AITA for uninviting my recently widowed brother to a family event?

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  1. We have plenty of friends but we see them on a monthly basis as opposed to weekly

  2. That's hardly surprising is it? Most people go for several times a week. Daily would be awfully tiring.

  3. He may see that as being broke. it really depends on the comparatives. I (due to parental death) went through proper poverty in my late teens after having a very privileged early life, my husband is from a 'proper rich' family. To my husband, when we first met, not being able to go to a restaurant twice a week meant you were badly off. To me being badly off meant you could not afford food. His idea of poor and my idea of poor were completely different.

  4. The Honourable X is just the equivalent of Lady X—it’s used by sons of aristocrats who aren’t in line to inherit anything and also by heirs of those who don’t hold any lesser titles for them to use

  5. Class in the UK then (and now) is not related to how much money you have or a need to work but rather the family you come from. All of Mary's suitors except Matthew were from the aristocracy and were gentlemen whether they had a title or not. Matthew was upper middle-class as he was the son of a Doctor. Bertie was a gentleman and a member of the aristocracy due to his family.

  6. I'm not now but I was single for a long time. It was due to not meeting anyone who i liked and found interesting enough, I preferred to stay single than to spend time with a man who I did not click with on every level.

  7. Oh yes, I do! When hubby goes out for a pint or 3 the student pasta is dinner as does the binging of sex and the city

  8. Yeah, but nearly every hot woman over 40 has had work done. Nothing wrong with it, but not a realistic beauty standard. Same thing with hot men over 40. They're usually on something.

  9. Rachel has definitely had work done. Botox at least. Kate is not gorgeous.

  10. I'm sorry, Kate Winslet is not gorgeous? You may need an eye test. And Rachel has not had work done - she's quite openly against it and is clearly aging gracefully.

  11. Yes, I have several and my husband has female friends. But only with complete clarity. Why didn't your husband know about tge plans in advance?

  12. will do next time. Busy days prior & this was not a priority to talk about for me. But I see it will be next time...

  13. Why is sharing your plans with your spouse not a priority? Surely it's a normal part of marital communication?

  14. No accidents. All planned. My attitude changed as I went through life - same as it does with many people.

  15. I'm late 30s and my husband is late 40s, how much older do we need to get? My childfree uncle is 68 and not regretful yet so should he expect regret to kick in at 70?

  16. Because only Harry killed Voldemort (even if he didn't really - semantics), and the wizarding world only know about Harry.

  17. Then Harry needs to get something over the Merlin First Class. Hermione and Ron gave up a great deal and risked their lives on multiple occasions for this mission - heck Hermione was tortured and Ron was almost maimed - and they undoubtedly deserve the highest honour that Wizarding Society can give. Wizarding politics should hopefully realise that they are still alive down to those 3 17 year olds.

  18. Lots of people got tortured in the war. Neville got punished for 'not' torturing first years. It was a bad time, and lots of people stepped up, going above and beyond.

  19. Hermione and Ron are not everyone. They are the trusted two who were with Harry all the way. Besides, you think there is a single chance that the Saviour of the Wizard ingredients World would permit the two who were with him from the start to not get the equivalent award? Not a chance.

  20. My parents definitely know because the first time I was in the hospital I was out of town and I was a day late getting back because I wound up in the hospital. My stomach had been weird-ish for a few months but I kinda ignored it cause nothing major. But during that trip, I was TOTALLY FINE, went to bed and my stomach woke me up in the middle of the night. I couldn’t stop vomiting until paramedics showed up 6 hours later and gave me a shot of a medication they usually give to chemo patients. I needed 6 bags of IV fluids. I’ve never been so sick in my life. ER doctor said that I was so severely dehydrated by the time I got to the hospital that if I’d waited any longer my organs would have been shutting down.

  21. So get busy working on that. Tell your mom you will see her and your dad another time. Tell your friends you were bummed out when you realized you wouldn't have a Thanksgiving this year and are going to have your own. Then make up the guest list for your Friendsgiving. Whether you do the whole menu or make it a potluck, I guarantee you it will result in a much happier memory for you.

  22. THIS! I, very sadly, had to remove my mother from my life due to her toxic behaviour and I was so worried about things like Christmas and the like - turns out not having that stress around my neck turned these events from stressful times where I was niggled at to joyful events that were so lovely!

  23. Edith desperately needed to be out of the scope of Mary to come properly into who she was herself - not who she was in comparison to Mary. She blossomed once she wasn't there. Marrying Strallen would have simply kept her there. Plus she would never have met the glorious Bertie who she is living her best life with.

  24. It means something along the lines of "I envy your naivety about the horrors of the US healthcare system, and if that surprises you just wait until you hear about the cost of medications, pre-existing conditions, ER visits, and, of course, childbirth."

  25. Ah I see. Thanks! I've heard stories but I didn't think if you had insurance you still had to pay more!

  26. Yta. She is an adult, financially stable woman in a settled relationship - how exactly is she not setting a fantastic example to her siblings?

  27. YTA. Stop being so self absorbed. The video isn't about you, it's about their grandchild. You're a background character in the video. Literally no one is paying attention to you nor are they interested. The video is 100% about the baby, their grandchild. Focus on that and stop thinking about yourself because it's narcissistic AH behavior.

  28. It is a video of her, in the most vulnerable state. Of course its about her!

  29. I like and dislike Hermione in equal measure because I am very like her - the good and the bad!

  30. YTA. Oh no...there might be an awkward silence, that's so much more important than supporting a bereaved sibling (!)

  31. YTA. Please be fake. Please! Otherwise you have just become every childs worst nightmare.

  32. Business manager and accountant in the construction industry, On £40K per annum in the south west of the UK. Very happy with my job.

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