1. No matter the story, someone is always going to be the AH thinking someone else’s money is theirs.

  2. NTA - saying this believing that your word that your brother is financially stable. I know this hurts but some people are just financially very stingy…even more so with the economy the way it is now. I wouldn’t say anything though.

  3. Yes…just means your ovulation timing may be harder to pinpoint.

  4. My husband is a doctor and has AA. He believes it was a mixture of stress and eating horribly. He is fixing both, plus steroid injections.

  5. I'm not sure you will be able to hire different people to load and unload the moving truck. The moving company usually wants to control who does that. If you want to break it up and save money, maybe there are companies you can hire to pack a POD or similar storage unit. PODS are definitely cheaper, but I don't know about the packing end of things since I loaded two PODS on my own. I have told myself I would hire people to unload them once we have a house.

  6. We did PODS when we moved to Florida from Ohio and it was amazing. It was during a hurricane and the company worked so well with us.

  7. We are moving from Florida to Wyoming. For a 2500 sq home, full service quotes are from $18k-$22k

  8. Most of Wyoming is Republican….so most of the state likes him.

  9. For a lot of us, a town the size of Gillette is “The Big City.” But at any rate you should prepare for fewer amenities when you cross the state line, and get an Amazon Prime account.

  10. Thanks! We chose Gillette this week. It will be a change but a welcome one.

  11. NTA - your sister is slowly killing herself. But she won’t change until she wants to. She has to be the one to want to change.

  12. NTA….you are being smart. Your bf is not entitled the that home and should be happy he gets to live rent free!

  13. I know this post is from a year ago, but I just found it! I had the Paragard in for 6 years, and some insidious symptoms popped up over the past few years. I basically thought I had PMDD (needed to have some sort of psychiatric treatment). My PMS would last for a week or more and I would have really extreme mood swings, would have meltdowns over things that were very trivial, cried constantly, was very fatigued, super anxious, and would have panic attacks. Basically felt like I was drugged. I also had continual brain fog and just felt "off". Plus the period itself was horrendous. Cramps and 7 days of bleeding - not cool. I decided to get it out just to see if that was the cause of the problems, and I definitely think it was. I felt back to normal almost instantly. My anxiety dissipated, no more panic attacks, brain fog alleviated and my period is 3 days long. Scary that there is really no literature out there...I've really only seen similar experiences written about on Reddit.

  14. Yeah mentally I was much better after the removal. My period went to regular, from 8/11 to 4 days, and the cramps stopped almost completely. I sadly developed a heart condition but from what I don’t know (doctors believe it was this or a cold/virus I don’t remember). I also developed a stomach tumor (benign) during the IUD time, but with the removal it is remained the same, my stress was extremely heightened during the IUD.

  15. NAH - i think your friends (caring about you), may be worried because it is not something most people would do. $700k is not something most people would do in a $100-$200k salary range because if there is a job loss it could mean defaulting on the loan. This is thinking of the average household. They are probably thinking of a way not to bring financial talk into it and using the it is too big talk to steer you out of that choice.

  16. Oh I wouldn't completely agree with you, except that our salaries come out to around $500,000. And we are pretty evenly distributed (one of us doesn't make a huge amount over the other). I didn't mention the number because I didn't want to sound like I was bragging or anything. So we actually bought well below what we could have afforded.

  17. Yeah at $500 then it is well within your means and your friend is being weird.

  18. Looking to move to Gillette, how is it? It was one of the few towns we did not get to go through on a trip last year through the state.

  19. My husband and I are also considering a move to Gillette. Have you heard anything about the internet? I WFH and need fast internet.

  20. I know this was a while ago but how are you doing now? Doc just found a 8mm submucosal nodule in my stomach and I’m worried.

  21. They said it is non-cancerous. So we just keep an eye on it now to see if it grows.

  22. I’m so glad to hear that. I am sure that’s a relief. If you don’t mind me asking, how do they keep an eye on it? Is it regular endoscopies or just ultrasound?

  23. Regular endoscopy. They said in 2 years unless I start to have bowel issues.

  24. 81 million Americans came together to get that maga trash out of the white house, we will do it again.

  25. Yeah that is not gonna happen again. My extreme liberal friends who campaigned for Biden now say they hate him and he is a mistake. Democrats need to put up a new face completely, someone who is actually moderate.

  26. Great Lakes credit union. They go by another name in Tampa. But we have been with them for years.

  27. Did you repost this in AITA with a different background….if so YTA for sure!

  28. NTA - at all. Even though I imagine a lot of family will take your sisters side if they don’t know of her attitude and the story. You did the right thing. Honestly, if I were you I wouldn’t even go to the wedding…your mom and sister sound toxic.

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