1. I'm looking for one from Fortnite radio that has a chorus that goes, "Oh this drink is making me fancy." Then it repeats the word fancy in reverb/autotune a few times. It's a house or dubstep song.

  2. hey lol, i came across this post bc i was looking for the same song. not sure if u found it already but its called fancy by xie

  3. Use the jack on your Xbox controller,

  4. im trying to avoid connecting to the controller haha, thank you though

  5. omg. i once experienced a glitch where if i won scopa the game would freeze and the win wouldn't register. but u needed to win a game against enrico to continue........ i played so many hours of this before accepting my fate 😭

  6. Like Enrico’s “you need to grab the ten card before you grab the seven and three” type thing?

  7. i havent played this game in so long yet i could still hear this clearly

  8. Haha spoken like someone who doesn't work in a large gaming company. You clearly don't know what goes on behind closed doors.

  9. Is this your way of asking for my employee ID? 🤣🤣. Didn't even take me out to dinner first.

  10. say less, and then how do you find out why the player count dropped? believe me i didnt think u worked for blizzard

  11. The opposite. She was used as a TR example for a long time until Kibbe said she absolutely wasn't one and she's been a hotly debated celeb since

  12. how many people has he said this about?? i've heard this about rachel, doja cat, christina aguilera. and without any hint in the right direction 😩

  13. i agree with the others that the length is not great! but its a fun cute dress

  14. i think a lot of infps can be insecure when speaking which might make others feel awkward or tend to overlook us. we even tend to make our presence small to pass under the radar. it's a gift when you don't want attention, but when speaking you have to be confident, assertive and follow through with what you're saying (don't let someone cut you off). use hand gestures to signal that you're speaking, hold eye contact, speak clearly etc. basically be louder in body + voice. i've learned to sort of just shout something or someone's name to get their attention before saying what i need to say lol (but i had to accept myself first!!)

  15. infp and was wondering if i could be sg when i came across this post so ty for the confirmation (jk... unless) also my enfp best friend is fg??!

  16. my immediate reaction was DC! he looks so balanced and i actually think his face fits very well with verified C men. but i think D family works well too!

  17. I think there is an episode of Buffy the vampire slayer with this plot. Season 2 episode 2 I think (bridge of Frankenstein)

  18. i was thinking this!! some kid was making the perfect frankenbride for his brother who he brought back to life. the brother & mom were obsessed with football so that could be the physical exercise part in op's post?

  19. I think a discerning eye would recognize that Kylian looked awesome in the FN outfit, I do think it’s helpful to see real world examples of people wearing outfits of the ID.

  20. the problem is w/ stating your opinions as facts - first you're assuming that it's an FN outfit, then you're assuming that because he looks good = he is FN, like it's just a coat that anyone could look fine in

  21. don't really see any width, my first guess was DC but after taking a second look i can also see the argument for G fam

  22. Well do it and quit moaning about it. Honestly, I'm so sick of these posts about how they're gonna quit overwatch. If you don't want to play it anymore don't, it's only a game, no need to make a big song and dance about it.

  23. you people in these comments are so reductive, this is a serious cultural problem and it's important to talk about. these takes are so harmful

  24. Serious culture problem? Dude if you want to stop playing a game then stop playing it. Don’t announce you are quitting. Literally no one cares.

  25. if you can't comprehend the argument then this post isn't for you and idk why ur mad lol. high school mindset thinking that this was some dramatic quitting announcement

  26. i don't think she's a snob at all, i think she grew up with a lot of pressure to always be the best and also in the shadow of melissa so she feels like she needs to contribute her knowledge. but she's still humble about it imo

  27. i chose spencer because i think her intelligence seems the most believable and well-rounded, mona is just written as a literal genius so they don't have to explain anything. even sometimes with spencer im like ok u guys are pushing it... but she at least is shown as someone who works hard to be knowledgable

  28. it's more nuanced than that, it presents the interactions between phenomena and the natural world to reflect reality, society, psychology, etc. magic and the natural world operate in a symbiotic relationship, and in magical realism these planes bleed together. essentially, intangible concepts act through tangible forms/physical laws, so a character's rage for example might manifest something strange in the real world. magical realism is intrinsically metaphorical because it deals with life's contradictions and presents a physical embodiment of something formless


  30. It’s alway fun to punch the Hampter around after he dies.

  31. like the other comment said, it will be more expensive without the battle pass. so it really just comes down to whether or not it's something you would actually purchase

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