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  1. Did you get a full set of claws in the thigh too?? She's lucky she's cute! 😋

  2. Dude mine is currently laying in the crook of my leg being cute as fuck but imma have to get up and she's not going to be happy. Pray for me!

  3. Because if you don’t buy it, they’ll find some other way. Speaking from my own experience as a teenage girl constantly told no because we were too poor/my mum didn’t believe in “vanity” (yet didn’t have an appropriate understanding of what was vanity and what was medical necessity and it still pisses me off)

  4. “Because of you don’t buy it, they’ll find some other way.”

  5. The plane caught fire after a collision with a vehicle (a firetruck) during takeoff. Another firetruck (the irony) that wasn’t the one the plane collided with while zooming through it’s takeoff sprayed foam on the plane to put out the fire. Some of the foam is on his face.

  6. It still took me a while not to see a beach here.

  7. How is that Š pronounced in Špania? As if it were Spania?

  8. type it into google translator choose Slovak language on both sides and click on the sound icon, that should spell it out for you

  9. Oh! I never thought of doing that. Thanks for the tip! This photo makes me want to go there.

  10. Im a crisis worker, and what we are watching is hard to watch, but also was an appropriate response. People that dont work in this field have no idea about what can happen in these situations. I often time go with police to serve 302’s. These cops did everything by the book. Tried to de-escalate, but eventually you have to fufill a legal order and bring her to a hospital. They went from least restrictive (verbal de-escalation, to physical hold, to taser as last resprt)

  11. I am not a cop or a crisis worker. I am someone with a mental illness. I am prone to rage and have had to be restrained on more than one occasion from simple defiance alone, much like this woman was defiant.

  12. Thank you for your suggestion! I’ll look more into it😄

  13. Tbf, I am a complete novice and I could be completely off. I have seen multicoloured calcite though and they’re beautiful but I don’t know anything about the location or formation of them. I hope you figure it out. Ten years is a long time to wonder. Good luck! ☺️

  14. Adding onto/complementing LosNava’s tip: Go listen to “You’re gonna miss this” by Trace Adkins. Take it to heart.

  15. I find it incredible just how there are so many moments in life that seem to drag on forever but others are like the blink of an eye.

  16. She did. And before her, Cassandra Clare did similar with The Draco Trilogy.

  17. Me too! I first use my bathroom lighting and then finish the job in the natural light of my living room

  18. and FINALLY you’ve got nice, cleanly plucked —

  19. Thank you! She really made me feel like I was the only one lol

  20. Definitely not the only one. I’m a reddish blonde and SOOO MANY. I think my eyebrows look good and then I hit a different lighting and look closer.. like wtf. WHERE DID YOU GUYS COME FROM? Nope. Excuse me, I’ll be using the other mirror now. Thanks, though.

  21. I know I’m not the only one dying to know if ScarJo STILL looks the exact same in 15 years?

  22. FlashFood app in my area of Canada has boxes like this for about $5 each. A local community supported agriculture place may also have reduced boxes, less likely now with Winter.

  23. Welcome! I keep putting off doing it because bussing across town sucks but I really should. They had an entire box full of pomegranates!

  24. Unfortunately, I’m closer to Toronto and Ottawa than Winnipeg. I’m gonna check it out anyways. Too bad though, we could have helped each other out! I’ve got a car, you know things. Win-win.

  25. “Please let there be be a Season 4 of The Witcher!”

  26. I laughed so hard at this. And then cried a little.

  27. Henry is the only reason I watch the Witcher. No-one will do Geralt better imo.

  28. Exactly. That lawful good water biscuit makes the damn show.

  29. All I can say is the tips here are good. Speaking from experience, I feel your pain. It hurts. And it’s not easy but it is absolutely possible.

  30. I wish! Blue eyes, here. Too much blue, or too chicken?

  31. Dome top steamer trunk. Not highly valuable fairly easy to find in this condition. Missing it’s original central drop down lock. Ok condition overall considering its 1910-1920. Appears to have original leather handles. Missing it’s top tray. Value $90-$200 depending on how much you love it.

