1. lol, this seems to come up every so often. I have absolutely no idea where that comes from or what the Guardian may have said, but nothing even remotely close to that happens. It's just 100% false.

  2. woah, very impressive - I love the lil upstairs/downstairs Downtons on the boxes!

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  4. Hey, just swapped the flair for this post as there's a major spoiler in the comments and the post refers to the whole of the characters' relationship across the seasons.

  5. I don't think the official lyrics are anywhere, but this is what I can hear:

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  9. He would've been a senior officer due to being an aristocrat, he wouldn't have been actually fighting.

  10. It's a pretty common misconception, but the upper classes did actually fight, and die, in WWI. 177 sons of peers and baronets had been killed by the end of 1914 alone.

  11. They mention the paint colour for Mary's bedroom in one of the companion books! It's Green Smoke by Farrow & Ball :)

  12. Deleted. A New Era spoilers should be hidden by spoiler tags unless there's appropriate warning (2nd movie spoilers flair / spoiler warning) in the main post.

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  14. I would have done the same as Mary - Cora makes the most sense as someone who also has a vested interest in protecting Mary and her secret.

  15. If only Edith would have confide on Cora regarding her pregnancy.

  16. idk, I understood why she didn't. Edith and Cora's relationship feels more fraught than Mary and Cora's, especially from Edith's perspective of her mother appearing less loving, or at least less interested in her.

  17. In the scene where Violet asked what the gramophone was, I think Lavinia said “It’s a gramophone. It was a gift from some friends of Matthew’s.”. So it sounds like it was a wedding present, but maybe the friends urged Matthew to keep it? Or maybe Mr. Fellowes dropped the ball on a detail because he wanted the gramophone to reappear when Mary was dancing with Tony Gillingham.

  18. iirc it was Lavinia's cousins who sent it - I remember finding it so awkward that he and Mary had their big romantic moment over a gift from the family of the person he was cheating on.

  19. George will inherit the earldom of Grantham and Downton Abbey plus its estate and assets (including the Dower House (Violet's) and Crawley House (Isobel's)). Most likely he will also inherit Robert's other properties like Grantham House, however entails were abolished by the Law of Property Act 1925 (rendering the whole crisis in S1 of the title and estate having to stay together void) so these could be separately willed to other people if Robert chooses.

  20. I would hope Mary of all people would make sure Caroline inherits a home of her own and wouldn't be dependent on her brother or a series of appropriate men seated next to her at dinner.

  21. I could totally see Mary just buying Caroline a flat of her own once she hits 21 and encouraging her to go out and enjoy a bit of independence like Mary never really got to have when she was young.

  22. Deleted. Please be respectful of others - if you disagree with their comment, then argue your own opinion rather than resorting to personal attacks.

  23. I think it clicked with me since the tone she uses when she says it is always slightly tongue in cheek as if she has a different definition than the rest of us do for the term lol I just assumed she did 😂

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  26. I would've gone for the No Spoilers flair as that would fit the post, but I saw there were already comments on detailing major events from the S6 finale so I went for the general Spoilers (up to and including 1st movie) to preserve the existing discussion. Because A New Era hasn't released in several countries yet the general spoiler flair just covers up to the 1st film.

  27. I do. For posts not seeking to discuss specific plot points or spoilers.

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  29. I think Violet would have hired a proper lady's maid for her daughter when she had her coming-out ball. Servants, even a lady's maid, were cheaper back then, and clothing was more elaborate. Plus, she was the daughter of an earl. Rosamund's lady's maid would have gone with her when she married Marmaduke and moved to London. We don't know if that same lady's maid is still with her now. She might have moved on, or she might have retired.

  30. It was generally considered gauche to employ a servant soley to attend to the appearance of an unmarried girl. That's why the Crawley sisters share the services of the head housemaid until they marry and hire their own lady's maids (or at least Mary does). Rosamund probably would have done the same and been dressed by the head housemaid or her mother's maid until she married, even after she came out in society.

  31. I don't agree that it was gauche, and I think the Crawley sisters were looked after by Anna (and Miss O'Brien in a pinch) mostly because of the needs of the plot, but also because of money, and the fact that fashions had simplified. So I politely agree to disagree. Anyways, we'll never know for sure, because if JF was going to bring it up, he would have done so long ago.

  32. I think you misunderstood me? It's not my personal opinion that it was gauche, that's what they say in the extra material to explain why none of the girls have lady's maids.

  33. Accepting the hit to Edith in the knowledge that she had so many good fits several of the best ones didn't even make it into the poll.

  34. I figured, and then later saw on here, that they filmed the south of France scenes first, so everyone was all tanned from those.

  35. They filmed those scenes last, at least according to the cast, the ones who didn't go said they felt better about it because at least they finished earlier.

  36. I don’t feel like this is an apples-to-apples comparison. Edith’s problem was not a loss of chastity. She had a child—a child that was still with her and that she intended to bring into the marriage. That stood to have a huge impact on Bertie’s life. While Mary had a past-tense dark secret, Edith had a present-tense complication.

  37. I think Edith getting less of a telling off also showed how the daughters' position as unmarried women had changed. Mary in 1913 was stuck under Cora's rule in the house so she had to suck it up and take being berated. Edith in 1924 had much more power in the situation - she had a job, her own property and she had shown she was prepared to leave home and possibly the country. Cora knew that if she said anything about "damaged goods" then she might have tipped Edith over the edge into cutting herself off from the family completely. She had to play it much more gently because she no longer held authority over Edith the way she had done with Mary.

  38. I think it's that Mary's virginity, or lack thereof, doesn't really affect Matthew or her marriage to him that much. It's a smaller lie than hiding a whole secret baby and after she lies to him once before their wedding night then it's not really an issue anymore. Mary'll just move on and try and forget Pamuk ever happened, no harm done.

  39. It's not click bait? Click bait is when a hyperbolic title misleads you about the article, this gives you the main point of the article upfront in the heading. And there's always articles on the box office ranking.

  40. Even if not actually click bait. The title to me is still oddly worded.

  41. Eh, I guess I don't see it, it seems like a typical box office report - Film 1 made more money than Film 2 because Film 2 has a different target audience that didn't turn out in the numbers expected.

  42. Hi, I've changed the flair for this post as it references a major event from S3.

  43. Michael Gregson managing to die in the Beer Hall Putsch over a year before it actually happened has to be up there.

  44. I mean, not everyone gains weight, or a lot of weight, during pregnancy. But it wouldn’t have been uncommon, with the cost and difficulty in travelling, to have stayed abroad for a period of time, and I got the impression they stayed a few months after birth- IIRC the photo she has of Marigold is not of a newborn, and when she does bring her back, she’s a toddler. Plenty of time for Edith to lose the weight, especially as one can assume she would have been stressed and depressed about the situation as well.

  45. Yeah, I didn't find it implausible Edith dropped the baby weight in a few months. Her mother and sister are both slim post-birth so it's in her genes, plus stress possibly limiting any weight gain.

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