1. If you like, come visit her Twitch channel. It's a community around video game music and she plays music for hours each week, with thousands of songs to request.

  2. Because you clearly did not read our rules before posting.

  3. That's barely a troll just a friendly jab why is everyone so sensitive nowadays

  4. Lazard ain’t back next year. Dude is mediocre at best. Tonyan probs back tho!

  5. Name calling doesn't add anything to the conversation. None of us have any clue what goes on inside an organization we're not apart of.

  6. That guy on the sideline staring down Mahomes..

  7. I can't remember seeing something like this before. If he can't scramble, he's going to take a few more hits.

  8. Your predictions? Jaguars or Chiefs?

  9. I'm guessing most people are going Chiefs.

  10. That brought back some memories. What a game.

  11. Thrice just never gets old. I haven't heard that version in some time. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Bakh was starting to get back into the groove and playing more frequently until his appendectomy surgery. Whether it’s Love or Rodgers, OTs like Dave don’t grow on trees. We need him out there. Him and Elgton on that left side shores it up and probably makes the best side of an OL in the NFL.

  13. This. Thank you for summing up my feelings better than I could!

  14. It's ridiculous that Trent Dilfer has a superbowl ring lmao...the dude has been living off of that ring ever since. He'd be completely irrelevant if it wasn't for that Ravens defense carrying his ass lol

  15. Growing up in the Tampa Bay area, I have a soft spot for Dilfer. He is a very intelligent guy and I love listening to his commentary. Never was a great QB, but did enough to win!

  16. I suggest you read our civility rules. You can have a conversation and disagree without being uncivil.

  17. Oh wow. How do you not travel with your teammates?

  18. I'm torn. Both Geno and Brock are feel good stories! I just hope it's a good, rainy game!

  19. God I can hear the sound the ring menu makes when you open it!!

  20. Yes! As soon as read your comment, I did as well!

  21. I always wonder what it would be like to fly through the upper atmosphere. I'm sure it would be a nightmare, but I still dream about it!

  22. Why would the mods delete this... It is more interesting than anything the Packers are producing right now.

  23. I don't think he's the downfall, I think they peaked and needed to rebuild and aren't going to win a Superbowl with the team they have and him. Face facts trade him and start rebuilding. If he wins a ring somewhere else good for him. He ain't gonna win another one in Green Bay.

  24. I don't think we need a rebuild. We have a very talented roster. Are there some positions that we could improve on? Absolutely. But what team doesn't have a few holes?

  25. Oh, that looks fun. Hope everyone got out okay!

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