Quick Acting 14 Year Old Shoots Robber Inside Family's Pizzeria...

I needed this today

Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

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  1. Good looking gun! Did your sxp come with the pistol grip stock? Do you feel like the pistol grip stock helps your thumb work the slide release? I just got my marine defender with a traditional stock and I can barely work work the slide release.

  2. Yes it came with the pistol grip. And honestly I hate the release on this gun, I have average to slightly large man hands and I have to totally change my grip to hit the release with my finger

  3. Thanks! I just kinda went with it and didn’t worry too much about how it looked through the process and I’m thrilled with how it came out

  4. I would steer away from the Turkish shotguns, even the CZ ones. In that price range I’d recommend a mossberg 930

  5. Shit, maybe for like $50. They aren’t as common as a few years ago but you can still find un-molested single shots for under $150

  6. Place of employment does not count as your castle, so no.

  7. This happened in PA, where castle doctrine covers workplace. Not to mention this kid is working in a shop on the bottom floor of his house

  8. I have one in 20ga and i just tell people to look at it from about 10-15’ away😂 but it works, I’ve taken a few dove and rabbits with it 👍🏻

  9. I want this but it may require an nfa stamp is it worth the 6month you may or may not get it process

  10. You can still efile form1 sbr’s and last I saw the wait is 1-4 months🤷🏼‍♂️

  11. What's the issue with the optic? I'm not versed in my optics and it looks fine to me.

  12. I wouldn’t even want to use them on anything I planned to eat. Too many little pellets to pick out

  13. They work great. I didn’t have any problems. How much did they cost? And where did you find them?

  14. 10 a box. There were 4 of them in a hole in the wall lgs. I grabbed two and might go back for the other two

  15. I wish I had the balls to stipple my glock lol

  16. Take the leap! Practice on sig lowers, pmags or something similar, I use an old glock case i have laying around. Just practice a bunch and take your time when you start on a serialized frame.

  17. What did you use for the boarders.

  18. The same tip. I did where I wanted the border lightly where it wasn’t very smooth but it was enough of a track that I could kind of quickly drag the round tip to make it smooth. Borders are the hardest part IMO but they really make or break the look sometimes

  19. Well of course, guy isn’t an animal that would just leave the phone off the rack

  20. Discreet ballistics makes some solid copper 300blk bullets that really shine with a faster twist.

  21. If it bothers you you can always hit it with your purse till they line up perfect

  22. You ever tried goon tape? Like hockey tape but it really is better. Have it on a bunch of guns

  23. Lol it’s hockey tape. Just because it’s got “goon” in the name and a bunch of ig hype beasts talk it up doesn’t mean it’s any different than $2 hockey tape from your local ace hardware 😂

  24. What are they marked with? Seems like they'd get a bit of wear.

  25. This is silver sharpie, seemed like it would stick a little better plus it’s not exactly a high wear area. I use either that or a paint market usually

  26. Nice 👌🏻 I just picked up a 34.3 this weekend and plan to carry it

  27. If you want to put a tlr-1 or x300 on it the phlster floodlight will work

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