1. I furnished my house last year from second hand stores and found it pretty challenging to get furniture around here. Theres lots of shitty particleboard stuff available from thiftstores, facebook marketplace, and craigslist, but only a few places to reliably get good secondhand furniture. Facebook groups were mostly a waste of time, but ymmv. If you have any standards at all, make a habit of checking places regularly and be prepared to wait a good long time for the right piece to appear. Also, the secondhand furniture market is kind of seasonal around here-- theres a lot more inventory moving during the summer months in my experience.

  2. National Parks. First people started littering in them. Later careless people left unattended fires and started infernos that will take generations to recover from.Then came the relic raiders and collectors removing items. Crowds became untenable. "Influencers" started vandalizing them for likes. Now we have to have a lottery just get into a few of the most popular parks. They are being loved to death.

  3. Your comment about fires isn't wholly untrue, but it feels like a glaring omission to not also acknowledge the outsized role the history of government-mandated fire suppression has played in creating circumstances ripe for catastrophic fires. I think it's a little unfair to pin that on the teeming masses, even if they deserve it.

  4. The native pacific blackberries are in full swing on the coast. I picked a half gallon this afternoon. Just drive any country road down towards loleta and stop when you see the brambles. College of the redwoods campus has some great patches of native blackberries too, but campus is closed to the public currently, for whatever that's worth. Thimberries are also starting about now. Look along the mad river for patches under the riparian alders.

  5. Ive been looking for a new barber since the Trim Scene hiked their prices again (~40 bucks for a basic mens haircut-- give me a fucking break). The best ive found is Nor Cal barber shop in Henderson center. Decent price, easy appointments, and they give a good no-bullshit haircut. Honorable mention to Rocky's in old town.

  6. Rocky's barbershop in old town Eureka fits that description. Very traditional barbershop feel. Old dudes chilling, shooting the shit. 20 bucks for a cut. No appointments.

  7. Not the greatest time of year to find mushrooms-- theres not much out right now relative to the fall flush and what is out is often difficult to ID. I second/

  8. I'm pretty familiar with the REST and Python APIs. I have not found any great resources beyond the official ESRI documentation, though I frequently found it left something to be desired. The forums are OK for help sometimes, but it feels like it's up to the user to figure a lot of stuff out.

  9. This seemed like a fun little project, so I wrote a script that does what you've described. As for why you'd want to do this... I don't understand.

  10. My workplace has been using Collector and Avenza for the last two years or so-- we're finally dropping the dinosaurs ArcPad and PathFinder Office. While a lot of our mobile mapping projects require high accuracy, if I can get away with a device's integrated GPS, I do.

  11. Check out the spatial adjustment toolbar-- there's a tool called 'Transfer Attributes' that allows you to replace the geometry of one feature with that of another. If your coincident trails have different attributes, this might be faster than trying to copy/paste features between featureclasses.

  12. Really? Not only is the Orick Valley breathtakingly beautiful, but it's not bad at all for a small town in rural NorCal. Sure, it has a meth problem, but it's rural California-- I'd say it's well under par for the course.

  13. Alright I'll take this into mind but for the time being if I buy headphones greater than $150ish I don't think I can make rent. Maybe once I land a solid job I'll buy a nicer pair. Thanks for the response

  14. Hey all, this is a world-music sounding trap track I'm doing, would love feedback on:

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