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  1. “If she were a spice, she would be flour.”

  2. No it’s just a Back The Blue American Flag. Specifically The Thin Blue Line. Basically stating he is an officer and supports police work. Nothing more nothing less. I have buddies who are cops and they have them too.

  3. We’re talking about the flag to the left of that one.

  4. In Noblesville it was umbrella guy, wore all black and always had a black umbrella and afro

  5. Are you sure it’s not all brown he’s wearing because I definitely have seen this guy walking all the time but always think brown is so particular. 🤣

  6. I watched part of the WWHL with Natasha and Jason after the first few episodes and didn't like how she was trying to (to me) rewrite history with Dave. I do find it interesting after a season airs and you see how the cast divides.

  7. Totally agree about Natalya- thought I wasn’t going to like her, and now I’m always on her side.

  8. I will randomly wake up with this song in my head.

  9. Been there several times, place is ALWAYS bumping.

  10. They also do fur cleaning and storage. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  11. I know it’s not popular here but I for one will definitely be making it to more games if they do this

  12. Came here to say this. I get that the State Fair grounds are centrally located and therefore more accessible to more people but I selfishly would rather go to Fishers… and this is coming from someone on the southeast side of Indy.

  13. Totally been there, it is so tough and almost impossible to prepare for. I know it’s hard when you’re deep in the newborn trenches to see outside of it, but I promise even a couple weeks from now you’ll look back and see how far you’ve both come. 💕 Of course, be honest with your GP about all your feelings and get all the help and resources available to you- but absolutely know you are not alone in these feelings and this stage.

  14. The first time I saw this scene, my heart. F I N A L L Y.

  15. I did not know that about Madeleine myself, she does look a bit more mature than the rest though.

  16. Like, teenagers can’t have breasts and hips? Weird.

  17. There’s a noticeable difference between curves on a teenager who hit puberty early and a fully developed 24 year old woman. Yeah teenagers can have breasts and hips, but there are some physiological changes women go through in their early 20s that just are not seen in teenagers.

  18. While I don’t disagree with you, if they were worried about Liza (a secondary character during Chilton episodes) and her body not passing for a teenager.. but also hiring 24-27 year olds for several teenage roles.. then I would say they should let that go 🤣

  19. In the same boat. My 15mo has been using sippy cups and straws for months but we just got scolded for using bottles at his last checkup.

  20. I’m a full-time WFH employee and SAHM, so I am 100% multitasking all day except during nap time. Sometimes Bluey is the only way I can get my little Velcro toddler to do his own thing. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  21. Harry Potter for me too! I would kill to read these books for the first time again

  22. One of the things I look forward to most in my life is reading Harry Potter books with my son when he's older and experiencing the magic with him.

  23. Jamie shouldn’t be telling the crew that he disagrees with the Captain’s orders. That’s insubordination. I lost all respect for him for doing that.

  24. 100%. Never talk about shit about your boss to people that call you boss.

  25. Mine is keeping a laundry basket in the back of my car. Load it with groceries or shopping bags and carry all of it in at one go instead of juggling bags on your arms. I will say this was a lifesaver when my son was still in his infant car seat and I needed to carry him and all the stuff after shopping.

  26. It keeps the foods separated so further down the line kids don’t like foods touching and will start to reject foods served on the same plate without dividers.

  27. Can confirm. Anecdotal, but my parents gave me divided plates as a kid and I wouldn't let food touch each other until my late 20s. I could use non-divided plates but food touching just freaked me out. My parents only recently got rid of their divided plates they kept for me.

  28. I had to look up the yellow backpack because some of the comments here lol. I remember those being cool in the early 2000s when I was in middle school. 😉

  29. As a mom of four ages 14 years to 6 months, I can tell you from my own experience that there are periods of time where you're just like "god I hate everything about this." I can't speak for everyone but for me there are phases where I don't like my kids very much. It feels absolutely worrisome and depressing when you're in the thick of it. I once had a two year old and a newborn. It was rough. Luckily everything is temporary. As with all things, these tough times will pass.

  30. This made me cry! So well said.

  31. Right there with you. I’m 14 months in and I have lost my identity with no idea of when that’ll come around again. I am a SAHM and a full time WFH employee (yes, it’s as hard as it sounds). When 5pm comes around and I can shut my office down for the day, it’s already bedtime routine. I maybe get 2-3 hours a night to decompress and be an adult without a kid. Within that, I still have to work on and maintain my relationship too so it’s not all just “me” time. Then the 5 am screaming wake-up comes around again and it starts all over. It is TOUGH to be a parent.

  32. If not for my partner and my family, I would have killed myself a long time ago. They are literally what I live for, and I can’t tell them that because they would worry about me so much.

  33. Right there with you. I was so, so tired of existing. I decided years ago I was going to wait until my parents died (only child) because I didn’t want to ruin the last years of their life. It was just a matter of fact that I would do it and that would be that. The day I had two lines on a pregnancy test, I felt immediately tethered to the ground in a good way. Now almost two years later, if anything happened to my son, I wouldn’t be able to wait.

  34. I was in a store, holding a box of diapers. Woman said "whoa are you OK? You look like you're going to pop any moment!"

  35. I don’t care how pregnant someone looks- people, especially strangers, don’t get to say shit about other people’s bodies. I would have to walk away to stop myself from whopping a stranger.

  36. Baby girl was barely a month old when it was my birthday. (For context she is mixed and i am so pale my skin reflects the sun). I went to Starbucks to get my birthday drink because mommy damn well deserved it. While waiting for my drink, some old guy comes up and says "oh, where did you get that one? Africa I suppose" I looked at him and said "I don't know sir, where do you think I got her?" In my most customer service voice and showed him a picture of myself and my kids dad. His eyes bugged and he made tracks towards the door.

  37. It blows my mind that someone could say something so fucking stupid and rude out loud.

  38. I read this as Morey, as in Babbette's husband..and thought hmm, that's a weird opinion lol.

  39. Dean wasn't AS bad as many people say

  40. Definitely agree. At the beginning of the series, he was a teenage boy... acting possessive and jealous and lovesick as teenage boys do. Not sure what else to expect!

  41. Is it a fight who gets to sleep under the skylight?

  42. Totally feel this way most days.

  43. All the time! I think “who was that baby? Surely not this strong willed 13 month old running around.”

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