1. They should preface this video with "pop 4 caps and some stems, wait an hour, then watch"

  2. Fuck this guy. If he had to live in a rental home instead of his mansion, and his pockets werent being lined by big business, he would be singing a different tune. I live in a rental run by keffer Realty(slum Lord) And when it rains, water comes into our house and runs out just below the breaker box..yes you heard that right...and keffer did and will do nothing about it. They keep raising our rent though. And this fucking supposed governor, who has zero political background(who's that sound like?), doesn't give a shit about anyone living in low income areas. He's got to go. I hope we all have the sense to vote him out when it's time, he is not what whoever voted for him thought he'd be. I personally didn't vote for him and don't hold anger towards anyone who did, but he's got to go. Like now. Prick

  3. I honestly don't like phenibur this coming from 12yrs of gabapentin use. As far as legality goes there is technically 4-methyl pregabalin and it is completely legal to possess in the states rn. But my only way of obtaining it personally is thru the dark web. So I don't know how to technically get it thru clearnet means but yes it is legal and it's pretty cheap I'm getting 5gs for like 50 it's 2x stronger than reg pregab

  4. Same…ish. My style is jeans and t-shirts. Throwing a glittery jacket on top would probably be weird. 😂

  5. But just owning that suit would be fantastic, esp if Papa wore it before.. 🤔

  6. Most definitely. I still want to get every single one of Papa’s robes. 😂😂😂 I have fun imagining the horrified looks on the faces of some people.

  7. This doesn't sound like wd's. I know everyone is different but ive been using d8 off and on for 2 years and never have any ill effects and i use pretty heavy. If it's smoke shop shit you're using be weary. I only order from vetted online shops

  8. He will def move if he's too hot or cold. Its why we offer them a hot and "cold" side, when they are too hot they'll move to where its cooler. If its too hot everywhere , he will try and climb up the sides to leave the enclosure. Hes loving that ceramic

  9. Awesome! Thank you so much for commenting. It means a lot, Saber and I thank you kindly

  10. Prob a budding gangster working on their drive by skills .... 😆

  11. There is a special place in heaven for those who rescue animals. You are doing a noble thing, take care of him and he will reward you with a love you never thought wad possible from a snake. I rescued an older BP and gave her everything she didnt have or even knew she needed and she grew by 1 foot and gained a good amount of weight. She eats a rat once a week now but in the fall and winter much less if any. If you need anything please reach out and I'll answer whatever question you have. Off the bat I would say to get these things; heat mat, thermostat for the heat mat, large hide but not too big, use a substrate that has moisture but not damp(i use forest floor cypress mulch), and a heat light. If you already have these things im sorry. Also see if he maybe wants to swim in very shallow water in the tub. Just enough water to come up halfway on his body. Not sure if Kings are very similar to Balls but my girl is 5' 8" and she's 13 years old and in the best health of her life since I took her from awful people. Again, thank you for rescuing such a handsome snek

  12. Tried to reply while in my notification screen still, sorry. What I was trying to type was-- prob not a bad idea. My doc is pretty cool like that.

  13. I take a few bp meds myself and wear one of those Garmin active watches to actively monitor myself. I jump up almost 40 bpm's when I party and I'm good. My own rule is once I see anything above 137bpm... I walk away and take a break. Don't know what kind of health reasons you have to use bp medicine but I would not suggest pushing your limits cause you already know the worst case scenario.

  14. That puts it into perspective perfectly. I gotta get me one of those watches too. Been wanting too for a little while. That would be right around my limit too, i know at 130 bpm Im extremely uncomfortable..ive had a couple stress tests and they got me up to 165 which was crazy. I take a beta blocker as well as lisinopril and im usually around 66 bpm so I can take a 40 increase. Thanks very much for the insight.

  15. Best way to boof? Never even did an enema so I'm nervous lol

  16. How did lst go? I am hesitant to try for whatever reason. Looks great all around! Beautiful colas

  17. I screenshotted this comment so don't run when we come knocking.

  18. You legit just scared the shit outta me, all I saw in my notifications was " I screenshot the comment so don't run when we come knocking" hahaha after I clicked on the notification and saw it was in regards to this, i was very relieved lmao...its all good, ive already started rollin them up lol I'm hoping my pessimistic view of this proves me wrong , believe me. Thats how my luck works. If weed goes federally legal I will be like the santa Claus of bud , throwing joints out the truck as I drive down the road.

  19. That's exactly what I had in mind. And you get a joint ....and you get a joint...and you get a joint!! Done!!

  20. A while back I was waiting for my wife at a large medical complex and took my dogs for a walk around the parking lot for something to do. There were all of these HUGE pickup trucks parked with the nose or tail sticking out into the roadway and crowding the other cars. Then I started noticing something. Almost every truck had huge chrome badges that they were "platinum" or "king ranch" or some other superlative. Then I started looking into the beds of these trucks. All were absolutely pristine, as if nothing had ever been in them other than maybe a small cardboard box.

