1. Agree with The above comments. Several folks in my club have Pungos and love them. I have a Dagger Axis 12 with skeg and that is also great as a first kayak. I love the Eddylines, as well as the Venture kayaks as a step above the Pungos and Daggers. If you plan on doing long paddles/touring you may eventually want to go up to 14 or 16 (longer for sea touring or a Great Lake).

  2. Lots of variables to consider but here is my perspective. I do ultra distance races. Google MR340 to see an example. These are my recommendations based on my experience. I've paddled all of these at least once.

  3. Don't know about frt triggers like that one but for normal triggers anti walk trigger pins can do more harm than goo

  4. How many idiots have hurt themselves trying to make shit from this book? I recall seeing one in high school, years ago. Not sure if it was the original, a friend had a copy. It had some really nasty ways of getting even with people, not things that would actually harm them, but things that would have you pulling your hair out if it happened to you. Some of the stuff could have been harmful, like putting roadkill down someone's waterwell. Other things like spreading aluminum siding nails in a gravel driveway would just be infuriating, since a magnet won't clean them up. Stuff like that. I don't recall seeing anything about bombs and things of that nature though, so probably not the original that was published in 71.

  5. just get a fightlite mcr upper. Itll cost you about as much.

  6. I'm not in the market for a belt fed I'm just curious about how they work and if this would be possible

  7. So yeah. Don’t hold your breath for anyone to be doing any work on meme triggers for the SAW.

  8. Diamond back is bad to mid I would look to upgrade eventually but the optic is garbage. Hope it runs good for you.

  9. I guess I was thinking there may be a reason to drop a tank onto a target as a explosive.

  10. Remember some mags have manufacture dates on them it's regal easy to remove the markings on plastic mags

  11. Can you give me a rough estimate on how much it would cost to have you or someone else finish a cetme kit?

  12. Do you think soaking it in an acid could negatively affect the inside of the barrel and have the barrel fail sooner because of it

  13. 100% it will. OP is not someone I would consult for firearms advice

  14. Not to sound like a dick head but it should only be 54 hours unless I'm not seeing something. Please tell me if I'm wrong I'm curious I'm new to 3d printing

  15. I probably did the math wrong, doesnt really matter

  16. Hope the it works out for you the 3011 is truly a thing of beauty

  17. I've been wondering the same thing I think if someone found a way to print something like a byrna in a smaller caliber would be cool like a 30 caliber byrna.

  18. You would probably need a metal printer or to outsource to a place with metal printers

  19. I have no clue but it might be harder to get warranty done on because it's a Le model

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