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  1. started the game in the same month and same year... I remember to the date too 10 Oct 2019, 4 days after my birthday (probably a "didn't ask" incoming"

  2. Gene is actually not that good because of his slow reload speed and so many assasins if you use vengeful spirits then you can't counter them and if you use lamp blowout you can't steal kills. Knockout, duo showdown , brawl ball , gem grab and bounty are his best modes

  3. i agree, he isn’t perfect for the gamemode. but i think he plays quite well against assassins. he damage is solid and once he charges is super, extra damage yay. ppl dont expect u to have spirit slap in that gamemode, so they think they can outlast 3 shots. but they dont. if they start running away u just go pewpew and the smaller projectiles charge up ur super. if theyre at around 1000 health vengeful spirits kills them.

  4. bro he is at r18 💀 i main him that's why i am saying

  5. that looks too good to be drawn on paper also the drawing idea is original! Take my upvote

  6. Vengeful spirits is best for gene in minecart madness and shooting star etc. And gales twister is good i wouldnt like it go away

  7. he pushed in 3vs3. look at the second picture

  8. yea.. but posts complaining about other posts are also abundant in this subreddit can be applied to this post as well.

  9. stop crying over edgar using thumbs down on you, grow up kid

  10. hey can you do gene :) i really want others to also appreciate him

  11. My favourite skin is sandy koya it's just too cute and the super constilation is mind blogging

  12. Imagine trying to get imaginary numbers on a screen go up using a person's death

  13. Pretty.... basic art i'd say, i get you would try to be defensive but ok

  14. It doesn't matter if it's "original" when it's already in the game

  15. No it doesn't, I can guarantee someone else already had the idea

  16. ok but without any proof no one's going to believe you if u ain't believing him

  17. i thought of this earlier but later realised it would be exploited with alt accounts

  18. On the topic of crow, one crow skin leaves you poisoned but it looks exactly like Belle's shot so when they are both on a team my mind breaks a little.

  19. Actually when a showdown game was starting i saw a white crow so it looked like Colette i can identify when they are moving but when it stands still..

  20. The game wasn't even close one teammate left so it was a 2v3

  21. ?? At least he has 10k 3v3 wins which is more skill than hiding in a bush like a coward (you)

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