  21. They were all prob really short dudes all with a Napoleon complex too 😆

  22. Also Benadryl helps me too when I don't have my anxiety meds handy

  23. That is a wonderful PSA! I too suffer from anxiety / panic disorder and if I take a little too much too fast I get a full on attack and do the exact thing you just described. Exact. This is a great thing to know as I don't always have my meds when this happens. Thank you! Im buying peppercorns today!

  24. Man if i only had a dollar for every time a supposed friend let someone's plants die away on vacation , id buy us all auto drip systems. Cant trust our babies with the uninitiated. Sorry this happened for real. Id cry for days. For next time, Amazon has alot of choices for auto drips. My condolences

  25. I just grew this exact strain from Barneys. Not sure if it was just the pheno I had but watch the nutes with her. Not saying that's what your issue is, just a look out. Does look under watered a bit though.

  26. it's a color remediation column. runs extracts through bleaching clays to make it look better than it is

  27. Ah hah. So we cant tell how shitty it really is? Wow wtf. Thanks for explaining it.

  28. To someone who cares less about politics(myself included), from the outside , the house passing the MORE act seems like a great thing...however, and im not being politically biased by saying this but if there are any Republican voters on here y'all know better. Republicans are and have always been against giving we the people freedoms such as legal weed. This happened last time, house voted yes, got shot down by every Republican in the senate. It sometimes boggles my mind that there are die hard Republican voters who also smoke/support weed at the same time. If y'all were serious about making weed legal for us and you feel very strongly about it, stop voting Republican to show your party that its bullshit. So many people vote Republican bc they are loyal and the GOP prides themselves on this and those very same people get upset when another weed bill gets shot down...dont vote bc its your party, vote for what YOU believe in not what the party wants you to. Not hating on anyone at all, these are just the facts. Something like 70 percent of the American public smokes and supports weed, yet we still don't have it legal...

  29. Cont'd from post DJ Short's blueberry is in alot of genetics and was everywhere in southern cali and prob still is. Its an amazing smoke if you ever had the chance to get a real cut of it, sell the farm y'all lol! Also with blue gelato 41 being mixed with thin mint gsc and sunset sherb is very noticeable on the inhale. That old school gsc that actually smelled like the inside of a girl scout cookies box...mmmm This is a very nice addition to the S and S line. High THC content is also noticeable but its not overwhelming. Very nice mellow stone after 3 small bowls in the old bubbler. Burns clean and dense buds which prob get that from the thin mints bc they were always rock solid lol nuggets. Buds are big, biggest nugs ive gotten from a seed and strain and they are not overdried. They are dried and cured very well and im all around impressed with this one, my favorite so far with tropicanna cookies and mango lemonade also. If i had to pick one of the 3 as a dessert island strain, i think I'd go with mango lemonade but gelato as a runner up. I have to say that despite some of what Ive heard about S and S , the 4 strains I have gotten since bud was available have all treated me very well. Getting better each time. I high-ly rec this strain.

  30. C.C. Portsmouth . They had it last week for 2 days and sold out before i could get any. Then 2 days ago I heard from a source that they had more so I jumped and dropped everything to make sure i got some. Its going fast , if they have any left i would rec grabbing it. You wont be sorry. Sticky Glue is another good one they have, i believe its GG#4 x Platinum. Its really strong and will couch lock you. Mango lemonade is really good too, small nugs but they pack a punch. So far all of S and S flower has nice terp profiles.

  31. Got into RCs in 2016, anyone remember real-stims ? And using electronic amazon gift cards for payments on clear net sites? When etiz was everywhere, in pellets, powder, liquid etc..anyway, that, was my 'golden years' with RCs, 2016-2018. Ended when I had to piss bc of a pain management contract and popped for cannabis, benzos, pcp, and ket lol all on the same test. I had mixed the 3 substances and smoked weed and woke up in the hospital with my girl telling me that I completely trashed our bedroom, and couldn't stop laughing while I did the Tasmanian devil around the room, falling into furniture and laughing like a hyena. I don't remember any of it or the ambulance picking me up. Just coming to in a hospital drunk tank freezing my ass off and higher than ive ever been. I still have the test results on mychart and often I look at them and laugh. I remember the doctor being like " he is the highest person I have ever seen" And I howled with laughter hahaha My golden years are past me. Now it's all on dark net and hush hush crypto and I am totally lost. Lol no clue how to navigate in today's RC market so I just dont. Tried to dip my toe in todays waters but y'all are all better than I cause I cant find my way. Moral of story is do not ever mix pcp dck and benzos. Maybe some day I'll post the blood test results on here showing all of those RCs in my system for a good laugh or as a PSA, or both.

  32. What a story mark. Anyways how's your sex life?

  33. This would def be the first time anyone on here has heard of cocaine in a d8 cart. Barbs are cheap as fuck so mayyyyyybe but its a stretch. They only will use cheap cheap chems to fill a boof cart and cocaine def aint cheap. Sorry bud, this is most def his drugs of choice and he got busted and is blaming the cart. Sorry to hear hes sick.

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