  32. Thank you so much! Not bad considering that it was $1 (with an antique teddy bear lamp).

  33. I have one super similar to that! I have steamer trunk problem and that one is one of my favs because of the design. I can't tell you much about it unfortunately as I don't know much. It's missing it's insert. It was originally from a rich person because it's domed. There are flat top trunks and the domed ones, this one would have been on top of all the others packed on a ship.

  34. I have moooorrree 🥹🥹🥹. And totally want to see yours!

  35. I was in the same boat as you getting a diagnosis. My neurologist said you have MS but it isn’t showing it’s ugly face in MRI’s yet. I later found out from an MS expert that I had 9 black holes from old exasperations. So I could have been diagnosed earlier. But instead it took 4 years for the MS to drop me in the middle of my street unable to move to show up on an MRI. I’m the first in my family to have MS. I’m the first in my family that we know of to have Crohn’s disease too. Do you have a lot of trouble with vertigo?

  36. Yes I do, but my vertigo is related to brain zaps primarily, I believe (if you’ve never experienced them, it’s exactly as it sounds - you know that feeling when you accidentally give yourself a minor electrical shock? It’s like doing it to your brain. Usually a side effect from medication withdrawal). That’s an awful way to finally get the help you needed. How are you doing now? And I made an error in my previous comment. I have white matter lesions, not grey matter lesions. Oops. I think I’m going to be the first person in my family that has lesions but is NOT to be diagnosed with MS (and sorry - what are black holes?! Is that what ms looks like? Mine are bright white areas).

  37. Thank you. I just registered. I have multiple sclerosis. I was wanting to donate my organs for research.

  38. I’ve been wanting to do this as well, for similar reasons. MS runs in my family. My grandmother was diagnosed 40 years ago, and more people have been diagnosed since. I have had symptoms for years and have had 5 MRIs in 4 years or so (full body) and nothing ever showed until my most recent one. I had long ago accepted that my diagnosis was inevitable and I was okay with that. I just wanted confirmation, if that makes sense. My MRI from about a month ago showed two different areas with lesions - unsurprising. What did surprise me was the fact that they are not the lesions associated with MS. I have grey matter lesions. Now I have no idea what’s going on with me. Was totally unprepared for that. Sorry. ADHD rambling. It’s a problem of mine. I’m working on it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I am registered as an organ donor, I was considering registering to become a living donor but now I don’t know if I even could, and I always have wanted to but haven’t known how to donate my body to science after possible organ donations.

  39. Sounds like a nightmare honestly. I'll be lucky if I end up needing both of those.

  40. Your psych is an idiot. People (hi! I’m people!) often turn to other things when a doctor takes away their adhd meds. They should have lowered the dose, tried another med, or virtually anything else before that. Assuming that’s all there is to the story.. but tbf, NAD - just someone with a little too much experience with where that can take someone. (Btw - the other shit surprisingly doesn’t help as much one might think..) And there are also non-stimulant medications for adhd - though they don’t usually work as well. There is a good medium/off-label use medication that helped me a bit. After 10+ years, I’ve finally been put back on the meds. Don’t need the other shit anymore.

  41. Try water wipes. Sounds wild, but I spilled wine on my brand new suede boots and with some elbow grease and water wipes got them looking brand new again, and it had been sitting on them for a time period I'm embarrassed to even tell.

  42. What are water wipes? Water generally sets a stain, I thought? Could be wrong. I’m far from an expert. Got my daughter some ridiculously overpriced Jordan 1 University Blues last year and they have blue suede in a few places. There are a few spots that I just cannot get out, and it drives me bloody crazy.

