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  1. When Safeway was unadulterated by Sobeys, the donuts were $0.79. Now they are at $1.49.

  2. True, but no pick and choose, and I'm (thankfully) no longer buying six at a go!

  3. This is true, I go to the Airdrie Safeway and I do find with the 6 pack boxes, I'm USUALLY able to find what I want which is 2 glazed, 2 chocolate and 2 of the long john ones that are cream filled. Might be luck of the draw or maybe my combo isn't whats the hot seller.

  4. Ok I know this is a cleaning forum, but is no one going to pull the joke card on this one? It feels too easy

  5. Just hand out "free beer" pamphlets to every homeless person you can find downtown, with his address and phone number on them. (If OP doesnt have the phone number, just ask mr DJ for his card, guarantee he has self-promo materials.)

  6. Had one stolen off my Ford e450 work van. Called around and most places.were $4000 give or take. Calgary muffler carline was around $1100. They also sprayed the new convertor orange and mentioned it has helped in the past

  7. Forgive me for asking what I'm sure is obvious but if I go and spray orange spray paint all over my CC, would that deter thieves then?

  8. According to the shop, it deter thieves, by making it something bright and noticeable as they're trying to steal it. They also mentioned that stamping your Vin number on the CC can at least make it traceable. And possibly help catch people

  9. But couldn't that be buffed or scratched out?

  10. Me and my friends always call that Dead Horse Lake because of a rumor that went around when I was younger that midway through the summer the rotting corpse of a dead horse was found in it. Any truth to that story or was it just one of those tales kids tell eachother?

  11. I heard its a complete rumor but wasn't there a body a few years ago where the poor guy drowned and they took a few days to find him... yeahhh I know its emptied and refilled but just the idea of "what don't we know is down there" is too much to bare.

  12. Love the fetus, hate the child. You can’t terminate something in your own body but by golly you can sure abuse it, starve it, beat it and shoot it once it’s born with no problem. ‘Murica, indeed.

  13. There's so many sick stories in this thread about child abuse cases that will make you physically sick, but hey at least we are carrying on with God's work.

  14. Finally some street art I can get behind!

  15. Every time I think he’s done pooping there’s another wet fart.

  16. So basically a "shart"? Lol my LO has them alot

  17. Current on week 3. She’s able to fall asleep totally independently. Some crying though. She sleeps for 23 minutes. Military precision. I’m doing everything every book has ever recommended

  18. I laugh at "military precision" because I can relate 100%. My LO has yet to even exceed 2 minutes in fluctuation for her 30 minute naps so I get the reference.

  19. I know this is subjective based on the individual but here is a few things

  20. Surprising MVPs: foot mutt for the stroller, Moby wrap for naps, an easy to clean high chair (Stokke Tripp Trapp)

  21. I use my snuggle me religiously, my LO kicks and moves around that the snuggle me contains her perfectly. Plus I got mine used with covers for $100 and it's been an absolute life saver.

  22. Baby Jogger City Select has a bassinet option as well. The stroller itself is a tank, we love ours.

  23. What car seat do you use for your stroller?

  24. You must've tied an onion to your belt as well, which was the style at the time

  25. And quarters had bumble bees on them.

  26. Everything was about half the cost of here. We stayed in an air b n b with a nice pool and had a rental car for day trips.

  27. I feel like a dork asking this cliche question, but did you feel safe too? South America freaks me out quite a bit in terms of violence and corruption levels in most of the “northern” countries.

  28. It’s the one in the brown shake bottle! But here it’s only about $1 a container…

  29. It’s about $2-$3 CAD here but still a heck of slot cheaper than OP’s screenshot.

  30. I think she’s referring to the $800 not the $89

  31. I'm just wondering, in a situation like this, if that's your car, who do you contact to get it back? The tow truck likely doesn't leave a note behind.

  32. As someone who got my car towed because I had 2 unpaid Parking tickets, I legit thought it was stolen. But my first call was to the impound lot and they ran my plate and told me they had it. Next call would have been the police.

  33. Actually very true. I was running into the ocean (like couples do in movies) and I was immediately faced with mother nature. I felt as I stepped on it it’s tail whipped around my foot and stung me

  34. As someone who sadly lives the furthest from the ocean as humanely possible, what does it feel like when you got stung?

  35. You probably don’t wanna see that video where the chimp uses the frog as a sex toy.

  36. So when can us ladies expect an apology from “you men”? /s

  37. You were lucky enough not be born a man! What more do you want?

  38. Oh trust me, I praise the universe every. Single. Day.

  39. I buy the costco kirkland brand. They are about $10 cheaper than most boxes. Theres about 180 in a box and its made by the same company that makes huggies. I’ve compared and they are almost identical.

  40. Not sure if it’s the same across each province but in Calgary, the Kirkland are like $4 less than Huggies.

  41. There was a lady in the 80's that claimed dingos ate her baby but no one believed her

  42. I thought that was just a Simpsons joke!

  43. Not to be a Debbie downer but I know here in Alberta, Costco jacked the price up $6 before putting them on sale $10 off on their last sale. A lot of angry moms on my fb group because it came across as a marketing ploy. Keep an eye on your local store between now and the sale if you care enough about your dollar.

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