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  1. Im dealing with something similar and admittedly i don't have any advice but its gonna get better I promise πŸ«‚πŸ«‚


  3. Oh it’s a body pillow with the baseball team dodgers name and colors on it

  4. Maybe try and drop a few hints or see what he thinks about guys in feminine clothes or situations i know its really hard to speak to guy friends about this im in a similar situation but just make sure your safe I hope for the best πŸ«‚

  5. It could be hes indifferent or doesn't care or trying to show he accepts my not acknowledging it. You could be over analysing the situation deliberately looking for a bad outcome because that what you think

  6. Ahhh so cute omg! I adore your hair and choker you look amazing

  7. I put on my first fem clothes at 15 but I knew I wanted to be a femboy from around 14

  8. Woah How Cute :o i Like Youre Hair and you are Adorable :3

  9. A few outfits + first time trying makeup. Also, fake glasses are awesome.

  10. You look so pretty! Love the lipstick I want something like that

  11. Well I like history, dnd and cooking what can ya come up with?

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