1. Absolutely! My nose often nearly disappears - it's not even especially petite - and my lower jaw as well. They seem to be expecting a bigger and/or more angular face in some way.

  2. Yes! They make my jaw disappear and I have an round/square face, so it's there. It's hit or miss with the lip enlarging. Bigger eyes seem to overwhelm my face very much. And the makeups are usually more for the natural types.

  3. I’m trying to reroute from following all FNs lol but I will check her out! Thanks!

  4. It's gonna be hard to find a pure D since they're so uncommon... but good luck!

  5. People: type me as a tiny yin doll Other People: Yang Reaction: wahhh!!! Uggghhh!!! You're wrong!!!!

  6. The times people got mad at me for saying they're more of a SN rather then a SC... impossible to count.

  7. In all seriousness, I don't understand the reaction. The ID has no influence on what your body looks like, at best you are going to dress for your body and ultimately look better...and that's bad? I am obviously being intentionally objective and and obtuse at the same time and not taking into account the fact that people have invested emotionally in the ID they want when they are not actually that ID. But at the same time the more a person looks into Kibbe the more obvious it is that there is a range of bodies within each ID. And this is coming from someone who has been every size possible and had perception issues.

  8. I think they really take it as an offense. As if I told them they're broad like a man or fat or whatever... and it's all because people don't understand what being an natural means....

  9. So I read the comments left below and I couldn't belive my eyes.... Everything they said is wrong. Soft naturals are not all Fionas from Shrek. SN is more strong/athletic looking but in a fit way. Not manly way. They can look like they workout (Jane Fonda) even when they don't.... but that's not always the case. The all infamous "width" can be seen in shoulders and upper torso but it's not going to be Hercules type of width. It can be just a larger bust. Or more pronounced hip curve. Or both! But that looks LUSH and more ✨️there✨️ then in romantic's case. A pure R is delicate the curves tend to be weaker looking then in SN ladies (like Scarlett Johansson).

  10. This makes a lot more sense to me. I still am confused about this kibbe width thing but it makes sense to me that it means bust and hip and more noticeable curve lines

  11. Not necessarily more noticeable, but more pronounced. Heavier/stronger looking. They also don't have to be proportional, so a very skinny SN will i.e. have long legs and short arms. Another good way to recognise a skinny SN is by looking at their flesh - but it's harder to understand. SN appear to have thicker/plumper skin (again - Scarlett Johansson), while SC has a nor visually delicate nor plump skin. It's in a way a "normal skin" with some (slight) additional yin - slightly delicate looking skin.

  12. Mirror pictures tend to disrupte the proportion, so I can't be certain...

  13. She 5’5. I think she may be Flamboyant Gamine. She looks waaay taller than she is but I think she’s a Flamboyant Gamine. She has smaller eyes,her cheek are high and very chiseled and her chin is soft. She has sharpness too her (her nose and shoulders) but I think her look’s much better in with her more gamine hairstyle rather the long hair (and the long black dress). I like the pink skirt outfit and the black Jack and shorts outfit. The green dress looks very gook as well. If she’s anything else maybe a short dramatic.

  14. The hair and the pink skirt outfit are exactly the reasons i think she's a DC. She can look good without vertical accommodation and short, streight cut.

  15. Look at her it in the links I posted.

  16. Then why do you start something you're not intending to pursue?

  17. Because my bullshit detector has to point out the obvious unfortunately

  18. Too tall for a DC. Bones show no sloped shapes so not a SD. Either a D or a FN - that's something you need to figure on your own and in person.

  19. not true. intjs can be sensitive and acknowledge it.

  20. Exactly.. when are we going to start experimenting on kids and playing with their brains to see what happens?

  21. How would that make any medical progress? I'm more about - there's a dude who figures how to make all people born with HIV immunity and he goes to jail for altering human genotype. Why the fuck?

  22. Imagine that we live in a world where you don't have to cut somebody open to see what's inside of them. Because of magnetic waves and other really cool stuff.

  23. With your breathtaking SC thighs? It would be a crime if you didn't.

  24. Aww DK made me feel like i need to dress like I’m over the hill. In other news I want those square toe mary janes but they’re only in black and I decided charcoal gray is my new black (soft summer lol)

  25. Cool summer here. Keep it up solider 🤍🖤

  26. Sometimes I doubt my sanity because I'll glance at an outfit someone has posted and just think "yeah, they look nice" and then there'll be 32 comments below all telling them they look terrible.

  27. I know! Like what the f ppl? I look scrumptious!

  28. I saw this on the Flamboyant Natural sub once. The poster was wearing SLIGHTLY cropped pants (which matched her shoes). She looked great, btw, which is probably what prompted the criticism. The comment was VERY shrill toned about not maintaining vertical, because you can only wear LOOOOONG pants, lol.

  29. I know right! And they are so pretentious about it xd. I posted in DC feed recently because I was in-between dramatic and dramatic classic and I just got told that "dc is not a smaller d so you're not a dc

  30. Because you overthink it ✨️ Its honestly just about overall look and the VIBEZZ

  31. I’ve talked about it on this sub multiple times, saying taller counties, like the Netherlands, will literally have no other options than FN, SD, and D.

  32. Well, there are short people in those tall countries, too. My ex was from Sweden, 5'8 and a TR/R.

  33. Yes, but you said "no other option" not regarding "most people" or "an average person". Contextually it was all of them - and not just females.

  34. Do you think FN would have similar success?

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