1. If it really was a case of the company you keep then all the hundreds of people Jimmy Saville was friends with would also be peadophiles, and their friends, and all theirs, all theirs... It's expected that there would be rumours after what happened at his house but knowing that there are rumours without any details at all is not enough to think he's the same.

  2. I didn’t insinuate that he was anything, I was just answering a question after being surprised at it all myself :)

  3. Chisholm is on the latest episode of A Little Bit Culty that dropped today.

  4. Oh is that a podcast? I’ve never heard of it! Thank you for the recommendation I’ll definitely look into it

  5. Yes, it's the podcast by Sarah Edmonson and her husband, who were in NXIVM

  6. Thank you for the recommendation! I’ve been looking for a new podcast! I’ll give it a listen

  7. you can get this at Walmart for $7 😅

  8. I know you can get these in lots of places, doesn’t negate the fact that I am very happy with it 😊

  9. Yes! It’s actually a life saver I can’t lie! And easy to clean!

  10. I got 500 for hitting level 500, seems odd that level 300 doesn’t match up

  11. What is everyone’s thoughts on dr brandt? I’ve only ever seen products in beauty boxes so I’m unsure if they’re any good? I see the brand crop up a lot as fff choices

  12. I have a DNA moisturizer and eye stuff as well as a serum and neck firming cream. I got them at steep discounts. I honestly really like them and noticed a positive difference in my skin’s appearance. I’m 46 so that was nice.

  13. Oh that’s good to know! I’ve generally avoided the brand as I wasn’t sure if it was just another beauty box brand with inflated prices but it’s good to hear that the products are good! Thank you

  14. I’m gutted we can’t get the perfume in the UK, or the skincare so I’m hoping they have good replacements as I really wanted to try the perfume!

  15. This looks more like a gloss applied over a black shadow or pigment. You can create this yourself by using a clear gloss and black eyeshadow

  16. Head over heels chorlton has a under 3s section, however they are also super quiet during term time so you can easily take your little one into the bigger kids bit (most kids are back tomorrow) and they also do toddler mornings with activity’s and a little disco

  17. Really helpful to know that about Play Factore! Thank you 🙏

  18. No worries, my little one is 4 and I went with friends who have older kids and they ended up leaving the big bit in tears and joining me in the toddler area!

  19. Dorit looks like Ellie Goulding in that before!

  20. It has a tendency to get really busy but I think that’s the same for anywhere. With regards to toy shops there isn’t really one, Selfridges and John Lewis have a good toy section but if you’re going specifically for toys I would head to Smyths instead.

  21. I personally really like this, it smells lovely too! I can’t help too much with if it’s suited to your specific hair type but if you do buy it you won’t regret it for scent alone!

  22. That and how people get about epidurals. Who cares?

  23. Exactly! Child birth really hurts, why is it acceptable to take paracetamol for a headache but a cardinal sin to get an epidural

  24. A midwife offered me 2*500mg paracetamol initially when I was in labour! My doctor came in soon after and ordered gas and air while they got ready to move me to the delivery room where I could get the epidural.

  25. I tried gas and air but it made me cry haha apparently it made me feel funny! I ended up having an epidural which of course stopped working at the crucial moment, however whilst it did work it was a bloody god send!

  26. The Sephora one definitely looks good - the US ones are often awful but this one has a great mix of products for the price. Remember it's all about the value to you.

  27. Yes I totally agree! I do beauty content on Instagram so I do have a lot of products already (probably why I struggle to justify the advents) they are so fun though! It’s nice to get a little treat every day

  28. It sure is! I have had such a tough week and those little surprises really do help make everything better. Sometimes there's a lot to get through though, once all the treats are unwrapped. I seem to end up with a lot of cleansers and haircare, which I don't use a lot of. My biggest disappointment recently was some Olaplex no 3, my hair just doesn't like it that much.

  29. Honestly, I don’t get the hype with olaplex it’s hailed as a total miracle worker but I’ve never really noticed any difference in my hair when using it! For the price too I expected more…than nothing?

  30. They’d clear the girls? Erika alone wipes the floor with them any time they step to her. Any time Lisa wasn’t the centre of attention or someone said a single negative word about her she fled the conversation because she can’t argue to save her life. How do you lose an argument in your own home AND let it be the thing that runs you off the show in fear? Embarrassing.

  31. Erika can’t show enough emotion to wipe her own nose never mind the floor with someone. She’s like a cyborg

  32. I will just mention that if you take care of Le Creuset, they last forever. My mom has had hers for about 20 years and no issues. Looks almost new minus some minor wearing on the inside ceramic (but she also probably used metal tools on it lol). They are expensive but worth the money. I would try looking at several places like Williams Sonoma, Le Creuset outlet, Sur la Table and Zulily. Between all of those, you can find pieces discounted. I am actually getting the Dutch oven for Christmas myself.

  33. Le Creuset is amazing and in the UK they are constantly in TK Maxx so you can get them for a fraction of the price!

  34. You are right! Or Home Goods (for the US) sometimes has them. It is dependent on colors but you can find gems here and there.

  35. Haha I love the Harry Potter range! Have you seen it? I have a couple of bits from the orange range too which are gorgeous

  36. Less a novel and more a collection of poetry but Citizen by Claudia Rankine is incredible, much more modern but with anecdotes that are incredibly relatable. Not entirely what you’re asking for but I believe it’s something everyone should read. Black Boy by Richard Wright is an incredible novel which is an extremely easy read also, detailing the authors life growing up in the Jim Crow era.

  37. Trafford Centre near legoland/primark. I forget the store name.

  38. Oh great point, thanks! She’d wanted the Ava’s Essentials mini kit which I believe has a mix of makeup (gloss, cream blush, mascara) and some skincare (cleanser and mask). She’s just turned 11 so I’m guessing the makeup is more the appeal — sheer soft easy colours/textures.

  39. Rare beauty do a kit very similar to the one you described

  40. I was wondering the same thing today. The only one I've seen was one posted on here about a month ago. I think it was for green drinking glasses and a moisturizer. We are supposed to get at least one of those in the spring box. I liked the green glasses and thought they would look cute in a bathroom.

  41. Yeah the green glasses are cute! I got the green bowls this month and they’re lovely

  42. FFF twisted Reddit's arm reporting the people who posted surveys on this sub and even getting some banned. More details in your inbox.

  43. lol Kyle ! He is a total knob and this is why must endure at watch the 1st season of this shit show!

  44. Had to update, I’m now hooked on summer house haha

  45. It’s honestly so refreshing. Then I can go back and view the drama with a different perspective.

  46. I’m not sure I’d be able to do that but I actually love the idea! I might try it with summer house as I’m not totally invested so not too fussed if it ends up annoying me

  47. This needs to be posted on the McMansion subreddit! It’s horrific

  48. Haha I didn’t mean Ben was more brilliant he’s just great tv! Marco was a delight by all accounts!

  49. Honestly, Kate, Hannah and Ben would be amazing! Marco was an amazing chef but Ben is brilliant and no chief has ever lived up to Kate or Hannah

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