1. Save. Wait for 18-23 August to get charge move aqua tail, which makes Gyrados very spammy in all leagues. If frustration is on shadow magikarp, save it for the next rocket event(to remove frustration) and evolve it during the December Community day to get the charge mive then

  2. PvP wise, having Gust can be great with Shadow Staraptor as Zyonik and HomeSliceHenry show. I recommend it as well as Close Combat is great against the Great League Meta of Galarian Stunfisk and Registeel as well as Gust being abke to hit Venusaurs, Trevenants and Medichams for supereffective damage. Do take note that you need it in its shadow form though, to output maximum damage.

  3. Sableye is best for PVP, but it is better purified as Return gives better coverage. Shadow Claw as fast move and use Return and Foul Play as Charge Moves.

  4. "Pocket Rocket" sounds inappropriate

  5. Yeah it seems to be a bug. I caught a 7-5-3 skarmory from doing GBL today. Weird but prbly Niqntic making smthing else trash again idk.

  6. Not a bug. This is a feature of gbl days. Non legendary encounters from gbl don’t have a floor on most gbl days

  7. Well, the fandom basically made Flowerfell more intresting by ruining it. That's all.

  8. Is the skeleton hand necessary I don’t want to loose my hand

  9. It's a gaunlet, a robotic one. In one of my canon stories, I lost my right hand in a battle between the multiverses that I accidently created, and asked my creation to make me one. Thus, this

  10. I did say in the posts about strengths that one of my abilities is to traverse the multiverse. I use that form as a host to move through them.

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