1. People of the book.Should be respected and allowed to freely practice their religion.But I do not like Israel nor do I get why a lot of people say hating Israel is hating Jews.

  2. Thanks for all you do. Did the ones that fall from the solar panels die? I'm assuming the answer is yes but I'm hoping I'm wrong.

  3. Nope, both alive and well, there the X2 in the photos, just bruised

  4. Yay! Thanks for the work you do. Makes me happy.

  5. I think its rich seeing other countries claiming how racist and murderous America is. While America hasnt been perfect, and never will be its unfair for these nations to even speak. Especially when if you look into their history they're guilty of mass genocide, enslavement, and beyond cruelty. Yall did just as bad as Americans did, but its easier to say America Bad over being silent and holding yourselves accountable for your equal atrocities.

  6. Other cultures exploit certain traits of Americans such as our ignorance, our desire to please, our first world guilt. I agree with everything you wrote.

  7. When only white people try, succeed and are at the top: “SUPREMACY!!” When only black people try, succeed and are at the top: “EQUALITY!!”

  8. I'm Jewish and I find when black people get power they are far more insensitive to us than when white people are. I find white people usually make an attempt to notice other people's sensitivities and give it some respect. Powerful black people often make anti-Semitic statements and flippantly dismiss it as though we're not as human as they are. If a Jewish person did the same thing the shit would hit the fan. The idea that blacks are wanting power simply for a quality is laughable. You notice in places where blacks have more than their fair share of power they don't give it to minorities who have less of a voice they just push for more power for themselves. I'm not saying they're the only ones guilty of this But there does seem to be naivete on the left that putting power in the hands of black people leads to more justice and fairness then if it was in the hands of anybody else. In my experience that's pretty far from the truth.

  9. A team of people should be working to call the city out on the zillions of times they violate their own rule. Even on pages from the city website they openly make statements that make it clear that they are violating this

  10. On a similar note, ever since 9/11 I've noticed that almost every piece of media put out by Seattle, King county, Washington State and progressive institutions have at least one person wearing a headscarf. No other religious attire is ever seen. I mean, please tell me I'm not the only one who notices this. I've never seen them show somebody wearing a yamuke, sari, or cross.

  11. We weren't allowed to laugh loudly or after 7pm. My parents said if we were laughing, it meant we were getting into trouble.

  12. Obsessive eating. One meal wasn't finished before my parents were talking about what the next meal would be. We could never have desirable food in the house without it being immediately devoured (things like ice cream, donuts, cake, etc). I always marveled when I was at friend's houses that there would be cookies or a large bag of Doritos that would sit on the shelf for some time. Even now I sometimes marvel at other people's restraint around food.

  13. Since they have never asked for money in the past and you can easily afford it just give it to them. You're right it doesn't make a lot of sense but why waste your time trying to figure it out. If sending them 200 bucks will make them happy then go for it and don't give it another thought.

  14. I'm sorry she took the payout with the condition that the university admit no wrongdoing.

  15. Treating anti-black racism like it's a crime against humanity while black antisemitism and anti-Asian racism is flaunted openly with no consequences. And when it leads to violence It's quickly shoved under the rug. We're constantly told that hatred from the proud boys and white nationalists incite violence but for some reason the same people haven't connected the dots with the hateful vitriol committed by powerful black folks and the epidemic of black on other minority hate crimes.

  16. Not a fan of jaylen, but i feel for him here. But the irony really hits me hard

  17. The way y'all refuse any accountability is shameful. Yes, America as a whole is racist. However, Black people have been talking about how racist Boston is specifically for decades and people like you want to say it's no different from everywhere else.

