1. Very very cute but this post made me clench. I've spent probably over 1K replacing phone and MacBook chargers. My cat used to chew through them before we got his anxiety in check.

  2. Stop trying to shave the "specks," you're irritating your skin even more.

  3. Thankfully it was almost entirely burnt out at that point.

  4. Sorry, this isn't directed at you OP, your fit is cute. But what is with the influx of women in this sub stating their ages lately? I don't really understand what the purpose is.

  5. I thought it was mandatory to put my age into the title like in some other subreddits... my bad🙈🙈

  6. You're okay! I've seen a lot of posts with it in the title lately so I was starting to wonder if it was tbh

  7. My favorite bronzer is from Mented Cosmetics in the shade, Vacay! They're a Black-owned business specializing in makeup for POC, so if you're deeper in complexion and you're looking for a bronzer, I highly recommend them!

  8. Thank you! This shade of green is one of my favorite colors!

  9. I just found out this week that Five Below does piercings.

  10. No that’s still kinda weird. You can’t affectively wash your body without soap

  11. I use soap every time I shower, but what cleans dirt off is the friction. Soap just aids the process by being a "carrier" of sorts for the dirt.

  12. Fair enough. I just find for me that if I wash with water there’s still a bit of a smell

  13. I think u should think harder on why so many of us don’t expect other races to show up for us. We’ve been in ur position. And it ends in disappointment. Everyone here is responding to ur post. U posted this to seek out what we think of this and this is what we think. If it bothers u that much for us to say “this isn’t surprising don’t expect much from people,” then feel free to remove ur post and leave. Remember u seeked out the opinions first. This isn’t a community of yes men.

  14. Reddit won't let me respond to your other comment but:

  15. I’m looking thru the comments here and you’ve been straight acting like an ass to others who don’t deserve it and just want to chime in and leave a comment.

  16. No I have not. Everyone I disagreed with, I did so respectfully until they implied I was stupid and naive. Why do you continue to push a false narrative when the conversations are right there for people to see?

  17. Same, wearing long trousers and a crop top sounds like a weird combo, but I give OP the benefits of the doubt until proven otherwise

  18. Babe, tiny top + big pants have been on trend for several years now.

  19. Before buying any lash/eyebrow serum look at people who’ve used them long term. A lot of people with the grande brand and some others have had good results but then all the hair falls out.

  20. Adding on to say that with any legitimate growth serum, the lashes will return to normal if you stop using it consistently. It's just the nature of these products.

  21. Wait hold up, what??? This is a fucking thing?

  22. I think they're just saying that's what it looks like to them. Not that people are actually putting clear nail polish on their brows.

  23. I genuinely thought they didn't get the joke. Sorry.

  24. Agreed. Would you say micro are more trustworthy? Also are there any big ones who stand out as exceptions in your opinion?

  25. I'm fairly involved with beauty microinfluencers and generally, I'd say yes, but there's also some smaller bloggers who feel more inclined to play nice with brands because they think it'll help their growth. It's still pretty dependent on the person.

  26. I'm new to Reddit but already loving it and thank you for replying! I feel like this forum is the most real out of any of them so far, and people can say what they actually think without any kind of agenda

  27. Thank you for starting the discussion! For the most part, I like to think the same, but some Redditors can be unnecessarily rude and vitriolic.

  28. Check Amazon. The kit I got was from GAOY and it's done me a lot of good. Also see

  29. Probably too busy staring at his screen and not realizing how close it actually was

  30. Touching toxic mushrooms in not toxic. Eating them is.

  31. Wait, I had no idea this sub wasn't for general mushroom ID'ing? I don't remember it saying so in the about.

  32. lol Stick around for a while , it's obvious.

  33. I've been in this sub for about a year and I hadn't caught on lmao. Lots of people look for general IDs here. I don't think it's as obvious as you think.

  34. NTA. A group of us have done the same thing. We ordered (nothing that should take insanely long or was modified), watched other tables get their food and finish, asked our waiter a couple times where our appetizers were (he assured us, without actually going back to check, they would be out soon), and even the manager (who also didn't check). Over an hour later we finally got up to go, and suddenly our meal was ready and they were sorry and would pack it up (why is our entire meal suddenly ready when we haven't even gotten our appetizers?). We initially declined, the manager insisted, and we tossed it into a trashcan on the way to another restaurant down the street (which was delicious).

  35. You'd trust the food after that experience? We said no multiple times, but the manager wouldn't shut up about it.

  36. Could I ask what your undertones are? This is the first swatch I've seen on a complexion similar to mine!

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