1. Why are you acting like Alex Smith is some scrub? He was a borderline top 10 QB during his tenure with the Chiefs. He helped Reid stabilize the Chiefs just as much as Reid helped bring Smiths career back from the dead after the 49ers years.

  2. The "Andy has never had a bad QB" is ALSO a point in Andy's favor. He is good at QB evaluation and he schemes to his QBs strengths.

  3. Who besides Smith does that actually apply to? I guess Vick had a resurgent 2 years with Reid after prison.

  4. Hyde’s endzone pick against the Pats in the playoffs was one of the most* beautiful things I’ve ever seen. The Pats actually showed some momentum on that drive, but after this play they just seemed already defeated.

  5. I’m genuinely curious how they game ends if not for that INT. I think Bills still favored to win but think it might’ve been a closer matchup similar to the 2nd regular season game, since that gave you guys a massive amount of momentum and derailed any momentum we’d had.

  6. All of my friends who are Pats fans very quickly chose the Bucs as their backup team. Those folks truly love that man, and it’s very deserved.

  7. Can confirm, Bucs will be my 2nd team to watch until Brady/Gronk are fully gone.

  8. You're responding to a notorious Brady hater. You'll find him in just about any comment chain/thread related to Brady spewing his dogshit takes as if his life depended on it.

  9. "Very Good WR" is being a bit generous to Kupp prior to 2021 if we're being 100% honest.

  10. Last year was Kupp's first year with Stafford, it's hard to imagine that they will be worst together moving forward.

  11. Worse no, but I don’t expect them to replicate the 2021 season as far as Kupp’s stats go. I think they’re fully capable of continuing to be one of the best WR-QB duos even if the stats aren’t as gaudy as 2021.

  12. Dude you’re so far off base with most of your comment.

  13. It’s seems weird to have four in your top 10, from the same era. But I really think we just finished a golden age of passing so I tend to agree with you.

  14. Is it that weird when you consider that guys like Montana, Marino, Young and Elway are also top 10 all time and from the same era? That’s already 8/10 spots filled. Someone out of Favre, Graham and Unitas is getting left out. I’d probably leave Otto out of my top 10 not that he doesn’t deserve to be included but simply due to the fact that he played when there was like 8-10 teams in total and it’s not the same as these other guys. Give it another 10-15 years and both Unitas and Graham probably aren’t even in the top 10 conversation.

  15. Im so proud of my team, along with our amazing backups who helped us when our schedules were bad!

  16. I think ARob is a good WR who just didn’t give a fuck last season. He was very blatantly not giving it his 100% last year so I think it’s fair to dock him some points moving forward for that.

  17. What has Belichick proven without the Greatest Player at the Most Important position in sports?

  18. McVay had Goff who at his best was a top 7-8 QB in the NFL and at his worst was still a league average QB.

  19. It's a "flawed roster" simply due to them being contenders for a decade straight. When you're competing for a SB every single year you aren't looking to rebuild the team so players get older, or they get better offers and you need to make do with what's available.

  20. He was like this on the Pats for years. He did some goofy shit, nobody really picked up on most of it besides Pats fans.

  21. Yup. I'm glad others are able to actually enjoy Brady now that he's not seen as part of the "evil empire". But he's been doing this type of goofy shit for years, whether its with meme videos after wins, his

  22. I don’t think I’ve seen a “rivalry” so one sided that the home team almost always walks away with the win.

  23. No. We just straight had the Pats number. @NE only became a problem when we got Peyton and those were his own ghosts of the past affecting him.

  24. Historically sure. Since 2000 by my count it’s 10-10 overall.

  25. Bills have one of the most complete rosters in the NFL currently. Right up there with the Bucs and Rams imo. Allen looks like he's going to be one of the top 3-4 QBs for the next decade.

  26. The way I see it is if I need a QB to win me a game down 4 with 1 min left and no timeouts, I would trust both Brady and Rodgers equally to win me that game. They're both seemingly inevitable in that situation.

  27. I think Rodgers is an incredible QB and I think he has the potential to end top 4 all time imo by the time he retires. From a physical standpoint there's things he can do that Brady could never do.

  28. Yeah idk how the argument was always Montana/ Brady and since Brady took the top slot now Peyton skips Montana? Hell no

  29. Manning stans have went into overdrive to rewrite history since he retired. What you said is 100% true. Everyone said Montana was the gold standard at QB and the GOAT. Brady finally surpasses him after 28-3 and somehow that also let Manning ride Brady’s coattails to the #2 spot.

