. Worked there for a few more years and then left and came to Florida. A couple of years after that I found out that this gentleman who had trained me was crushed to death under a load of steel that fell off of a crane. A poorly rigged load or a momentary distraction cost this man his life. I don't want to ever see anyone have to go through what his family went through and his team members at the plant. They had never had a fatality with this company at that location since it had opened. I beg everyone to continue to strive to work safely so you get to go home to your loved ones at the end of your shift.

  10. good on you, sir. fuck em, if they can’t follow basic safety standards, they shouldn’t be working anyway in today’s age, following safety guidelines is the minimum.

  11. You should see the confrontation with the little shits parents.

  12. man I think I died a little inside. these poor babies growing up being taught to be hateful. lives ruined based on previously hateful generations. our whole species is fucking doomed. It’s 2022. mf kid brought a WHIP. how tragic.

  13. Is this sub just entirely you making this comment and screenshotting your comments? How niche

  14. Gotta respect the dedication to hating that one thing in particular. Might not agree with ‘em, but the man’s dedication is admirable.

  15. “My boyfriend and I have an amazing sex life … despite having never made me cum” doesn’t sound too amazing if he won’t even gstick his finger in the honey jar. 🤔

  16. Oh so you don't eat groceries or go to school or travel anywhere or use things that came from somewhere else and got to you via roads?

  17. imagine thinking these things are only obtainable through.. CARS!

  18. how do you think countries with cities catered toward pedestrians get food? they don’t just get rid of all roads; that’s fuckin dumb. it’s somewhere in the middle

  19. This Wendy’s is turning into a Wendy’s with a fucking play place.

  20. From letting Russ cook to letting Jeudy cook (toilet wine)

  21. It takes more bullets to kill someone than Hollywood would make it seem, either that or they don't just collapse dead after getting shot. The video the other day showed a lady take two head shots and she still got back up.

  22. I bet they would be lol have you seen those crazy ass farmers? Fuckin snatched whole tanks

  23. See when mommy humans and daddy humans love eachother very much...

  24. Now I’m wondering what brand y’all use? I’ve never used pre workout so I didn’t know it could make you itchy and it sounded weird to me too

  25. It’s that good shit, Methalite! Coming to a store near you 🌈

  26. cause Carolina is competing this year, given their illustrious QB in checks notes Sam doesntlookgoodinshorts Darnold or.. Matt Corral. Kinda hope they start Corral, Donald is like if a make a wish kid wanted to be an nfl qb

  27. (I feel mean so I'm just saying this is a joke.)

  28. Jesus Christ that man has a family, you didn’t have to murder him in cold blood like that

  29. It is the test that God gives you as you approach the Gates of Heaven.

  30. But we don't want them to go 0-17. I hope they are perpetually showing signs of being a good football team but never truly putting it all together..just enough to give their fans hope but never actually do anything worthwhile. Like a perpetual 7-10 team.

  31. as a former browns fan, me too. fuck em. they don’t deserve happiness.

  32. Wait they work for mental illness AND addiction?? I just....I need these

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