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  1. You know, if unions weren’t effective then employers wouldn’t fight against them…

  2. Right? I am a union teacher making over $90,000 a year with full health benefits and a pension. No one gave that to us. Our union had to fight for that. I belong to the largest teacher's union in the country and my dues are no where near $55 a month. I think I pay around $270 a year and it is worth every penny.

  3. I have the elf cammo color corrector in green and was surprised how well it worked.

  4. There are 2 Buffalo’s. The city and the suburbs. Those who choose to live in the city proper are a much different group of people than those who live out in the burbs. I often find it funny how people say they hated it here and left, but eventually moved back. They grew up in the suburbs. But now they live in the city and love it.

  5. I love when kids say like slang or inappropriate terms and then go “do you even know what that is?” IM 25 I KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS I HAVE INTERNET CONNECTION IN MY HOME DUDE

  6. Ah ha! A student called me a “Becky” and I laughed and told her she is using it wrong!

  7. I live in America and have never seen or heard of one of these.

  8. Everything I am reading is true about long-term relationships, BUT you are 27 and not attracted to him? That is not ok. I dated my husband for 5 years before we married (I was 26) and I still think he is attractive and have sexual attraction for him (married 27 years).

  9. It glitched for me 2 days ago. For a company they really wants you to use the app, it has big issues.

  10. It’s different for everyone, but I think that for a lot of Woodstock boomers, the banner said peace and love but the motivation was purely self absorbed.

  11. This one is trivial, but I effing HATE them....awards shows. A bunch of rich elites sitting around tooting their own horns, giving themselves awards and making what they do seem important because they make tons of money doing it. Absolute garbage.

  12. Even if it was posted, they are going to hire who they want. It is favoritism. It is the way of the world.

  13. Dance party with carpet. Vacuum until it falls asleep. If it is still sleeping after 72 hours, you killed it.

  14. Because your face kind of "melts" as you age and the plumpness afforded by these fat pads is what makes one look youthful.

  15. Yep! They will all need to get some sort of fillers or implants to counteract. Really a short-term solution that causes future problems.

  16. Ulta I literally spent $300 there yesterday 😒

  17. This reminds me of Bed, Bath and Beyond, Michaels, JoAnn's etc......It is almost foolish to purchase anything at these stores unless it is on sale or you have a coupon. It is like giving money away. I would be furious if I were you. If they had good customer service like Macy's, they would give you the points if you ask.

  18. I got it but it says my coupon was already used. 😭 the last time I used a 10 off 40 was in December.

  19. Try again with a different CS rep, they should be able to see your order history and know you haven't gotten your free gift.

  20. When I placed my order over the weekend, I made sure to spend enough to get this, because I was close anyway. Based on the picture, I assumed I would be receiving at least a mini concealer and a mini tinted moisturizer. Literally all I received were the cardboard shade range from each company, with the tiniest amount of product, just to shade match. The two “tube” items shown are not in there at all. Was I naive or was this shady advertising?

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