  30. Not saying that I agree or disagree with him but u cannot give manning credit for getting carried in 2015 lol.

  31. Or 2006 if you’re being entirely fair. He was straight ass in the first two playoff games, good vs NE and average vs the Bears. Peyton has never had a good Super Bowl run in the years he won.

  32. I think OBJ might have been the most impactful WR ever relative to time played with that team.

  33. It’s him or AB prob. Both played roughly the same number of games by the end. Given the Woods injury I’d probably rank OBJ slightly ahead due to Bucs still having Evans and Godwin.

  34. I'm biased but given that it was the SB I think you can argue its the best game. Obviously there's some very tough competition like Pats-Panthers 2003, Steelers-Cards 2008, Rams-Chiefs 2018 reg season, Bills-Chiefs 2021 playoffs and that's just from the last 2 decades.

  35. Bruh Ryan has never been better than Stafford aside from his MVP season.

  36. I can't believe I'm having to defend Ryan to a Falcons fan but that's just blatantly false.

  37. It's not a problem. Brady IS the “unquestionable GOAT”.

  38. Can always count on delusional Colts/Broncos fans to chime in.

  39. Holy crap this is in-depth. By most metrics Brady and Manning are separated by 1 or 2 positions and a small enough percentage of the overall z-score attributed to each player until you get to the playoff accolade index and the gap between Brady and montana is similar to Peyton in 3rd and tua In 40th. Just shows how out of this world Brady’s playoff appearances/wins are and that obviously seems to be the defining factor in goat status

  40. Brady quite literally ranks highly in just about any important factor.

  41. I feel like he's everyones go-to underrated receiver. Makes sense, cause he's really really good.

  42. I think it's him or Scary Terry imo for most "underrated". Terry definitely get's more media coverage though.

  43. Brady obviously deserves a shit ton of credit and probably the most overall for making those 2006/2013 receiving units into top 10 passing attacks (5th/7th and 8th/8th in DVOA/dropback EPA, respectively). I do however think McDaniels/Scarrnecchia and the OL/RBs/blockers also deserve a shout out since we had the 8th/4th and 3rd/3rd rushing attacks by Rush DVOA and rush success rate, with 20 and 19 rush TDs in those years

  44. I agree with your points 100% as the OL and RBs were also great. However I think using TDs is a bit flawed as it’s a product of the play call. There was a graph that showed that the Patriots had significantly more rushing tds within 5yards than any other team over a period of like 12-13yrs.

  45. I agree TDs aren’t necessarily a great metric. I considered leaving them out, as the other metrics I put are imo better. I do think those TDs were more important in 2006 and 2013 compared to other years as we didn’t really have the type of receivers you would want to throw it to in the endzone. Whereas in a year like 2012 our 25 rush TDs (4 of them by Brady)on top of an elite pass attack were probably the reason Brady didn’t win All Pro. That’s why I ended up listing them

  46. Completely fair point. 2012/2016 are the big what if years for me. We had so many short distance TDs that were handed off the to RBs and that cost Brady atleast 6-8 TDs on the year which I think would’ve been enough to get him MVP both years.

  47. Oh he definitely did. I’m sure any of the Superstar NBA players did. Guys like Jordan, Duncan, Kobe, LeBron etc are probably sitting at 60%+. I just follow the NFL a lot more closely so I went with what I was most familiar with.

  48. Don’t the NBA have a cap limit for their teams?

  49. NBA has a soft cap, you can go over the cap but it will cost you luxury tax.

  50. And he played outside with mostly WR4s. He excelled in different eras of offense which is also pretty unique. When Brady first started, the rules were entirely different than now.

  51. That's being a bit unfair to guys like Troy Brown, Edelman and Deion Branch. They'd be solid WR2s for most teams. Guys like Amendola are solid WR3s for most teams with Hogan likely being a WR4.

  52. They also used a lot of that cap space on TEs that they barely even utilized

  53. jonnu sure, but Henry has been integrated into the offense and has been worth his contract and then some.

  54. I'm glad that you're happy with it as a fan but I personally would be pretty upset at the Eagles paying $12.5MM/yr for 50 receptions and 603 yards, especially considering the lack of target competition he had. And it looks even worse when you consider that they're spending $25MM/yr for 78 receptions and 897 yards for both of their TEs combined.

  55. That's ignoring the 9 TDs Henry accounted for. We needed a viable RZ threat since Gronk left and Henry provides that. He's also valuable in the running game which helped us be a top 10 unit last year.

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