1. If somebody is baptized but doesn't live out their faith, were they ever really even saved to begin with?

  2. Woah. Just flew Delta from JFK to Amsterdam damn and had a solid vegan meal. Chickpea salad and a rice and spinach dish with an oatmeal type dessert.

  3. People who joke about killing and torturing other people as well as eating them are obviously sick. I hope the comments were reported.

  4. We went to bond once and liked it! Our regular vet is dr. Pet daddy and while we like him—I also feel priced are out of control.

  5. I wanted to like him so much but I hate how I can't be with my pet during the exam and then the pricing was always so high.

  6. Made a post about this the other day. It's been replaced by "most watched channels." It's soo stupid.

  7. Damn, You can see where that one and a few others hit here:

  8. Big time. If she's concerned about the lack of traditional marriage breeding pedophilia, maybe she's referring to the catholic church?

  9. I'm womb to tomb, but the prolife movement needs to focus just on solutions to ending abortion. When you make the scope too large, you dilute what you're able to accomplish.

  10. If you like what your look like, you don't use filters to cover the plastic surgery. Jesus.

  11. Thanks for this , we are open to anywhere just looking to experience living in New York ideally would like wood view have heard good things but can’t seem to find any accommodation for it. We’ve been trying Airbnb but would you recommend any other websites to try?

  12. Try Craigslist too for short term rentals. Be wary of scams.

  13. I don't know what's real or not on the internet anymore?

  14. I just dropped off in one of these bins on Saturday without a problem. They should be working?

  15. If you type "sterilization" into the search bar for the sub, a few hundred posts are brought up many asking this exact question.

  16. Insecurity over their ability to parent. I often hear about the fear of passing down generational trauma to their child. Being brave enough to face self perceived shortcomings and overcome them is a really important quality.

  17. Yeah but A lot of people who do abortions actually are already parents.

  18. Thats very valid. Maybe the feel they can't parent more children because they'd be spread too thin?

  19. Sharing the gospel is more important than the pro life movement. Christians know that the answer to everything wrong with this world is Jesus. If we are all being honest here, a majority of abortions happen because of a heart issue. Not a head issue. Logic isn’t going to trump their feelings on the matter. But what can turn people away from abortion is them giving their life to Christ, and God changing their heart to look more like Him and less like the world. The world needs more of Jesus. Not less of him.

  20. The majority of people who have abortions are Christians. So obviously, there is a lot to unpack there.

  21. And your statement is false even without my rebuttal. The article states that a majority have a religious affiliation. Not that a majority is Christian which Christian (non catholic) is actually the lowest percentage.

  22. 17% of abortion patients identified as mainline Protestant; 13% as evangelical Protestant; 24% as Catholic;

  23. For someone who claims to love children, their child sounds doomed.

  24. Hang a bird feeder from the tree and let her know that is the only place where birdfood goes.

  25. I can't imagine a parent perpetually seeking comfort and advice from their child regarding their love life.

  26. Issac is adorable and acting like a typical child. He has some solid parental figures in his life and he's going to go on to do good things.

  27. Spoiler: the food we feed to animals ALSO comes from that same field. Stop killing animals = save billions of animals from being ground up in a field too.

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