1. The lotion works great for me too, but I was referring to the cream in this comment, if I remember correctly.

  2. Low rise jeans. I spent the 2000s worrying my butt crack will be visible when I sit down.

  3. I also sleep w a tampon in, except I just wake up once in the middle of the night to change it. I’d do the same w pads so I don’t mind, sleeping w tampons is more comfortable.

  4. loving the advice about changing your boyfriend’s face😭

  5. Powder foundation, mascara and lip gloss (all maybelline). Takes 30 seconds and makes it look like I put effort. Maybe some blush if I’m feeling it (sugar)

  6. During lockdown was bored and went down the YouTube rabbit hole. Was watching some random ass video without less than 500 views and this guy had commented the most hilarious comment I had ever read. I made a reference of a Tv show, which he understood and replied back, we had a small convo there and shared our Instagram usernames. Turns out he lived in Mumbai itself. We went on a date and now have been together for like 3 years.

  7. I found love in college, but we have different aims in life so we have to part our ways. Now let’s see where life takes me, you never know when you end up meeting someone

  8. why does awful behaviour get justified by CH trauma

  9. As someone with an ex abusive father, a childhood where my parents abandoned me and 3 divorce cases of my parents, you cannot blame childhood trauma for your actions. Both my brother and I grew up to be kind, good human beings, and our childhoods taught us to be more mature and understanding. It has in fact helped us become better people. Yes there are some aspects where we may be difficult, but such things are never justified. My parents cheated, which means that I shall never ever do it because I know the consequences.

  10. Hey! Can you please drop a brief review on the Neemli tranexamic acid if possible?

  11. 10% Tranexamic, 2% Alpha Arbutin. V watery, spreads A LOT. You literally need 2 tiny drops for the whole face. Frag free but has a lot of fruit extracts so has a scent. Pleasant imo. I have really slow healing skin. It works but it works slowly. And PIH is like my top concern so I always keep a non exfoliating serum in my routine that targets the same. This was the most potent and comfortable one that I found. So I personally really enjoy this serum. In terms of results, since my skin is slow healing, I’ll need time to come to a conclusion later on.

  12. Thank you for the review ❤️ I have PIH concerns too, so this seems like a great option.. may i know your skin type please?

  13. I have combination acne prone skin. Oily T zone, dry cheeks :)

  14. Interested in mocha madness and glazed brown. How much would you quote for those? Also, mocha madness and toffee brown look very very similar. How different do you think those are?

  15. Hey, sorry....already sold glazed brown and have an interested buyer for mocha madness.

  16. Ahahaha no, because someone is joining my team next week and i was wondering if it's you lol. Because I'm also a technical writer 😂😂

  17. Oh hehe. 5 students from my campus have been selected. So if it were us, a herd of clueless students is pretty evident from a distance 😂

  18. my skin care routine is very simple. i use a dove body lotion on my face acts as a moisturiser and cleanser then for exfoliation i rub a loofah on my face

  19. Experimenting with too many products knowing I have sensitive and reactive skin. It’s more important to have happy skin than to be using the next hyped product. I am now happy with my non-skinfluencer approved but my skin approved skincare products, and so is my skin :)

  20. Just a tip that my teachers gave when I gave my boards: only use ball point pen. Boards ke papers gunny bags mein examiners ke paas jaate hain. Additionally, while they are checked, there is water, chai, samose what not on the examiners desk. One spill of water and whatever you wrote with gel pen is gone. Ball pens don’t do that. I know this is reaching too much however don’t take a chance and use a ball pen.

  21. Ice and cold aloe gel. Soon after, you can use colour correctors. Green to hide redness, peach/orange for darkness. My father was very physically abusive towards my brother and mentally abusive to me. Don’t worry OP, you’ll get through this situation. All strength to you. My DMs are open if you need to vent.

  22. I think one day per cycle (so around 13-14 days a year) is something that can be looked into. If it limits opportunities for women then at least start off with an option to work from home on those days.

  23. Tampons and liners. Reusable period underwear for the night.

  24. Clots during periods are normal. However, this does seem like an endometriosis clot to me (these clots are comparatively bigger than the ones that consist of normal lining shedding). It would be better if you visit a professional for more clarity. Also because they will be able to judge better from the size (I can’t tell from the picture). But do keep in mind that jelly like clots with no blood (or dried up blood) are normal, albeit smaller. It’s just the tissue from the lining that sheds during periods.

  25. Is the price negotiable? Also, I’d like to know the expiry date, if mentioned.

  26. To everyone complaining about the prices: they are quite similar to the prices in the US. Not exactly same, but within the same range.

  27. The US website has $25 off $50 often so it’s 50% off

  28. Can’t really expect that from Nykaa tbh, but I hope the brand brings in good discounts :(

  29. Me reading this with the Vaseline 400ml bottle in my hand (yes, this suits my face and is great for when I’m super broke!)

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