1. It's part of an inner monologue. His whole thing is that he is in his 30's and because Anthony has provided him with a very comfortable life he feels like he has no purpose. Penelope helps him realize that he can use his love of travel for his purpose by publishing his travel journals

  2. Exactly. He feels like he has no purpose. Not that he NEEDS to work to survive. He has a very comfortable income already. He just wants to do something with his life. He's NOT sponging off of Anthony. That's just people misunderstanding history.

  3. You are right. Sometimes the misogyny wasn’t even through subtle phrases. I feel like every mmc had a misogynistic bit you have to ignore to enjoy the book. I think that’s why Colin is most liked (in the books), he is the least misogynistic.

  4. Colin is the least misogynistic? OMG. I finished his book yesterday, and it was HARD.

  5. Yeah from what I remember (I read that one awhile ago) he seems less of a womanizer, but he knows misogyny quite well, haha.

  6. Yeah, he is not a womanizer, but quite not as sweet as a wish for Penelope...

  7. I have nothing against Luke Newton but he’s a typical Netflix actor in a show full of accomplished English theatre actors. If he was in a show like Outer Banks or a CW show he’d fit in but in a show with Jonny, Luke T, Nicola, Adjoa, Golda, Ruth etc he is weaker. On paper Colin isn’t that boring but the biggest complaint is that Colin is boring so it is the actor. And people will say that’s on purpose but it’s not, you can act out someone being awkward or unsure of themselves and still be compelling and Colin is just not compelling

  8. He trained at the London School of Musical Theatre. He also attended Northbrook College Sussex (now part of Greater Brighton Metropolitan College). I think he will surprise the audience!

  9. I've had someone else tell me that he went there before like it meant something like it's up there with RADA (where Luke Thompson and Victor Ali went) or Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (where Martins went to) but I've never heard of it before so I looked it up. As far as I can see it's not even part of the FDS (Federation of Drama Schools) and is a one year vocational school so while it's nice he trained somewhere it's not indicative of how he'll be in the show.

  10. You are right! I am a very positive person, i am just wishing the best right now.

  11. I don’t think he looks as small as the comments here are saying, most of these pictures are taken from a higher angle. No 7 is actually taken at chest level and he looks moderate. I have never seen Bridgerton though.

  12. Nice argument. I think he looks good with SN looks, i saw pics from new season, when he is getting his glow up, and looks pretty much SN.

  13. I think her sloped shoulders make her look like she would be a soft type (and a soft classic, which I’m pretty sure was a lot of peoples first guess), but I don’t think she actually is.

  14. Definitely Soft Dramatic now. There were so many photos of clothing that would look odd on a pure dramatic that looks great on her.

  15. I’m still seeing SD. The necklines with some element of drape look more… right, for lack of a better word, to me.

  16. We need to consider that she is chinese, maybe we are trying to see curve like western curve

  17. Random comment but I feel like he would make an interesting Doctor for Doctor Who.

  18. I would take Kibbe YouTube with a grain of salt! A lot of what those creators say is an interpretation of the book, many of what has been contradicted by David Kibbe himself in the SK Facebook group. I assume you took the quiz from a website like a The Concept Wardrobe? Kibbe has never mentioned head size, but he did talk about appearing taller in his book. He has since changed his stance on looking taller!

  19. I think she can only be gamine if she has yang hips and legs. because otherwise it's homogeneous, well mixed, in your photos you can't get a sense of that. to be gamine you have to look and know what is yang and what is yin easy. then I would see how the hips and the meat on the legs are, if it is proportional to her body.. or if she has less meat and it's just because she is overweight. For example, it's easy to identify that my upper torso is more yin than the bottom, completely yang.

  20. I imagine cause kibbie and ‘fruit’ types are very different things and being a particular fruit type doesn’t mean you’re a specific kibbie type

  21. Yeah, its not my intention to use it for kibbe. I noticed that she looks very good with low waist jeans, and was wondering if a hourglass would work with type of cloth, because to me, she really is a pear.

  22. I think she looks balanced, but best in outfits that accentuate her shoulders. My vote is DC.

  23. I’m getting gamine vibes from her! Maybe that’s just her essence though

  24. https://www.reddit.com/r/Kibbe/comments/10o80bh/andrew_garlfied_kibbe_better_pictures/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

  25. I think he looks best when dressed in Dramatic lines.

  26. I can see why she may appear D, but I am so sure she's FN. (detailed thought process below, but basically even though she's narrow she has kibbe width and her bone structure is actually broad. She's very skinny, which makes her initially appear sharp at first glance.) This is a great example of how a narrow frame does not negate the possibility of kibbe width.

  27. Thank you very much for your hard work. I can see it now!! FN all the way. She must be underweight.

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