1. ‘I don’t want to essentially give into misogyny by allowing myself to be pushed out of being a woman because I don’t fit into what society thinks women are supposed to be’. Wow, so eloquently put. I really, really understand and I hear you. So much of unpacking gender identity and expression as a queer person is unpacking a lifetime of heteronormativity and a patriarchal society. I hope you settle on whatever feels right for you, but remember it’s a journey of self-discovery and you can take as long as you want to get there.

  2. Sorry that made you feel erased, that sucks. It’s possible the doctor uses partner for every couple, including heteros etc as other people have suggested. However I also think it’s their job to take the lead from your choice of language, so if your partner referred to you as wife on several occasions, the doctor should pick up on that and use it accordingly. Language and pronouns really do matter so I hear you OP!

  3. People love asking about controversial things from your country, probably just curiosity. As a Brit, I’m constantly asked about Brexit and why people voted for it. It’s very tiresome haha

  4. I got one from Mango online last year, the women’s section but it was pretty masc looking.

  5. 7. Valencia is the most cycle friendly city in spain, and almost completely flat. The absolute best way to see the city is by bike! Hire a bike in el Carmen (many places to do so, some by Torres de Serranos) and cycle through the Turia park, past the arts and sciences, down to the beach. A great way to spend a day! Bike hire is about 7-8 euros for the day with deals for 24/48hrs etc. Enjoy!

  6. Yes good shout! It’s cheap and super convenient, with bikes all around the city! However there are 2 downsides 1, the bikes are super heavy and not very nice to ride compared to a slick city bike that you can hire 2, parking by the beach is almost impossible, so you have to park really far away. All the spaces are taken from the morning so prepare to walk for half an hour!

  7. Afaik if you earn less than a certain amount you don't have to register as autonomo, but you do have to register with hacienda and pay iva. Get a gestor first, they'll guide you, and the first consultation with them might be free.

  8. Great, that’s what I was hoping to hear. Gracias por su ayuda :)

  9. Yes, I totally feel that! I have some close friends who know I struggle with dysphoria, and I was with them while I was getting dressed for for a wedding ( they werent going), and they gave me a TON of compliments. It was awesome and stayed with me the rest of the day at the wedding. I felt so much less socially anxious. Let your close buddies know you would appreciate some compliments. I think it helps even if strangers don't compliment.

  10. Happy to hear you got those compliments, I’m sure you looked awesome! Actually my close friends are great, they make me feel wonderful. It’s more acquaintances, strangers etc. and I know I shouldn’t care what they think, but of course when you hear them complimenting others and you feel really good in your clothes, it’s kinda sad to not get a shout out!

  11. I get compliments on my clothes and hair all the time from women and men alike. Maybe it's your dressing style?

  12. scrolling for a fellow sims player and finally found it

  13. Standing in my kitchen frantically waving my arms around because I both urgently need to pee and eat something, but I’m too far along to do either. I will most likely collapse in a heap on the floor and die soon.

  14. I’m in Spain and also having the same problem. Even brands with XS come up as quite big usually. Corte Ingles has good tees and stuff in the kids section, if you like surf/skate brands

  15. Tendré que probar Pull & Bear, gracias :)))

  16. This is the perfect example of how veganism is a journey! Don’t be hard on yourself, it was an honest mistake. We all make ‘em!

  17. That’s a really problematic question in some many ways.

  18. Normal ones. I’d like seeing more lesbians who have plot lines unrelated to queer struggles.

  19. This! Just lesbians being normal lesbians living normal lives pleaseeeeeeee

  20. Go to cafe de las horas in el Carmen for the best agua de Valencia and a great atmosphere! Russafa is a nice neighbourhood for bars and restaurants, it’s got a young vibe. Have you heard of Girl Gone International? Join the fb group for Valencia, loads of international women who would happily give advice and/or meet you for a drink!

  21. I like Hugo Boss ‘The Scent’. It’s a mens perfume but reasonably unisex scented I’d say. Certainly not flowery though! My gf loves it.

  22. The best advice a friend gave me to make mens’ swim trunks fit better is to cut out the lining inside. They’re so much more comfortable that way!

  23. Congrats! Ditching that and buying boxers is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. It feels amazing!

  24. As someone who’s never used make up or any products really, I have very good skin. Probably lucky genes too to be fair. But they always say washing your hair too much is bad for it. Surely the same can be applied to applying products full of chemicals to your skin?

  25. Yes! I’m 5’2. My girlfriend is only 5’5 but I wish I was taller than her!

  26. There’s a huge expat community in Valencia city itself, it has a real international vibe. There’s a Facebook group called Valencia expats which would be a good start!

  27. Because I hear men are really into lesbian porn

  28. Only when they go out of their way to clarify that they aren't a lesbian right after, especially when no one asked.

  29. Of course it’s not what I’m ‘most worried about’. Just something that occurred to me, especially as I’m thinking lately about how much language is unnecessarily gendered. To some people, that makes a huge difference.

  30. Found some in a department store, the brand is Espirit. Thanks all for your suggestions!

  31. You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off

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