Game over. Kanye goes full Mask off

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  1. How exactly does that work? If you see a wheel you like and know nothing about it...how are you suppose to search it?

  2. Not gonna lie, I just tried searching with my eyeballs and I gave up after like 5 minutes. There are so many black wheels that I can’t tell the difference. I was even looking for the name of it. There are SOOOOO many wheels. I promise it doesn’t take a “MAX of 1 minute”

  3. honestly, fair. I'm not even the original commenter ... just a man who likes being snarcastic on the internet

  4. wow … a sensible nuanced approach to moderation in the off season? NOT ON MY WATCH.

  5. Someone in my town has it and she is completely bed bound and it’s caused her bones to break because the spasms are so intense. It’s been a few years and she’s had a lot of treatments and medical care with very slow progress, a lot is comfort care.

  6. that’s heartbreaking. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to have your own body breaking itself :/

  7. are you sure though? every time I shoot a blob of meat at a dumpling wrap, it folds itself perfectly, so I'm having a hard time figuring out where this video could be edited

  8. Chances are she drowned too. One of the worst ways to go. God bless this man..

  9. No Child Left Behind was a money grifting scam and Bush knew it

  10. honestly you could probably make bank from just being a 2am x2 irl streamer. people would sub just to see the chaos

  11. Lmao thought you were actually talking about your belly button for a sec and i was like ...why tho...

  12. not me instantly getting curious and hopping to google with "belly button inversion surgery costs"

  13. Yes I know how to use google thanks. I was hoping for insight from DC residents who may make that trip semi regularly about things that Google can’t tell you like which buses tend to actually run on time and which don’t. Won’t make that mistake again.

  14. it’s a relatively short trip with DC as an end stop for both rail and bus. you shouldn’t have problems with timeliness with either, barring bussing during rush hour.

  15. Yeah great work, nice 40mm bench and lamination joins through it, good undermount sink and nice drainer, looks like there'd be a join through the hotplate but can't get a close enough look, same with the pencil round edge profile but it looks like it would be good. I'd need a close look at the silicon too. Bench looks to be white swirl manmade stone but I'm not sure ethier. Source, am stonemason lol

  16. I recognize 100% of the words you said and I still have exactly 0% clue what you said.

  17. Obviously, but it looks like it was going to hit the crossbar post, that's pretty close, and a GC2 should agree that's "close"

  18. I'm going to need one that keeps future days locked up from myself. Here's your up vote.

  19. you know you have a problem when you buy a ksafe and it's shattered open in the trashcan a week later ...

  20. damn that kid with the lower jaw print face-mask at the end really freaked me out for a sec

  21. and they get ALL of my data. seems like a fair enough exchange without milking an additional .000001 cents out of me to harass me in my inbox

  22. In the US, unless it’s a city metro system. A ticket usually garentees a seat and storage for one overhead piece of luggage. Though sometimes airlines will overbook flights just to make a quick Buck (if they run out of seats they’ll give you an automatic spot on the next flight and possibly $1400 if you have to wait a long time, federal requirements)

  23. Save your money and get a pair of Sugar Canes. Best value for the money IMO 47 or 55's

  24. OP: “I know what my price point is and I’d like yelp deciding between options A & B”

  25. have you SEEN the size of the dumpy on that man?

  26. forget the dumpy -- have you seen the size of the smile on that man?

  27. it only works for vengeful people, and then they go on trying to hurt each other for the rest of their lives. just too proud to call something done

  28. what a fucking prick you are to challenge someone and not even listen to their response.

  29. For "free" but used as promoting your business here..

  30. fuck off mate. do you really expect any human to go around cleaning peoples homes for no income or no sustenance? this woman has found an incredibly altruistic way to help people in a serious rut. take your cynicism elsewhere.

  31. His Beyond The Grid interview was amazing, really candid and showing great resilience.

  32. beyond the grid is the deprogramming media that dts-indoctrinated fans need to watch

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