1. While obviously wokish, it is refreshing some change there.

  2. I haven’t seen Barry Lyndon but Imitation of Life absolutely deserves to be here.

  3. Perfect Sense is a perfect song, in the sense that it conveys a feeling through all the runtime. It grabs you and never releases you. The feeling is neither good or bad. It is what it is.

  4. a el mato un policia motorizado no hay que cambiarle nada

  5. Setting aside the circumstances of Snowden’s exile, I doubt Russia hands out citizenship to former US intelligence officials for free. What did he give them?

  6. Probably got told take an oath or we are sending you back to America

  7. Is pomelo juice a thing? In my area, pomelos only show up in the grocery store a few times a year if even that. I want to try pomelo juice with all the pulp

  8. Yes it is. Tastier is pomelade... better than lemonade for my money.

  9. Decir cheto mas allá de los 15 años es de pelotudo.

  10. Wow, ten years since they performed in Arg. in a different festival, and once again they get to play on a rainy night, except this time it was... Very underwhelming.

  11. Like a month waiting for this and was awful. So disappointing.

  12. Sorry for your shite experience. Seems there were issues with crowd crushing? May have affected the band’s enthusiasm

  13. They also shortened the set because of the rain and the schedule change. I am not happy.

  14. Years of addiction and neglect along with mental issues will usually do that to you.

  15. No pierdas ni un minuto de tu valioso tiempo con eso, tu familia tiene cosas buenas y malas como todo el mundo. Enfocate en tu vida, afuera es un mundo inhóspito.

  16. A mí me encanta la cantidad de desinformación que se extiende en memes cada vez que gana alguien de izquierda en Latinoamérica, o sea posta la gente no se informa un carajo y la info es lo ví en un meme, Uruguay es igual de estable que cualquier otro país de la región lo único que los diferencia es tener un gobierno "liberal", que igual es medio tibio, pero bueno sigan compartiendo memes que algunos si dan risa

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