  18. Since he clearly has no problem with anti-Semitism why should anybody care about the racism he experiences?

  19. Well if you live in the US you should know about the Crown Heights pogram, Freddy's Fashion Mart massacre (which ended up killing Hispanics but was incited by anti-Semitism) and the Jersey City massacre. The latter only happened a couple years ago. Besides for knowing about these anti-Semitic acts it is equally important for Jews to know that some very very powerful and prominent figures incited the violence and openly supported it to this day without any consequences or reputation damage. While most US Jews are very well versed on the anti-Semitism coming from white right wingers the Democrats being willing to tolerate it is equally shameful but is something that is taboo to really hold up to the light. In an era where you can not be welcome in the Democratic or socialist party if you don't chant black lives matter obsessively the fact that people like Al sharpton, Trayon White, Danny Davis , Alice Walker, Joan Terrell and many other virulent anti-semites are welcome and have power in progressive institutions is equally shameful. Some of the most powerful Democratic officials and leaders of taxpayer-funded social justice activist openly promote Nation of Islam / Louis Farrakhan (who recently claimed that Hitler was unfairly vilified as anti-Semitic). Pictures of Farrakhan with Obama, Bill Clinton, The Black Congressional caucus, Eric Holder, being awarded the key to the city of Monroe Louisiana twice by the mayor and so on and so on. Progressives will deny this racial terrorism endlessly when it's coming from their largest voting block and Asians too have suffered enormously because of this.

  20. That greatly depends on what plants you are putting there. Some will do fine. Others won't.

  21. Any clue on what kind of plants do well and what won't?

  22. How do you get it? Their new mission is about birds, urban conservation and anti-racism? I mean, the thing with it being named after somebody who owns slaves isn't the issue being addressed here.

  23. Al Sharpton - Red Apple/Korean boycott, Freddy's fashion mart, Crown Heights, Tawana Brawley, drug dealing, homophobic slurs, tax evasion, villification of the Central Park rape victim for DECADES, support of Long Island railroad massacre perp Colin Ferguson. And so on.....

  24. I hate politics but it affects our world. It's also pretty self-indulgent to not care about politics until it affects you personally. Obviously politics impacts others constantly and is a good idea not to wait until it impacts you to care. So I feel obligated to care to some extent and to pay attention to some extent. But to me it's an obligation not something I enjoy.

  25. Not be off topic, but you live in Canada and only get two weeks vacation a year? I live in the US and we're always told that our vacation time lags behind everybody else's by a lot. I'm not even sure if it's mandatory to get paid vacation in the US but every job I've had has had at least two weeks paid.

  26. I was a pretty zealous liberal since my early teens and finding out how crappy the left and Democratic party are broke my heart. I didn't switch to the other side at all. I'm not impressed with Republicans / conservatives but I never had been. But I was very starry-eyed and naive about social causes and concerns of progressives when I was younger. I'm especially disheartened at social justice activists who weaponize poverty and a myriad of other legitimate concerns to act in self-serving and bullying ways.

  27. Yeah I'm not a big fan of him or Chris R*fo but unfortunately they're so few people who are willing to speak out that you got to take it where you find it.

  28. When keXp started to tell me how to think I stopped donating. I know whom you major donors are and your agenda is too much. Just ease up a little on the social programming. I still listen and mute during song breaks.

  29. During the great racial awakening of 2020 KEXP made a list of anti-racist organizations to donate to. One of them was Black Hammer, a black nationalist anti-Semitic, anti-white hate group. The leader was infamous for referring to Anne Frank as a colonizer and racist. KEXP refused to take the group off the list out of deference to black activists until Andy Ngo tweeted about it and shamed them into backtracking.

  30. Or like a J*w saying "hey we didn't start the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians"

  31. Jews aren't ethnically cleansing Palestinians. The Palestinian population is increasing significantly every year. Furthermore, blacks playing the Palestinian card to get a free pass at anti-Semitism doesn't work anymore. It is so predictable. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. If you want to bring up the wrongs of people and other countries to get a free pass at bigotry towards them in the US then let's make sure to bring up all the barbarity blacks commit in Africa every time you whine about racism in America. STFU and go away.

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