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Rogue One is the definition of a true “Star Wars” film. I would love to see more “war” focused Star Wars films.

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  1. Not really, look at Chinese,polish,Philippine,Mexican, basically all of South American, and North Korean history

  2. The only reason for the death of iron man was captain Marvel. If she had come early and destroyed the ships then Wanda would have killed Thanos

  3. what is funny is that everybody cheered when thanos punched captain marvel. for a breif moment, thanos was a hero.

  4. If you bothered to read the Army Books its there. The Dwarfs have tried to set up colonies in the Mountains of Mourn and so far, all have been eaten.

  5. I love in the last screenshot one of the reasons given why the Punisher would win is simply “male”

  6. when you take the joke so far the corporations try to capitalize off it

  7. even if you wanted to argue any of those shots are proof Snyder is a “good” director the montage is so fast I can’t even fuckin register what’s on the screen before it’s gone

  8. Ugh, some people never see those reposts y'know, let them post, so that others may laugh too.

  9. And I made this one this morning too. I don’t think this song has ever been used for this image

  10. Is it reposting if it’s the same picture with different music? I’ve seen the same image with different songs multiple times do well on this sub.

  11. “What a Mortar may lack in sheer stopping power compared to cannons, it makes up with pure vicious, explosive destruction.”

  12. I wouldn’t say it’s the definition of a Star Wars film. It’s actually very specifically the odd one out, which isn’t a bad thing, but I’d say the mainline films are really where you’d get that definition from.

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