The WNBA is actually pretty fun if you keep an open mind

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13 states in the US require that women seeking an abortion attend at least two counseling sessions and wait 24–48 hours before completing the abortion. The requirement, which is unnecessary from a medical standpoint and increases the cost of an abortion, led to a 17% decline in abortion rates.

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  1. Doesnt getting searched in a way that's never been done before just for them to find nothing make him a victim by definition?

  2. What have they found? They haven't charged him with anything after over a week.

  3. Any newer/teachers for TOB? Im approaching a scythe rebuild and wanting to it out. Have pretty good base stats 125 12 kc.

  4. I would hold off on a scythe rebuild until you try Toa, you may like it more and may want to gear for that raid instead.

  5. I love this but it's so funny the dynamic they have

  6. He knows mango doesn't handle a tournament loss as well. Hbox is 90% mental the man Is a mental fortress.

  7. You would be physically incapable of having a real conversation about this. Trumps gana win again because of brain dead liberals that refuse to compromise or see the other side. Biden was literally paid 30 million dollars by our enemy but trump is the traitor in your logic lmao.

  8. What are you calling treasonous? Tell me something worse than receiving 30 million dollars directly from the ccp because apparently thats the acceptable level.

  9. A big part nobody has mentioned is mid is the easiest role in the game to learn. Tyler's climb also emphasized this. Matchups matter less, you don't have to stay in lane, and you have constant help from your jungler. Mid has a huge impact on the game compared to top or adc making it easier to Impact at every stage.

  10. Easier to learn for sure, but it's a role that's as hard to master as adc.

  11. Every role is absolutely hard to master but if you want to get good quickly mid is a role you can skip matchup knowledge and teamfight experience for picks and snowballing objectives. More options.

  12. No because there is strategy involved. It would be akin to blackjack.

  13. If he doesn’t do much other than cooking and gym stuff, then I don’t see how 2k push-ups stretched over a whole day is impossible. It’s crazy but it’s not out of the realm of possibility

  14. For a man his size it absolutely is. He's too heavy.

  15. unequivocally policy. The other formats you can get very far on pure speaking ability, whereas policy you must prepare to even participate on a level with your opponent.

  16. I really want to play but the only account I have with members is a group ironman I haven't touched in like 4 months and it only has 600 total level so I don't meet the requirements. As there's 7 months left of a years membership I don't really wanna buy membership on one of my old accounts with a higher total level.

  17. There's an alternative requirement of a few quest points right? Grind 32 qp or whatever is a few hours.

  18. I was saying pf Is Inherently sexist and somehow it's misinterpreted as me being sexist, I think this is a perfect example of irl vs internet.

  19. you’re justification for pf being sexist is “women can’t handle it” tho

  20. ??? I dont understand how this is the assumption from saying pf is more aggressive than the other debate formats. I was just saying women steer towards the other formats as pf is harder for them to succeed. Some of the absolute best pf debaters of all time were women and I teamed with a woman for some time. It's harder for them because of an aggressive and overly toxic masculine culture surrounding pf.

  21. The Beatles hadn't performed live in almost three years when John and Yoko got married. The reason they couldn't perform live had little to do with Yoko. She clearly drove the rest of the band away from John because of her ever presence as shown in the documentary, but there was never a world in which going on tour with Yoko on stage was a reality. John broke up the Beatles by abandoning his friends for a woman.

  22. Yea.. part of those three years they were dating. Yoko broke up the beatles by convincing John to abandon his friends just like she hated his son. She didn't want anyone else to have John's attention.

  23. Yeah cause John Lennon didn’t have a mind of his own right? You think anyone was convincing John Lennon to do anything he didn’t want to??? People need to stop blaming her for his shitty behavior

  24. You just aren't looking at the actual facts of who yoko ono as you are trying to paint it was some thing against women which is weird when we are talking about a specific person.

  25. You can save bloodrunes in a pool outside tob right?

  26. Yeah umm, it’s cute but if you live near mountains/forest you really need to teach your kids to avoid wild animals. Watch out for rabies, other diseases, the parents of these small critters, etc.

  27. ??? Watch out for deer? You don't live in the wilderness lol. Been feeding wild animals my whole life. The mountains and forest are not a dangerous place compared to like a jungle. A wild cat is not going to attack a standing human. Bears avoid humans at all costs 99% of the time. Worst thing that will happen is you will get sprayed by a skunk or run into an elk which they don't have down there.

  28. Agreed. I don't consider where I grew up the wilderness, but I was born and raised in the forests of Virginia and was exposed to swamps and marshes regularly. I grew up crossing paths with wild animals all the time. People always were amazed how I had no fear of animals or insects. That's because I was always told by elders "Animals are more afraid of you, than you are of it". So I genuinely had no fear of anything from childhood. I think the worst I ever got was a tick on my stomach because I was playing in the woods without being clothed correctly and not wearing repellent (like my mom told me to do).

