AITA for cancelling the trip after my fiancee decided to bring her 10 yr.o son with us?

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

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AITA for giving my dad his money back in front of his other kids and telling him he was no longer welcome at my graduation?

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AITA for ignoring an autistic guy on my flight?

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  1. If that’s the case then I think it’s reasonable, if slightly wrong. (We did solve their problems after all. The least he could do is hear us out.)

  2. what if the people in the village saw but didnt care?

  3. I noticed that and that was weird but it could've been that people mightve thought that since he triggered your trauma that you saw him as a um.. person who would do such a horrible act? That's my guess as to why the downvotes, personally I thought you were saying more like his behavior set you off cause of what you've gone through. I think and well hope it was more of a misunderstanding than strangers being cruel. But I can't know for sure what was going on in their heads can only guess and I am relatively new at actually wandering and interacting on reddit. But that asides.. Try to not take it to heart, its rough but chances are it was just a misunderstanding. You just wanted to vent your experience and theres nothing wrong with that.

  4. yea. i started feeling really uncomfortable mid-game and sure enough he did that. i wasnt saying he was a pedo or anything, i was just saying that the uneasiness turned into a full on trigger. i had to step away from the game for a few days, as i was sleep deprived as well.

  5. all my close friends who are “boy moms” arent this bad…. they just share the thing where if the dad has a gun pointing at their son, he needs to expect you to point it at his daughter.

  6. My brother used to "tease" me, all the time (5 years older than me), eventhough it hurt my feelings and many other things if I got sad or anything I was not able to take a joke. well when I was old enough and fed up of the crap I started to do some "teasing" of my own. Guess what happenned? The offended party (him) was pissed and complained about me 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but it stopped there and then!

  7. my aunt and my grandmother is the exact same way with my cousin….. everyone on my dads side hates the shit-head.

  8. NTA Your stepson has an obvious resentment & is an AH. Wife is also a bit clueless and also an AH. It must be hard to even be around the stepson, and I suspect that's what the kid wants.

  9. I’ll do my best for my people. I never wanted to be just a shining set of stars. I just wanted to shine in your hearts.

  10. i used to live right under orions belt in my hometown….. i havent looked since i moved back, tho.

  11. especially when the air bnb owner is a literal creep

  12. My husband was really bad with me and that relationship was really toxic, it's been years now but I still can't forget about it so i don't understand why my own family and friends are telling me to get over it, it's not easy

  13. honey, please, get some therapy. it will help immensely. also, NTA.

  14. NTA, play stupid games win stupid prizes, Thomas.

  15. bay county: is it a meth lab explosion or is it some stupid tourist

  16. I'm in Winter Haven and the ren for a Studio/Efficiency apartment in this area is around $1000. It's insane. I am glad I'm no longer a renter, but I don't know how people can afford rent and still have money leftover.

  17. i live in subsidized housing and i dont have any money left over after i pay rent, bills, etc. all of the extra money i get goes to food and toiletries. i feel for yall who cant get into some type of government program…. the way everything is increasing in price is awful.

  18. I’m fine with music at a volume that can be heard for five to ten feet, no more

  19. I agree. The last time I went to the beach, we picked a spot away from everyone, some guy and his partner came up and started blaring reggae music and had the nerve to look our way and "joke" he should charge us for listening to his music.

  20. almost all of OP’s replies were downvoted and i cant see them

  21. i havent been able to beat miramon 5 let alone 6

  22. another counterpoint: Sordward and Shielbert

  23. the subreddit is literally called “tiktok gossip.” he sounds like a pos human…. but goddamn some of yall here are so ignorant that most people cant tell if youre trolling or not. yall are just mad that OP called him out and gave multiple reasons as to why they did so.

  24. NTA. please stay safe— “Fear Thy Neighbor” episode in the making.

  25. I named my regular Mac, and my shiny Cheese. I always get a kick out of people’s different nicknames.

  26. its a start, but like everyone else here stated: add more veggies. broccoli, tomatoes, red onions, purple onions, radishes (yes, it sounds like it wouldnt work, but it does.) and yes the key is in fact yummy dressings!

  27. No offense dude but it costs me hundreds to get an official diagnosis for ADHD, depression and anxiety and it made exactly zero difference in the amount of people who believe i have any of it.

  28. in most of the subreddits im in ((that are for people with autism)) we always say something along the lines of “being autistic doesnt give you an excuse to be a creep.”

  29. I'm yet to meet someone who is autistic, or mentally, socially disabled at all that gave me creepy vibes.

  30. 100% manipulation. OP didnt have the energy and he kept pushing her.

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