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  1. Everyone here loves to shit on trulieve. I've had good and bad flower from every dispensary. Trulieve is the Walmart of weed. Basic products at basic prices. It works just fine. Some people like fancier stuff that costs more and that's ok too. If the extra is worth it for them and they are willing to pay for it, great. The real answer is just to go wherever the sale is right now. No flower is worth $60 an eighth when competitors have it for a third of the price, in my opinion. Also, keep in mind the people on this subreddit are VERY into weed and they in no way represent the average customer.

  2. When i was growing up, pharmaceuticals could not advertise on TV. FCC deregulated that at some point because money.

  3. It's almost always the root problem of any major issue in the US. If enough money is on the table, any crime can be ignored and any law can be broken. Just have to grease the right palms. The government just took the place of the Mafia.

  4. This is true. And I know a lot of fans say he was awful. He wasn’t the worst. There were a few seasons with deep runs. Kicking game was wild, but could NOT get a QB. He almost recruited Tebow.

  5. Notice he hasn't exactly been setting the world on fire since he left.

  6. He has been an NFL coach non-stop ever since. That's almost 20 years.

  7. Most of these guys checked out once the playoffs were out of the picture. These are top recruits who came to win championships and go to the NFL. They don't give a shit about the iron bowl.

  8. Just throwing an opinion out there based on some real life experience. Once he adopts officially, he becomes responsible for child support should they ever divorce. As a man, it's quite concerning when after years of everything being ok you're suddenly asked to make it legally binding. This will change nothing at all, except her ability to get child support if they divorce. It's a horrible situation to put a man in. Having the child ask him to "be her dad for real" when the child has no understanding what that means just isn't fair. It seems like everything was just fine in the dad/daughter dynamic up until then and mom ruined it by trying to force a financial agreement on him. We have no idea what was going on in the wife/husband relationship at the time and being suddenly asked to put yourself on the hook in the event of a divorce is quite a shock.

  9. Where's the "walk back and forth across the entire gym, absently watching everyone (cause they're more interesting than the walls) but trying to not be a creep about it"?

  10. Something unfair draft five years ago something golden refs something chem trails something moon landing

  11. Not a big basketball guy usually. Is this announcing normal? Guy sounds like he's on drugs.

  12. Things make you happy. You work for money, which you use to buy happiness for yourself. If the figures make you happy and your spending isn't taking away from necessities, it's no different than someone who likes comic books, restoring old cars, gambling, etc. Might help to determine an amount you're comfortable spending monthly beforehand and sticking to it.

  13. I'm amazed you stopped after vol 2 of ultimate Spidey. That run brought me back into comics as an adult. Great series.

  14. Kiffin has been trolling that guy ever since. Even if it’s true the timing makes no sense. Although I’m fully glad that his loss this week has slowed the Bama hype of our fanbase crowning Lane the heir apparent to Nick. I like Lane, but I don’t think he follows Nick. I preferred sark for sure (based on recruiting).

  15. Sark has not shown he can lead a major program successfully. Washington is not the SEC and his tenure at USC was a disaster. He was a one and done in the NFL and if not for rehab stints at UA, he wouldn't have the Texas job. Kiffin has improved every program that hired him almost immediately. His win/loss record speaks for itself. If I'm an AD and I have to decide between Sark and Kiffin today, it's not even a discussion.

  16. Agree to disagree my friend. Both those guys are still young in their careers and there are some parallels between them, but I think the first time Lane went for 4th and 2 on Bama’s own 30 our fan base would rush the field to see who could murder him fastest.

  17. Actually if you look at the history of health insurance it has gotten worse with more regulation.

  18. And it's getting better now? It's not obtainable for a majority of individuals without being tied to their place of employment. It gets more unobtainable by the day. That isn't just going to miraculously get better without outside influence. Half the world has this figured out and in place. We don't have it here because billionaires are cashing in on the American people's ignorance.

  19. I’m not saying it’s gotten better, but there has been nothing but more regulation over the last few decades

  20. Do you think less regulation will lead to lower prices and better coverage for the average American?

  21. Most of us would prefer to see a Giant-Size Man-Thing.

  22. I'm no lawyer but I'm guessing if it was on the door aka in public view your gtg.

  23. Taking the step of posting it on the internet, which would lead to hundreds or more horrible phone calls, could very easily be seen as worthy of litigation. Area code and the first name of the owner could probably nail down the exact location pretty easily. Add in crazy internet people with all that information and you have no idea what could happen. I'm no lawyer either, but it's just a stupid risk to take.

  24. The workers aren’t the ones who took the picture let alone the ones who spread it to the internet. Franchise owner gonna sue the whole town?

  25. Not saying it's probable that OP could be hunted down and identified by a lawyer, but it's definitely not impossible. Again, just a dumb risk to take for internet points.

  26. Not sure where you live. In the southern US, that just asking for termites. Anything decomposing like firewood, leaves, etc should be far from the house.

  27. Like the bill of rights? You didn't think this one through.

  28. The staples look replaced and the upper right corner does not match the shape of the interior pages, which is a telltale sign of piece filling. I'm sure there is other piece filling and color touch, especially at the corners and along the spine. The cover was almost certainly cleaned before all of the piece filling was done. I would need really clear, close up photos to be able to drill down more specifically than that.

  29. I just don't get it. You guys think this looks good? This is almost as bad as the gold helmets. Almost.

  30. I'm ok with the design but the centering is weird. VEGA....... N or S on the side I assume

  31. They just put letters on a jersey and everyone loses their minds. It's the simplest option. No thought or creativity went into this at all. I'm just amazed at how excited people are for.....this. It looks like something a child's team would wear.

  32. Yell loud, yell often, yell when to shoot, yell that the refs suck, yell that Eichel is a God, and eat outside the arena cause concession prices are comical.

  33. I've heard there's entertainment before pick drop. Is that a thing? How early should one get to the rink? Is there anything going on outside the rink before game time?

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