  29. Also it's funny people are deathly afraid of lyme when it's almost 100% curable with antibiotics in 2-4 weeks. My grandparents have trained birds and wildlife to come to their house for food for decades and all types of herons and rare animals show up and are super chill. Most people never get to experience that.

  30. I started with 60m and am at 170m in 2 months. I only do birdhouse runs then 2 mins of flipping so easily 5-6m+/h not including birdhouse profit. This is with me playing 1-2 hours a day. The key is to buy things low. Don't buy them at a price where you have to struggle to flip a profit. Also giving up on bad bets. Its ok to take an L so you can use that money for the next flip.

  31. I think it was Bill Burr that said this, but there are nearly 160 million women in the U.S. alone and yet somehow the WNBA still has to fight for support?

  32. The problem Is nobody watches. We can say we wish it will become more popular but right now it is incredibly unpopular.

  33. The wnba is literally a cash negative league it's not about fighting for more rights, they only have a league out of pure charity.

  34. Runes are certainly a currency in runescape. Username is a lie.

  35. Ok fair enough I was just kidding I respect the dedication.

  36. Welcome to competition. You have to learn you are not competing vs them you are competing versus yourself. How do you get better? Debate is rarely luck based and takes tremendous preparation. The best way to get confidence is to do small preparations every day. Every high level debater Is a bit conceited. You have to have the ego to go argue with some of the smartest richest kids in America you need to believe in yourself which comes from preparation. I can give you some free coaching if you want some help I'm 2x nationals competitor broke at several national circuit tournaments/won every local tournament/state and only did debate 3 years.

  37. But men are objects for women to lie to take advantage if lol?

  38. Totes… that’s why I don’t post comments talking about my multiple degrees, instead I just play vidya!

  39. I speak in facts. If I have experience on a topic I present that. I dont say im intelligent or funny or handsome. That's for others to decide. I happen to try hard at everything I do which tends to get me far.

  40. That’s just your opinion.

  41. Why don’t we talk about how Kfed never wanted to be a parent to those boys when Britney had them. There are reports of him going out to strip clubs leaving Britney to fend for herself and the babies at the time, all while in the throes of PPD

  42. Neither of then was ready for kids when it happened. But privately going to strip clubs doesn't make anyone a bad father or a bad husband. She literally posts naked photos of herself but their dad going to see naked women is the problem? I would not respect my mom if she posts her tits on the internet at 40 thats just stupidity. That's some backwards logic. She's also lied about Federline and he has had to threaten her with libel suits on multiple occasions to get her to stop.

  43. going to strip clubs and leaving your wife alone for hours on end while shes struggling with post-partum depression doesn’t make one a bad father/husband? Okay, got it.

  44. It's not your partners job to fix your mental issues go get professional help. You sound like a toxic motherfucker.

  45. N=1… glad it works for you. Not everyone gets that benefit though.

  46. I literally said just my 2 cents you are a cringe human being that's probably your issue. You likely don't handle stress well.

  47. I said up to(I'm not denying embellishments). It's usually closer to 20k. But I often have to plug my phone in so I have no clue what the actual numbers really look like. 15k in 6 hours last night.

  48. It's probably not excercise it was just an idea 20 miles sounded like a lot though lol. I hope you find the solution regardless and can be happy truly.

  49. Another form of debate that I think could lead into PuFo (public forum) is SPAR, spontaneous argumentation. This should be done in front of everyone and leaves the learning open to the students and can have very neutral topics but the kids can be infinitely creative. They learn the topic really doesn't matter to the skill of being persuasive.

  50. Excellent. As my students are mostly entirely new to debate outside of internet flame wars, using different methods might be very beneficial. Thank you.

  51. This event Is a real crowd pleaser and combines fun skills. I think being a teacher that doesn't have the knowledge already, your best role is to encourage them in a direction and then mentor them as they need you. Different people take to competition very differently and it can be hard to teach expressiveness, but I feel like a harmless tool like spar introduces the idea of this skill of being convincing. It can be hard to get women involved in debate specifically because men often overpower the conversation so teaching young women to be confident and stand up to the boys will likely be your toughest task but a very rewarding one. The ultimate lesson from debate should be that really it applies to every interaction you have in life. A good debater is someone who can express their thoughts and feelings In a comprehensive way to others.

  52. True for most girls but as a female I like making the first move because 9 times out of 10 the guys are absolutely shocked and automatically say yes.

  53. This is in fact a cheat code. Men love directness in a calculated way. If you open the door they feel much more confident stepping through which is what everyone wants, for men to have more healthy confidence instead of ego.

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