1. Play up those eyes! You have amazing eyes and definitely make the most of them!

  2. There were 34 school schootings in the usa in 2021. There wasn‘t a single on in Germany and 2 in Russia. This took me less than a minute of googling.

  3. Somehow I'm just not 'really embarrassed '. Don't get your panties in a wad trying to say we're the only ones, tho.

  4. Damn, you sound like an absolute pain in the ass to be around. Get that superiority complex outta here bc it‘s not gonna slide lmaoooo

  5. If you have sensitive skin you can end up scarring your skin waxing and shaving, too. Try the electric shavers.

  6. Definitely have some sort of physical thing you can wear or do to indicate you don’t consent or you’re not in the mood right now. Sex being free game 24/7 is dangerous, it can lead to rape very quickly. Because you can’t consent to sex in the future, it has to be present each time. Good luck.

  7. Someone finally said the R word. Believe every word ⬆️ because my ex went too far, and you don't want that. A safe word is the main idea when it comes to your well being.

  8. That book is amazing! Everyone should have a copy. "I love you forever, I 'll love you for always.." I wish my mother was still with us so I could tell her.

  9. This one made me shudder and laugh at the same time. A nice mixture of the two. Enjoyed it.

  10. About the drinking: I was in the same spot with a child and a cheater, I turned to Vicodin because I thought it was all I had left. Mainly I want to tell you that addiction is a hell of it's own. It will make you pay for any comfort you think it's giving you later on down the road

  11. Dude holy shit this one guy in the comments is defending this garbage because it's a "sport" in their culture and that it isn't bad because they're "bred for this"

  12. You called it. That country is shit. At the end of the day there are a whole lot of dead bulls lying in the parking lot. I saw it.

  13. I was wrong! No worries! She will not be raped but she will be eaten!

  14. It did sound like it could be that, I'd truly rather be turned into hamburgers. Thanks for clearing it up!

  15. The copse part got me laughing before I could read the second line. Very good.

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