1. Only 4 out of 5 cuz they made me cough a bit more than klutch or BE. Love the salt watermelon 🤤 🧂 🍉

  2. I like the Airo carts and love the battery design on the pro. Would def pick up if on sale for similar to luster pricing

  3. Look for full or broad spectrum products to get cannabis derived terpenes for entourage effects. If you want candy or fake tasting carts, distillate with botanical terpenes are what you want but people tend to shit on them over the aforementioned other option

  4. Luster Lids are designed to keep your pods and battery lint free while in your pocket and help protect your device from accidental drops.

  5. Nice! We asked and you came through. Thanks! If I wanted a customized band do you offer those or would I just have to get them elsewhere? Website not working right for me. That link didn’t work but I made it to Etsy store. Do you ever just go to the dispensary and hand out or sell them?

  6. Hmmm wonder why the link is giving me grief but thanks for finding your way to the site!

  7. Luster Lids are designed to keep your pods and battery lint free while in your pocket and help protect your device from accidental drops.

  8. They’re good but better options for the price like others have said here. Love the battery

  9. Lisa frank makes rolling trays now? Glad to see we’re on the same timeline

  10. Dynavaps and sticky bricks are cool but require torches. I have a pax 3 and with bud kups it’s not bad. Def get bud kups if you get one. I really want a mighty+ but I know the price on those is about 3x the pax 2

  11. Check out longcat3d.com if you’re into stands. We’ve heard the requests for caps and finally designed something that we’re happy with. Waiting on something to come in stock but should have cap accessories available within a month

  12. That dolce is something stanky. Very interesting taste. Prolly not for everyone where I think anyone can enjoy O43

  13. Do you know what the terpenes were like on the dolce LR?

  14. Oh I didn’t have a live one. I don’t remember but I think it was myrcene dom

  15. Does this mean lusters are becoming available other places than Ohio?

  16. Heading to Ann Arbor area next week. Best co2 or rosin carts / dispos to get them at?

  17. I got this and mine is doing the same. Sad cuz it’s so tasty like a fruit roll up

  18. That battery is awesome. Did it come with the pod or have to buy it separately?

  19. I’ve had the pod and it’s quite a behind the eyes sativa. Very energizing for me

  20. I think you’ll get turned away without some form of govt issued id

  21. Where do I get a stand for my luster battery n pods

  22. Do you think it’s worth paying more for the live resin pods? I’m going to a dispo for the first time this week and I’m not sure if I should pay more to get LR over a CO2 pod

  23. I think they’re worth it if you can afford it. Better tasting, smoother hits and better effects. I buy both these and regular co2 pods all the time though! They’re both still great and I’m usually trying to try new things so I always switch it up a bit

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