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  1. The season finale of the second season. The one where they end up at dinner with their old friends. It shows a real turning point for them realizing the community they have around Schitts Creek and how those people they used to associate with when they had money never had their backs like many people of Schitts Creek do. Johnny putting the rich friends in their place is so iconic and of course, I love them all dancing together as a family at the end to “Precious Love”.

  2. Be a well respected music critic. Have the opportunity to chat music with so many other important names in music, interview musicians, and attend shows all for pay. I currently write a music blog so it’s a step in the right direction.

  3. I also use Squarespace. Monetized with display ads on Ezoic, Amazon affiliate and digital products. You can do everything with Squarespace 7.1 and code injection but might be limited.

  4. So it seems that Squarespace definitely requires at least the business version in order to have code injection for AdSense

  5. Very sound advice given here. I would highly recommend Wordpress also. It will give you far more control of your website. That’s very important especially if your blog takes off.

  6. Hmmm I didn’t even think of a funnel service. I’m not sure what product I would exactly have to promote besides just music critiques and opinions. I have reached out to various artists and even interviewed a few but I feel I may be too small for artists to consider paying me to promote or interview them at the moment.

  7. Agree!! Bree’s character development is one of my favorite things about the show.

  8. When Angie is being held hostage by Patrick and Gabby comes over with her lasagna and Angie throws in that piece of paper "no cops get Nick" while Gabby shows Patrick pics of her modelling days. "Oh thats my daughter Juanita I dont know how that got in there"

  9. I was in tears during this whole moment. One of my favorite experiences ever!

  10. Noooooo!!!! Denali was robbed!! She was my favorite and deserves so much more

  11. Y’all are sleeping on Run The Road by Santigold. From the roller rink scene.

  12. A little self promo here, but I started a music blog about two months ago and I’m a female:

  13. As someone who uses music to process emotions and heal from it, I would want to know what songs have truly helped that artist. What songs pulled them out of a dark place or gave them the needed inspiration?

  14. This is a great question! I ask something like when life gets the best of you what do you like to listen to? Most people tend to listen to sad songs that make the depression worse so you get some really deep emotional songs so I follow up with what are some happy songs you like to listen to as well lol.

  15. Oh absolutely! I love knowing what those songs are for others because it also possibly helps understand the direction of some of their music.

  16. THE DANCE!!! The Dance versions of Silver Springs and Landslide are the most incredible performances I’ve ever seen.

  17. Which artist do you think would have created the best music had they not died young?

  18. Miranda Lambert's "The House that Built Me". I had a seemingly happy childhood and then suddenly everything changed due to my parents decisions and at the time I didn't know the reasons. I used to and still do associate that house to the happiness I felt in those early years and I always tear up at "...I thought if I could touch this place or feel it, the brokenness inside me might start healing..."

  19. This one gets me every time for the exact reason you said. The house I grew up was associated with happiness. My parents divorced, house was sold and my life did a complete 180 after that.

  20. Yes, she did end up reaching out first and talked about how upset she was about missing it and how she felt sick seeing photos and such. I explained a bit on how it had upset me but she claimed she didn’t want to bother me or stress me out more. We have since hung out in person and got a lot more details so all is well!

  21. Yes, starting with concern for her, at minimum, sounds like a good idea - especially now that I’ve read your other comments about your mutual friend leaving early.

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