1. That is theft, change the price of the products. Wtf

  2. We gonna rock down to meth avenue, and then we'll take it higher.

  3. Did you replace the olives, barbs and fittings when you did the caliper replacements? If you didn't, that could be the problem. An incorrect bleed sometimes can mess up the seal around the piston as well.

  4. Sorry I am not versed in the english clumbing lingo, blow tips ? holes in the tips? Is that a technical problem on my side? Does the first part of your answer mean I can use them?

  5. No need to apologize my dude! Your shoes will work! Until you get into the performance side of climbing, a shoe us a shoe. It doesn't matter what it's label is. Yes I mean holes in the tips of your shoe. When starting out your footwork won't be so great, so the rubber will probably wear faster. Happy sending! Climb on

  6. Any tips how to prevent that? That is what happened to my previous two pairs. Also the shoes have a cornered sole in the front instead of a round tip so I am a bit worried about the grip on small grips.

  7. Keep practicing footwork, in time your tips will las longer. Or get a shoe with stiffer rubber, but they won't have the same feeling. The rubber is designed to wear, if you find a shoe that fits you well and you can enjoy. Maybe think about getting your shoes resoled before the rubber wears to far.

  8. Race Forever Alley Cat. It was fantastically thought out and very inclusive! Thank you to the critical mass folks for putting so much effort into the event for RICE.

  9. I road down last night to check out the work that was done to mitigate flooding near sandcastle. Good job everyone who had a hand in that! It's super cool to see, I'm grateful to be able to start rides from the city without fear of soggy bibs all day even when it isn't raining.

  10. To Breezewood? Did you take the turnpike?

  11. Yes to breezewood! No to the turnpike except for the 10 miles of abandoned turnpike. I used bicycle route S which are generally slower roads.

  12. How was the journey? How long did it take? I bet a Sheetz app sampler at the end of that trip would feel like a five star meal

  13. My friends and I referred to the ride as a tour de sheetz! The journey was incredible. I grew up in Eastern pa and now reside in the west and it felt so nice to see the state so much slower.

  14. I built one in my shop that came misaligned front dropouts. The wheel sat and spun no problem, just completely off kilter. If a consumer would have built it they would have probably had no concern. So jenky.

  15. Fuck whoever says baseball card pinned to your spokes.

  16. I hope to fuck you're not touching it if you're asking this question.

  17. I'm baffled at the people thinking this is innovative.

  18. My dog trainer has reccomended bringing my dog into home depot, but in small increments to build up to being completely in control in a large loud environment such as home depot. They didn't reccomend going full on shopping at home depot with the regard to the dog, if the dog is there she becomes the only focus point.

  19. I snap it in half and peel from the middle. It's the best way to ensure it isn't overripe, for it won't snap if it is too soft.

  20. Or any other digital communication that isn't a treat throwing machine with a camera?

  21. It is missing a leg on both sides. Sometimes like many people with diabetes, legs get amputated for a reason or another. When they molt the next time if there is a next time, they can grow them back.

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