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  1. Doesn't seem safe. Gasoline is next level flammable. But yes there should be some way to handle then

  2. I work at a gas station and that happened to me; this guy who I first assumed was homeless, asked for 'something to do'. I thought he wanted to do some chores, in exchange for a sandwich or something. So, I gave him a broom and forgot about him.

  3. The thing is , the ppo is somehow active? It shows up on my background report and now I’m struggling to find a job :/

  4. It shouldn't be active if you haven't gone to court yet.

  5. She filed for an ex parte? Could that be why it’s showing up on a background report? I had an employer tell me they won’t consider me until after my court date .. and that’s not why I care. I know he can’t hurt me there, however he is diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder. Just forcing me to see him again/ be in the same room will be enough satisfaction for him

  6. Ex parte means 'without the other party'

  7. You haven't worked retail lately, have you? The opioid epidemic and the Covid pandemic have spiked shoplifting through the roof. Good ol'fashioned homeless people have gotten bolder too. I won't go into the details of how they do it; but know that half my job these days is locking and unlocking products for customers; then locking them up again because a guy has a stolen credit card or it's been declined.

  8. You couldn't really call it revenge, because I didn't intentionally do anything, that I thought would affect the nex, but karmic justice is apt.

  9. It's a basketball shoe for Crystal Gems, that's why there's a star on the logo.

  10. Get a lawyer, or have your wife find a lawyer for you. This is just to get you out of jail and the charges dropped.

  11. "Kiss and make it better!" I'd never heard that untill I was in high school; and when my friend said it, I was so baffled, that I had to ask her what she meant. She said it was something moms said to make you feel better. [!!!?]

  12. Probably more than you think. Just because you don't need it doesn't mean others don't. I use it to get to work and must people on it need it to get to work too.

  13. "If you don't like it, you can just LEAVE!"

  14. Yeah that too, like how was I supposed to know what I didn’t know???

  15. In the beforetimes, as a gas station cashier, I used to get these kind of customers a lot. That's because there was an MLM down the street, and they're always testing for new recruits- particularly if you're in a low-paying job. After a while, they'll start asking you, 'If you'd like more job satisfaction?'

  16. As mentioned previously, I started therapy when I was seventeen (17). The therapist recommended my telling my Nparents that I had sought medical help. In informing them, it was revealed that my Nmom had been seeing a doctor for years- that meant at the height of my abuse she'd been under a therapist's care. That obviously didn't improve her behavior towards me at all.

  17. My folks didn't go to therapy per se; certainly not for my sake.

  18. My dad kept firing therapists until he found one who felt he was a victim and did blow with him on the weekends. Then he stopped the therapy entirely and just kept doin blow with his former therapist while they tried to pick up women in their 20's (he's almost 60.) My mom would never go to therapy because in her mind she does no wrong. I have no respect for either of them so it really doesn't matter what they do at this point.

  19. Anything with Will Farrell- he's been doing the same 'man-child' character since SNL. The only time it really worked was in Elf, because he was playing off Bob Newhart, who made that dynamic plausible and interesting.

  20. Olaf didn't have a purpose in #2. His story arch was... about growing up and being wiser? He didn't contribute at all

  21. Add to that; that some psychological tests say that he's a psychopath.

  22. How far can the SS go to protect the president?

  23. He would not even go to a cemetery because it was raining. Can’t see Spanky going to someplace where people are rioting even if they’re rioting to help him.

  24. Graveyard shift, where I work through one of those night teller windows- Big Guy; young but BIG, drives up and asks for a pack of cigarettes. Naturally, I ask to see his ID for proof that he's over twenty-one (21); to which he replies that he left it at home. Nice- he's out driving a car without his license; I love that one. So, I tell him that I can't sell him any cigarettes unless he has an ID.

  25. I had an ex bf who wouldn't take just some of the food off your plate- he'd take all of it!

  26. Tickling is considered a sign of abuse in small children. We were told to stop tickling when I worked in a preschool years ago:/

  27. I still have nightmares about tickling

  28. If that wasn't mansplaining, I don't know what is.

  29. Alviso is awesome! Every street is lit up because they have no fireworks limits.

  30. The most charming use of it, I ever saw was two young men were dressed up in high fashion hip hop; the most expensive shoes; nice leather ballcaps and giant gold chains and phat rings. They basically had the same outfit, but one was in white and blue, while the other was in white and red.

  31. I wonder if she has a DashCam with internal video? If so, the saved footage would be worth keeping.

  32. OP says he hit the car door very hard; I would check for dents or scratches and take lots of pictures.

  33. this happened a lot with my nmom but always said "I don't want to throw gifts in your face like my mother did" yet still would underhandedly.

  34. OMG At seventeen (17), I had started my first therapy for depression and anxiety, in secret from my Nmom and family. That therapist had insisted that I tell my Nmom about it, so naturally�� her response was to deny any responsibility for decades of trauma, and to try to buy my affections ...with a trip to Disneyland.

  35. Nmom treated me with contempt and scorn, because she hated having anything to do with me. The only exception was if it involved shopping... and I don't mean shopping with me- she was just addicted to consuming/loved spending dad's money and sometimes I was used as the excuse for doing that. As others pointed out, most of the time, it was for stuff I didn't want but I was supposed to be eternally grateful and base my whole perception of her, on her purchasing of 'nice things'.

  36. I remember in my early 20’s my mom told me that she was thinking of divorcing my dad (she just wanted some kind of reaction from me. They never as much as separated.), and I was genuinely happy for her. It wasn’t quite the reaction she hoped for.

  37. Kids on the playground would be lamenting about how their parents were getting divorced, and I'd say that I wished my Nmom and Dad were divorcing; then I could go live with just my dad.

  38. My experience was: Trying to change you wasn't really to help you, but to hurt you.

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