  43. I don't think so. So water wipes have notoriously been the best thing to clean LV purses/leather. That's what got me started on using them, then I started using all sorts of things (like the interior of my BMW) and couldn't believe how well they really clean everything and without harsh chemicals. And in turn don't leave residue on the product you're cleaning or potentially make it worse. My suede shoes were a cream color and now look completely brand new. If you think about it, most instructions on items for care recommend just using a damp cloth and no chemicals to clean, but marketing makes us think we need all these crazy cleaning products we really may not. You can get water wipes anywhere, there's a baby on the packaging. here's a link for Amazon

  44. If you don't have insurance through work or government everyday is a roll of the dice between normal day and medical bankruptcy. Chances are low per day but in aggregate not good. Even if you have insurance budgeting in thousands on top of your premiums is a must if you budget is tight. Also your insurance will deny things for no reason other than higher profits for them. So sometimes you have to fight your insurer frequently and forego needed care. Personal experience there. We also have long wait times that other countries complain about. There are programs for some people making below x amount but it's pathetically low unless you have lots of kids. And when they turn 18 you lose it. Also if you start making decent money you lose it and lots of other things like rent assistance etc. Some promotions or new jobs essentially force families into homelessness by making just over the mark. So many people have to be careful of their limits on income. Also the elderly get government care. It's a messy net of social programs. Allows a few to get marginally more than they should and fails many others. You can either survive poor on benefits doing cash jobs and having kids or work and pray nothing goes wrong. If you get cancer or anything you better hope your spouse has good insurance too bc you will eventually lose your job and insurance when you have complicated health issues. Some people have to divorce when they get cancer etc to help their spouse escape the medical debt after they pass. So ya it's great down here.

  45. Holy shit. That is awful. Honestly worse than I had expected, and my expectations were quite low. I would have thought that you’d at least get quick access/little to no wait times because it’s paid privately and not government. I figured you would have had more doctors, shorter wait times. Are the fees for treatments universal or does it vary from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital? I am born and raised in ontario, where all we have to pay for is dentists, prescriptions, chiropractors/etc. All main specialists/treatments etc are covered for everyone and we have fairly good government programs for those that fall under income for whatever reason. I moved to BC for a year and a half and couldn’t believe that I had to pay about $200 a month for their universal health care. I knew I was fortunate still, but now? Now it makes me feel like an ass. I hope that at some point, the US will change their health care system for good. Some have tried. If only it was left.

  46. I'm in a small town (<1000 people) and they have a free notary service! You never know

  47. i'm human too ya know? reddit is a wonderful escape and I learn so much about things outside my field on here. Believe it or not I play video games and build my own PCs as well! Currently have a water cooled rig.

  48. I find it so strange that people are honestly shocked that you are on Reddit. This is the adult version of ”Wait! You mean to tell me that teachers don’t live at school? They have lives?”

  49. 30F and also sleep with my childhood blanket every night - I just don’t like to admit it because im insecure about it 😅 its one of the fastest ways for me to calm down!! I’ve had it since the day I was born and my mom recently found an unopened identical one in a cabinet, so now my future kid can have a matching one haha

  50. And I don’t advertise it either but it doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it used to. My biggest embarrassment with it is how the poor thing looks.

  51. I used to sleep with it every night even when I lived with my ex - probably because it was a crappy relationship and I needed the comfort, but still 😅 Hopefully the right person comes along and doesnt care because I can’t imagine not sleeping with my blanket!

  52. I have been married almost 11 years and will even bring it (and my pillow) on holidays with me.

  53. I live in saskatchewan, we can't have uninsulated pipes haha

  54. That’s a hard nope for everywhere but the Vancouver area I think lol. Though the -5°C cracked my outdoor tankless hot water heater. The “cold weather” lasted a weekend, and the trees all flowered in late February. Couldn’t believe it. Lived there for a year and a half, and loved it. Expensive though. Made for the rich (which I am not and never have been, hence no longer living there lol). Could go skiing in the mountains and swimming in the ocean in the same afternoon if I wanted to.

  55. Ohh. Definitely going to go check out your other post lol.

  56. I would've told myself to hold onto more memories, or write them down. While I know I was probably the happiest I've ever been back then, it sucks not being able to remember everything 100%

  57. This is a lesson that we all need to know but some how rarely remember, even when it’s taught in the harshest or most devastating ways.

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