1. my current antipsych (perphenazine) is pretty mild when it comes to akathisia, but i’ve been weaning off/withdrawing from Zoloft for the past 3 weeks-month. It’s caused horrible akathisia, like I need to rip my face off. I have been prescribed propranalol for anxiety but after some research I found it’s also used to treat akathisia. It’s a beta blocker (not a controlled substance and non addictive) and it has really helped me. Maybe see if your doctor can prescribe you that on top of your AP.

  2. I shouldn't have to put mustard on my face for this to make sense!

  3. I was for almost three years 👍. Found recently that taking Wellbutrin kills any euphoria from booze for me, but the fact that I keep trying has just illuminated the fact that it's got a devilishly strong habitual aspect to it; I know it won't work, but I still want to try.

  4. do not drink on wellbutrin. ik they say that for all meds but wellbutrin is one where it really fucking matters. I got taken off of it bc of my drinking. it can cause severe seizures. if you’d rather drink then don’t take it

  5. After learning that he stole lyrics for the plan, I can only hear Scott Aukerman when I hear this line

  6. Can you explain? I love Comedy Bang Bang

  7. Every place I’ve looked at turned me down because I have a psychotic disorder (SZA). It’s a liability for them to give it to people who experience psychosis i guess. It’s a shame too because it can be super beneficial for mood disturbances and was recommended bc I have frequent severe depressive episodes

  8. yes I just watched this since it came to Netflix, I was like “hey I know that voice!”

  9. That would be amazing! Wonder how it would work considering Gemstones should be filming again soon and that’s usually near Charleston SC. But I guess Mr D isn’t in a ton of episodes

  10. he was filming the new Pitch Perfect TV series, which wrapped, and I believe he and Chloe (his wife) have been doing some traveling in Europe the past week or so. She posts a lot of travel updates on her instagram.

  11. I went to Center for Discovery, which has locations all over the United States. They don’t operate under a 12-step program and focus more on reacquainting clients with food through exposure therapy (like cooking, going out to eat, grocery shopping) and operate on an exchange program for meal planning (so x-units of starch, protein, etc instead of calories). Also lots of DBT, CBT, and mindfulness. I also went to a rehab for substance use which used 12-step models for everything and that was definitely overwhelming.

  12. been worrying about this myself lately too… bruises everywhere, extreme stiffness and pain in every muscle/joint, constantly exhausted. Starting to feel like I did before I went to the hospital after restricting

  13. making a child, especially one with ADHD, write the same sentence over and over is totally ineffective. In a couple years you’re going to wonder why they hate writing/reading and school in general and it will be because of this. it’s not constructive in any way

  14. Tommy Siegel animated Bojack AND drew these illustrations. It’s all his art

  15. someone who doesn’t accept you with the body that makes you your truest self does not truly love you. they love an idea of you they had in your head. this is a major red flag.

  16. I bet this is D*gtopia. Remember a clause like this.

  17. Any health issues are chalked up to being fat, even if there is no evidence to back it up. Ofc I know that being fat isn’t doing any help in my health, but health is more complex than that. A few years ago I went through a lot of trouble to get referred to a rheumatologist because I have severe joint pain in EVERY part of my body (not just weight bearing joints). I was in there for less than 10 mins before the doc just gave me a pamphlet on weight loss and sent me on my way without actually investigating anything. This is especially frustrating now because I’m constantly in so much pain now that I can no longer comfortably exercise without being in pain for days at a time.

  18. so hypocritical too. starving yourself, smoking, purging, etc also causes death. no one here is healthy

  19. cucumber cut like this with a little cream cheese & everything bagel seasoning is one of my faves (also on bell pepper). i feel satisfied after eating it

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